3 tips to “get out of your own way”

Many individuals are not cognizant of how they may be hindering their own progress. Perhaps, they have simply acquiesced to their parents’ expectations or followed a predetermined career or life path that seemed to be the only viable option. However, it is worth delving into what has brought them to their current state in life. What decisions have they made based on the natural flow of life, as opposed to purposeful ones? Have they identified their anchor points- the moments in time that have altered their life’s trajectory? It is not just one’s career or life decisions that are impacted by their subconscious programming. It also affects how they interact with loved ones, friends, and their approach to health. For instance, if one observed their mother putting others before herself and not taking care of her own well-being, they may very well follow a similar pattern, unless they uncover their buried programming. This blog intends to shed light on some of the concealed choices individuals make regarding their health, food, and personal drive, and provide them with the chance to reflect and transform their mindset.


Regardless of whether one’s life has flowed naturally or has been deliberately organized and planned, there are underlying emotional currents or predispositions that have influenced their choices. Familial expectations can have a significant impact on one’s life decisions. For instance, did they become an architect, marketer, GP, lawyer, corporate high-flyer, or small business success because that is what was expected of them? Are they aware of their ancestral and emotional lineage and how it has influenced their choices in life? Begin a journey into one’s current behaviour around life and health by unlocking the past.


As an experienced Health Coach, I take pride in my ability to ask the tough questions that others may shy away from. My impartial and inquisitive nature enables me to uncover any blocks that may be hindering your progress. I find it utterly compelling to understand the reasons behind your actions, whether it be self-sabotage or even mild stress points in your daily routine. Are you intrigued or apprehensive about delving into the depths of your psyche? Rest assured that the knowledge gained from this process will help you move forward with greater ease. If you’re ready to take the first step, I invite you to book a session with me. However, be prepared to delve deep and explore your innermost thoughts.

Let’s begin by asking a few interesting questions Start here.

1. Unlock your past

It is possible that, just like myself, you have come from a background where finances were tight and the only option for personal growth was through pursuing a university education. My mother originated from the slums of Glasgow known as the Gorbals, which have been demolished since. Education was the only way for the inhabitants to escape their circumstances, and this was ingrained in my subconscious from an early age. Thus, hard work and education have been the foundation of my personal journey towards success.


My dad, on the other hand, grew up in the aftermath of the London bombings and began working at a young age without the opportunity to attend university. Despite this, he is well-read and eloquent, but his life motto from the sixties was, “Let it all hang out.” As a result, I have inherited a proclivity to speak my mind, ask questions, and seek knowledge, which can be quite intriguing at times. However, I always strive to approach these aspects with love and curiosity, and I would appreciate your feedback on my approach.


Food has always been a central aspect of my family’s messages and I believe it’s the same for you too.

For instance, my mam had three brothers and was the only daughter. It was a race for her to finish her food before her starving brothers started eating hers. She had The act of finishing everything on one’s plate is a behaviour that has been passed down through generations. It is a common food story that has been ingrained in many individuals’ minds, leading them to consume more than they need. For instance, my mother, who worked tirelessly to provide for our family, often had to rush through her meals. She would eat quickly and yet was always the last to be served. The subliminal message for her was that “the working man needed his food first.” This message caused her immense pain, and as a result, she made sure that I, her child, was always given the same amount of food as my father. She did not want me to experience the same hardship she faced. However, this led to me consuming large portions of food, even though I did not need it. 


Another example of a food story is that of Caroline, a client of mine. She, too, was motivated to finish everything on her plate and have seconds. Her father, an American who grew up during the Great Depression, had experienced severe food scarcity. He was accustomed to having seconds and even thirds during meals. Caroline followed this tradition, but as our modern diet has become more calorific and harmful, these old familial stories are contributing to poor health. While Caroline’s father may have been having seconds and thirds of a homemade meal, we are consuming more pre-packaged meals, crisps, and chocolate that do not support our health. Ultimately, our food stories combined with a modern diet are exacerbating ill health, both physically and mentally.


Take a moment to consider the family stories you have.

The Irish potato famine, a tragedy from long ago, still reverberates within my family’s bones. It may seem irrational, but the notion of food as a scarce resource and the feeling of hunger persist in our ancestral lineage. Despite the passage of time, I remain deeply enamored with potatoes, a passion which has been joked about as being linked to my family’s Irish roots. My kin on both my mother and father’s side migrated from Ireland to Glasgow and London, respectively, and their strong heritage remains a shared source of pride for many. Though this historical event is ancient and almost incomprehensible at nearly 200 years old, the feeling of unsatisfied hunger endures in our collective consciousness.


A more recent example of this ancestral imprint is the rationing that occurred during and after World War II, often referred to as the original ‘clean’ eating period. This period has left a lasting impression on many people’s lives. You may recall your mother or grandmother’s adage of ‘waste not want not’ or the oft-repeated mantra of ‘the kids in Africa’. Despite the fact that African children could not survive on our highly processed diets, the imagery of those less fortunate still haunts our thoughts and actions.

“Guilt, shame and clean up your plate.”

Emotions that link with your eating habits


You may have messages that have become ingrained in your daily life without you even realizing it. These messages can greatly influence your behavior, as they serve as a foundation for your actions and decisions. It’s important to take a step back and analyze the messages you may be receiving, in order to better understand how they shape your thoughts and actions.


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In order to make progress, it’s important to first acknowledge any recurring patterns and any distant emotional wounds. As a Health Coach, I understand that delving into the root causes of these issues may not be a task that everyone is eager to undertake. However, I am here to help you move forward and leave these negative experiences behind. It’s important to consider the emotions that these memories evoke and the emotional debris that they may have left behind. Perhaps you’ve experienced a feeling of unease or even pain during family dinners. These emotions are worth exploring and recognizing. It’s possible to let go of these painful memories without having to revisit them. By simply acknowledging them, giving them space, and releasing them, you can move forward with ease. I am here to guide you through this process.


Make the call that will bring about change – spend some time answering these questions


The next phase presents itself effortlessly and offers an enjoyable experience. Allow your imagination to run wild as you delve into your interests. What is it that you truly desire in life? As for me, my aspiration is to travel. After completing my education, I landed a job at Saatchi’s and moved in with a partner. Unfortunately, I missed out on the opportunity to embark on train adventures around Europe and take a gap year in Australia. However, I’m determined to make these dreams a reality. What sparks your passion and where do you envision yourself going? What is your plan to achieve your goals?


2. Unlock your passion

Exploring your motivations in life and identifying the driving force behind your passion can reveal a lot about yourself and inspire you to take action towards achieving great health. As a health practitioner, I always dedicate my initial client call to delving into their true passion in life. Through experience, I have learned that passion is a crucial factor that propels individuals towards their goals and aspirations. Even seemingly unrelated interests such as travel could hold the key to unlocking your potential and fueling your drive for success. Personally, my passion for writing blogs and taking care of my clients is what keeps me motivated to tackle mundane tasks such as responding to emails and preparing choreography.


Just like how cleaning the house or doing the shopping is an essential part of looking after your kids, focusing on what truly motivates you, in the long run, can enable you to overcome old emotional barriers and debunk any limiting beliefs. For instance, I came across an interesting example of Linda who realized that her health motivations had nothing to do with being skinny. She wouldn’t wake up at 6am to go for a run to shed some pounds but was willing to do so if it meant staying healthy to pursue her bigger passion in life.

During our initial conversation, Linda shared that her driving force was her personal business, which was currently in an exciting and developmental stage after her decades-long tenure in the corporate world. However, her pursuit of business goals was having an adverse impact on her health, putting her momentum at risk. After considerable introspection, Linda realized that in order to achieve the level of clarity and stamina required to take her business to the next level, she needed to prioritize her health. By linking her health choices with the success of her business, Linda was able to surmount any obstacles in her path and achieve her objectives with ease.


Linda’s fervor for aiding corporate executives to be more ecologically sustainable and establish robust eco credentials in a corporate behemoth was the impetus behind her efforts. Merging this with her personal health meant that we had the key to unlock her desire to be healthy for her own well-being. Once Linda had aligned her business ‘why’ with her personal ‘why’, making the switch to healthy eating habits and ditching sugar-laden coffee cups became a breeze. Linda needed to perform at her peak to fulfil her business aspirations.


When you embark on a journey to enhance your health with an understanding that there is much more to it than meets the eye, you realize that your everyday actions hold the key to unlocking your behaviours and, most importantly, your eating habits. Then, with the help of your personal motivational key, finding the path forward becomes a simple task. When you learn to accept, appreciate and comprehend your own self, reaching your ideal healthy weight becomes an easily achievable goal.

If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of your body and want to grasp the nutritional balance that will work best for you, I am here to help. feel free to book your free consultation time with me.

Start by asking yourself a few interesting questions and notice your responses – dig deep and take your time. Click here


3. Knowing yourself

Understanding yourself is the fundamental key to achieving weight loss and healthy success. The path to success is paved with a clear vision and specific goals. As Shakespeare once paraphrased, “Above all, be true to yourself and know thyself.” Similarly, Oscar Wilde famously said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Therefore, taking the time to comprehend your own self will help you chart the right course of action, tailored specifically to your needs.


However, if you are seeking instant results that are as swift as your food intake, you may be overlooking the personal connection between your subconscious thoughts and your behaviour. This connection is the key to understanding why you behave in a certain way, and the underlying reasons behind your actions. For instance, it could be as simple as finishing everything on your plate due to your parents’ wartime shortage or because your mother serves you more food than necessary as she missed out on such abundance in the past, as previously mentioned. Therefore, understanding yourself is crucial to achieving healthy and sustainable results.


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It is common knowledge that love can manifest in various ways, including through food. Perhaps your dear Aunt Flo is a prime example of this, as she may offer you an array of sandwiches, cakes, and biscuits out of sheer joy at seeing you. However, have you ever stopped to consider how often you indulge in such treats for yourself?


Taking the time to truly know oneself is a fascinating and thought-provoking journey that can lead to many positive changes beyond weight loss. You are a captivating and intriguing individual with unique qualities that make you undeniably gorgeous.


My deepest desire is for you to fully embrace your innate beauty and radiate confidence each day. An inner dialogue filled with pessimism and self-deprecation only serves to hinder your personal growth and relationships with loved ones. Allow yourself to shine and bask in your own magnificence!


Should you be interested in delving deeper into understanding your body and discovering the optimal nutritional balance for you, feel free to schedule a free consultation with me. Together, we can discuss your current situation and where you envision yourself in three to six months’ time. I eagerly await the opportunity to chat with you, as I have a fondness for engaging conversations.

Speak soon

Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

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I’ve taken a while to write this because I wanted it to be right. Life is tough and we are constantly bombarded by images, stories and ‘inspirations’ that you cannot help but compare your own life/appearance and choices to…. the one that tells you to love yourself and why the one that reminds you of your value and that what you do is your own business… Everyone needs a friend like that. I think Adele is that friend but since she can’t be there for us all, read her book.



The Movement Specialist and author Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book 19th July 2019




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