5 surprisingly helpful tips to boost your mental health

Food makes you happy, enhances your mood, you are well aware that just the smell of baking bread can lift your thoughts.  You are probably aware if you ate the entire loaf of bread you’d feel pretty bad afterward as well.  Food holds the power to affect your mood either in a good way or bad. Nutritious food will also positively affect your mental health. Balance your mood with easy and surprisingly helpful top tips on how to boost your mental health.

1. Hangry?

Hangry is a common term for feeling both hungry and angry at the same time. In terms of your nutrition, it means that your body is craving its next sugar boost.  You have been on the glucose train and your body is used to metabolising glucose for energy.  And when your glucose levels drop too low because insulin has been released your body signals for more glucose.  Glucose is the compound that your body uses for energy and comes quickly from fast releasing carbs like pasta, bread, biscuits.  You know the drill.   Your blood sugar levels have dropped causing you to feel irritable and ready to kill. It can directly affect your mood.

Eating slow-releasing carbs is the standard guidelines, but if you really want to sustain your energy and your mood then eating more protein and fats is the answer.

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Lockdown has meant irregular schedules, extra snacking opportunities, and changes to working routines resulting in disruption now is the time to restore balance in your nutrition.


2. The mood boosters

Omega-3 fatty acids are gradually emerging as a promising remedy for depression and mood-related disorders. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for a well-functioning nervous system. These fatty acids are readily found in food sources like fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, and mackerel, as well as walnuts, flaxseeds, and pumpkin seeds.

3. Happy hormones

Serotonin is a happy neurotransmitter that is secreted in your brain and creates that wonderful feeling of happiness, satisfaction and optimism.

Eating foods that boost serotonin levels is a great way to boost your mood Make sure to include happy foods like – yoghurt, almond, banana, and eggs.

4. Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency can lead to a host of problems in the body including anaemia, mood disorders, irritability, and depression. It can also decrease your cognitive abilities and reduce concentration levels.

Optimum iron levels will make you feel energetic, focused, and keep you in a good mood. Some great iron-rich foods include dates, nuts, seeds, spinach, and lentils.  A great snack is nut butter with dates – yummy

5. Happy gut

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that lifts your mood and 90% of serotonin is secreted in your gut.  Consuming food that helps to promote your gut-friendly bacteria will increase your happiness. Keeping your gut in good health is essential.

Disruption in gut serotonin will make you unhappy and affect your mood.  Keeping your gut healthy will mean you will avoid constipation, bloating, acidity and diarrhoea.  Your daily mood food should contain both pre and probiotic foods.  Probiotics foods include like kefir and kombucha.  Have you tried either of these?  How about sauerkraut?

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Transformational change 

Creating a long-lasting ‘relationship with yourself’ that is loving means change that adapts to you, create confidence and the results lead to long term transformation change.

I’d love to chat about your transformation change, using nutrition, mindful exercise and personal coaching I would love to offer you space and time to find out what you want to see happen in your life let’s chat, book a time that suits and lets work together how to bring your teenager onside and become the best version of you, it is your time


Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.


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Find out what other clients have to say…

Gail had followed Weight Watchers and Slimming World for nearly 20 years, yet she was going nowhere and knew that the results were short term. They never worked in the long term and it didn’t feel like a life change they were a temporary fix.  She felt out of control with food and unhappy about it. She knew what she was doing was unhealthy but not knowing how to stop that, she needed guidance. She had read a lot about nutrition and the best things to do to get yourself fit and healthy but she couldn’t fit it into her family life. Gail is a legal secretary with twins.

Gail felt shame and guilt around her food choices, she felt out of control. She had the information on how to eat better and how to feel better but she needed to be part of something that was and guidance.  Working together Gail began to identify her binge eating was caused by boredom and feeling overwhelmed with her work and family.  She now eats intuitively and nourishes her body. she has now found a new direction and changed her life

Trying to do too much at once was overwhelming so she concentrated on the nutrition and worked towards to increasing her exercise

Gail’s results include:

  • Listening to her body and intuitive rather than mindless eating.
  • “Not stuffing her face” because she is eating emotionally
  • Thinking of her day as a whole instead of moving from one meal or snack to another.
  • Binge eating under control, she has identified she ate out of boredom and feeling overwhelmed emotionally or eating because she wanted to put things off.
  • Feelings of shame around her behaviour have gone.
  • Initially, Gail delayed starting the programme because she was scared of failing and she didn’t think she could do it, she didn’t eat of hunger,
  • Feeling full of proper food rather than eating because she was bored.
  • The mental load has been lifted there is no longer point counting, or weighing things, or have I had enough of this? Looking back that was such a waste of time.

Gail Jarvis Mum of twins 10th July 2018

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