5 Healthy ‘Success Principles’ that work

I am not going to outline 5 different types of ………avocado to eat

5 Healthy Success principles that really work. I am not going to outline 5 different types of ………avocado to eat. It is not another trick headline or a quick fix, it is the 5 solutions that takes time, thought and effort but they are EASY to implement.

I want you to think bigger and more long term.

Look at the bigger picture and stop focusing on the minutia. Getting into great shape is simple, loving your body and getting the most from it doesn’t mean picking the right type of avocado.

Yes, you have to have the knowledge and the understanding but that knowledge once understood IS very simple. I know I have done it.

Your nutritional path also has to be personal, but give the right tools and help you will learn to understand and know your body BETTER THAN ANYONE!

I can help you learn the basics and get in touch with you.

One of the reasons I ‘rebelled’ against my industry – the fitness and nutrition industry is because it is so focused on the maths and science of everything. For instance, the best way to do a squat. There is a tool that you can buy (sorry men buy) that will tell you the EXACT angle at which you should squat at the hips and the effect on the lumbar spine. BORING.

I prefer to teach in a way that engages your body. If you are feeling it in your knees you are doing it wrong, if you are not comfortable in your back pull your abs in and look at your back in the mirror. FEEL your way through the move.

You can work out the EXACT macro nutrient content of your meal to gain the optimum run to the bus stop. BORING. Who has time? KNOWLEDGE and then INSTINCT will guide you. Uncomplicate your life.

Information like that is a drain, a drain on your mental capacity, your life and your willpower. Ladies look at the world differently you are not so interested in the latest gadget but you are very interested in how that little kid or dog feels and is being treated. Turn your lady power in on yourself and you will be awesome. Turn your thinking power into analysing how you move, how you feel, be positive and be powerful.


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Stop looking at the detail because that detail consumes your brain space, think bigger and set in place long term habits and practices. As these positive actions become common place you will free up your mind

Your willpower is not limitless – don’t test it every day or even every Friday night! Instead, use a few successful habits and your path to gorgeous you will be inevitable.

Sound easy?

Well yes, it can be. Here are the principles you can follow to ensure your simple success

      1. Know your Goal
      2. Have you got the Desire?
      3. Knowledge – what do you need to do
      4. Environment – who are you hanging out with
      5. Action

Your willpower is like a battery, an iPhone battery, you need to recharge it. Your ‘willpower’ battery will also lose power quickly if you don’t have a plan! If you have constant choices in your day between a healthy snack and a packet of crisps, you will go for the crisps. Who wouldn’t! However, if you have a plan or a routine it takes the choice out of the decision before you even arrive at that point.

The only way to sustain your health is by using healthy habits and establishing a gorgeous routine. It is this that drives transformational change not how many calories you have eaten that day. Counting calories is tempting the WILLPOWER MONSTER all day, every day. So leave her at home and come and play the gorgeous way 🙂 I do love a corny catchphrase 🙂

Are you setting your GOALS or DREAMS?

The dream is ‘Get Fitter’ or ‘Reclaiming my the health I had in my youth’. That dream is too non-specific and general. However having a specific goal every day is your big focus – drinking water is a goal, stick to it and your long term transformation dream is inevitable.

Try out this goal for size:

“I will join Adele’s Get Gorgeous programme and learn 12 new habits – one a week to help me stay fit and healthy” – how does that one sound? Pretty specific and direct?

The beauty is you have your overriding goal or dream and I set out your weekly goals and challenges which all lead up to your one big focus.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practised every day.”

Jim Rohn – motivational speaker

For example, write down your personal goals for the next 12 weeks:

      1. Stick to healthy eating and apply 1 new habit each week.
      2. Exercise 3 times each week
      3. Protect my time – self-care Sunday, schedule my diary with my exercise.

Do you have the Desire?

How badly do you want to change? Do you really want to change your body shape, your health and long term prognosis? I mean it, do you?

If it is a half answered response then don’t push yourself, it won’t work. Are you comfortable in your present situation, are you happy? Or do you want to be stretched and move beyond your comfort zone?

That is why I love talking to gorgeous girls before they start any programme of mine. I need to know what makes you tick and if and why you want to change. If you can understand yourself, you are more likely to succeed. This quote sums it up for me:

“The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions the more you become a lover of what is…”

Baruch Spinoza

The more you understand your desires or even how you tick the more accepting you are of yourself and then the easier it is to adapt and change. If you are fighting yourself or your inner teenage the battle is exhausting and nobody wins – apart from Mrs Willpower Monster – again! She will just say sod it and eat the crisps! Take the time, to be honest with yourself and ask what you want and why do you want it? The clearer you get the easier it is to move forward and become UNSTUCK!

I am a firm believer in the Law of attraction – you bring about what you think about. If you are thinking about your fat thighs or stressy next door neighbours then you will get more of that in your life. You receive what you focus on, you bring about what you think about. You don’t have to control your thoughts, you simply recognise them and play a game.

Oh, that was an interesting thought, and move on, no emotional attachment.

I know it takes a while to get into the swing of that type of thinking. I can help you with that.

Knowledge – what do you need to know?

What do you need to do and know to help you bring about these transformations? Look online and use various bits of information from various sources, competing voices and stick to it. ERRR! that won’t work. You need a path, a steady path, a plan. A gorgeous plan 🙂

12 habits, one to incorporate each week, that builds upon each of the other habits. BINGO it’s easy, no dramatic changes to your life in the short term, but a massive change in the long term. You tend to overestimate what you can achieve in a day 😉 or a year, but underestimate what you can achieve over the longer period.

Your Daily Environment

Here is another quote from Jim Rohn a motivational speaker:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

If you are chatting to women who are struggling with their weight or moaning about their lives, who complain that they are not able to fit nutrition or exercise into their lives. Guess what? You will think and do the same.

If your cupboards are full of chocolates, biscuits and crisps you are not going to succeed and Mrs Willpower Monster will.


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BUT if your environment is fairly clean and you have nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetable to snack on your chances of success are easier. If your freezer is full of frozen berries rather than ice cream, you are going to get closer to your success.

Haven’t got time? turn of your telly. I know you are tired and you need your rest time. Plan to rest and rest well, but don’t go beyond it. Schedule in your rest time, your exercise time and the time you are going to spend researching and reading about your body.

The solution is creating a virtuous circle and breaking the old TV habits. Begin exercise and eating well and you will feel less tired


Instead, transform your life:


      • Prance around in your lycra, I do 🙂 it is all the rage at the moment and be ready for action or a game of tennis.
      • Go and buy some and wear your running shoes,
      • Make a play list and listen to it whilst running/walking.
      • Eat the fruit and veg you bought.
      • Work with a coach

Think BIG – a coach and a mentor can help you think through what’s worth spending your mental energy and money on. Give yourself clarity and gain advice and a jolly good push up the bum when needed. Let yourself be happy and fulfilled.
Rushing around and multitasking doesn’t work. I know we scorn men that they can’t do it all, but honestly ladies neither can we. Women wear exhaustion and busyness as a badge of honour but are you working towards fulfilment or achievement? Or are you just busy for busy sake?

Fulfillment comes from learning, learning about yourself and what you can do to make changes. Happy changes. 

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Speak soon

much love

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