6 Easy Habits you need to add into your busy routine

Many busy working women feel that they have to overhaul their routine to create what they think is a healthy lifestyle or to stick to a diet – however, the most effective way to find the true you, is to incorporate some simple food and mindset changes into your diet will change your health and your productivity. Your body should never have to go without. This blog will talk through easy ways to ensure your body is being fuelled correctly, no matter how busy you are.

6 simple habits that can be incorporated into your day.

Change your mindset

The first one simple habit that will transform your day, your health and your life starts with your mindset. You can do this, you are capable of change you can find some more time.  Know that you can achieve something new.  You do it every day in your life business life, how make your personal life just as important. Change your attitude to change your life. A growth mindset requires positive thinking, the brain cells open up their arms and make connections.  New ideas and ways of thinking are created when you start your day with a positive affirmation or three.   Don’t miss: Feel empowered to think and feel fantastic every day


Find some space in your day – simple health techniques


Add protein to every meal

Most women are not eating enough protein. You’ve read headlines that scream “eating too much red meat” or “too much protein in your diet.” These headlines are aimed at a different audience. Women simply don’t eat enough protein.   Eating a low-calorie diet means that low-quality carbohydrates push out the higher calorie – yet more beneficial – protein. Not consuming enough protein can lead to muscle cramping, weakness and soreness in your muscles.  Your body will take muscle tissue and use it as energy to support other vital body function, resulting in muscle loss and longer-term postural issues. Add a protein source to every meal – fish, cheese, real Greek yoghurt, celery sticks and peanut butter even a glass of milk. Aim for real food not processed snack bars.  You will feel more energised and sustain your levels of concentration throughout your day. Don’t miss: Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day  


Eat more fat

Your brain and body require fat to carry out essential functions. If you do not eat fat your body will make it.  It is essential, cholesterol does not give you heart disease, this previously held belief was never proven. Cholesterol derived from fat is required for every cell of your body, to hold your cells in a sustainable form, to help your body’s cells to grow and function.  Your nervous system requires a fatty material that enables the cells to send electronic messages to your brain.  Eat a few nuts or add cheese and apple to your afternoon snack and your concentration levels will improve. Read more about low fat and high toxicity for your body


Drink more water

Sip water whilst at your desk, have a bottle of water with your hourly intake clearly marked on your bottle. Celebrate your successes, every time you hit your planned quota for the hour or the day, reward yourself.  Hit your dopamine reward centres with a positive habit.  Your reward could be a warm cup of tea or a walk outside, or something more personal to you.  Aim for 5 to 8 glasses (250ml) water a day.  Tick off a checklist to watch and monitor your progress join my water challenge to get you started www.get-gorgeous.com/


Be Bored!

Research from the University of Cambridge illustrated that taking time out to daydream will mean that you become more productive at work.  When daydreaming or being bored, your mind has a chance to resorted and reorder your thoughts.  Research proved that allowing your mind to wander allows your brain the chance to file away and process your thoughts.  Enabling you to tackle bigger problems later in the day. Don’t miss: Ditch ‘good girl’ syndrome


Get outside

Spend at least 1/2 hour of your day outside, however busy you are, get outside and reset and recharge your brain batteries. Forest bathing is hugely popular in Japan and improves mental and physical well being.  Forest plants emit wood oils and airborne chemicals that protect the plants and you. Reduce your stress, take yourself away from a problem and change your environment. Getting outside whether in a forest or a local park will reduce your stress levels, lower your blood pressure,  increase your joy and rebalance your thoughts.


To summarise:

  1. Change your mindset – 3 morning affirmations
  2. Add more protein every meal – add protein to every meal and snack
  3. Drink more water – aim 8 glasses 250ml a day
  4. Eat more fat – add nuts and cheese to your day
  5. Be Bored! – daydream every day
  6. Get outside – reduce stress and give yourself the chance to reframe.

Are you always putting others before yourself? Are you always expecting too much from yourself? Are you harsh on yourself when things don’t turn out the way you want them to?  If the answer is yes to these questions then it could be that you are suffering from a lack of self- compassion – all too common in our hectic, modern lives. Soothing exercises, a mind-body discipline helps to reduce stress, eliminate toxins, improve your circulation and increase the strength of your muscles, especially in your core.  My last few Pilates DVDs are greatly reduced on my Pilates website some as much as 60% – click here to see these amazing offers

Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

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Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

I found it fascinating. I don’t know if it’s our time in our lives, or if the way we think is different, but everything you wrote about is exactly where my head is, and how you presented the material, is just how I would explain things myself, so it all made perfect sense. Obviously, your goal is to assist women to unlock a truer vision of themselves, and to understand the pitfalls we create for ourselves by hanging onto misconceptions in our inner dialogues. Weight is not the issue it’s our mindset and preconceived notions that have been honed and fostered, knowingly and subconsciously, throughout our lives. I say to people, friends, all the time: do you hear what you are saying? The negative dialogue is what is crushing you…until you change the dialogue and the perception of yourself…nothing will change for you… Also taking control of your environment, just because, ‘things have always been this way’…doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Small steps, one step at time, can make all the difference…and putting oneself FIRST, is paramount for any positive change, and success to occur. As women we have allowed society to take our power away, and feel that we are not worthy, or ‘enough’ unless we are all things, all the time, to everyone in our lives…well I’m sorry…but we, women, have made every person on this planet…so I think we are more than worthy, and enough…but I digress lol I really liked how you presented the parts about social history, and how circumstances, over the last hundred years have shaped longstanding mindsets that affect the way we approach food…we must learn from the past, and start on a new path. I could go on and on…I thought your examples/stories were relevant, humorous, and insightful. I feel that what sets your book apart from other self-help books, is your willingness to share your personal history, and dialogue…you didn’t come to this fully formed, you took the journey as well, and I believe that openness has been a large part of what has created your success over the years, and with continue to…empathy is very powerful. I will read your book again, and I feel that everyone I know should read it as well. I don’t know that I have given you exactly what you need, but I know you have given me something very special. You’re amazing Adele. Thank you for being who you are.

Katie Burrows www.get-gorgeous.com/book Get Gorgeous Book 19th November 2018

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