6 weeks to sugar FREE!

Are you keen to restart, refocus this time of year is brilliant for reflection and repurposing the direction of our lives? However what most of us tend to do is everything at once. Sugar-free in 6 weeks?  Does that sound plausible to you?  Does it sound achievable? Or are you too impatient to wait that long?  Do you want to bite the bullet, go cold turkey and start making your own sugar free mayonnaise, ketchup and knitting your own yoghurt? As a friend who came to our house over Christmas remarked about our bread bin “any bread free bread here?” Sugar-free doesn’t have to be deprivation. It doesn’t have to cruel or unnatural it can happen naturally.

Do you have a sugar addiction?


How do you approach your new resolutions?

You intend to run every single day until a hamstring injury stops you, or your diet has a huge overhaul and take out all the joy from food.  Punishment and deprivation are the keywords for January.  A healthy lifestyle, a clear head and mindful purpose come from dogmatic intent that must not waiver.

What a lot of baloney – please insert your own swear word.  Driven focus, like willpower, cannot last. I have worked with hundreds of career women who can pursue a life ambition with work easily when they look to their end goal.  Looking towards your future is the focus and using small daily habits to get you there are the tactics. One of my gorgeous clients, Suzi introduced me to the concept of Compound Effect.  A strategy I have been using my whole life, with my business and my health but I hadn’t labelled it as such.  Small incremental changes make the transformational and lasting change.

Add in positive habits to push out the bad

Mary another gorgeous client was hugely successful this Christmas. She put my indulgence of chocolate orange for breakfast to shame. She lost 11lbs over Christmas, I interrogated so I could find out more, but also so that she appreciated and used the same techniques again in the future.

Mary explained that setting a long-term goal, not a short-term one, was the basis of her success. Way before the festivities began she made a decision and she prepared both mentally and physically.

Over the holiday period, she had time to prepare her food, organise her exercise and generally thing her new routine though.  You might think that this is a huge overall but not all, Mary was calm and organised.  She introduced one new habit a week, not several.  She applied the habit and stuck to the habit and gave herself the ‘Slight Edge’ as Jeff Olson would say.  The psychology of this approach is very important. A big win gives you confidence, and the ability to feel that you can do this.  This is achievable, I have the strength and the ‘willpower’ if you want to call it that.  One small step at the time gives you power.  Gives the power back to you.

From there Mary felt secure and incorporated another habit and the weight came off easily.  She was working towards her personal empowerment, not deprivation. A positive focus to her health rather than a negative.

Knowledge gives you a slight edge

I believe most people are more empowered if they know why they are doing something. Focusing on the big goal is your own personal ‘why’ but also education. If you know WHY you should be giving up sugar then that knowledge sits with you, it will never leave you.  You can’t unlearn something once you know it. I can never look at Orange juice with love and kindness now. I see sugar and lots of it – fructose which is processed and metabolised through your liver, not your digestion system.  Which means more pressure and work for your liver.

Gorgeous clients amazing success story over Christmas

Why is sugar so dangerous

Firstly Aside from the fact that sugar has no nutritional benefit to you, sugar raises glucose production in your body to an alarming rate.  The higher the Glycemic Index of the carbohydrate the higher the production of insulin. Insulin is the fat storage hormone if it has the time it can utilise the glucose and send it to muscle, liver and other cells. If it has too much too quick, it sends it all to storage – it is what the dieticians and scientists refer to academically as the ‘love handles’ or ‘bit that hangs over your trousers’.  Apple shape means that the fat is ‘visceral fat’ which sits around your organs and prevents them from functionally at their optimal level.   It means that there is some distance between each organ and leads to inflammation and high blood pressure and other serious health problems.

Another problem with visceral fat is its impact on adiponectin or ‘fat hormone’. This fat hormone regulates the amount of body fat required, however visceral fat prevents this hormone from doing its job and as a result, your body produces more fat than you actually need

Secondly, sugar has many names and forms so you may not even be aware of how much sugar you are consuming

  • barley malt
  • brown rice syrup
  • corn syrup
  • dextrin
  • dextrose
  • fructose
  • coconut palm sugar
  • hydrolysed starch
  • agave nectar and treacle

The last two are obvious but hey how many times have you said to yourself, oh well it is agave nectar it is posh, it is organic, it sounds healthy it will be fine. Honey does the same thing to your body as white sugar.

Thirdly sugar in processed, packaged foods and drinks have other additives that increase your ill health.  Phosphoric acid usually accompanies sugar, this acid inhibits rust and is used as an ingredient in cleaning products.  It gives ‘packaged, sugary food’ it is tangy flavour, it makes the taste feel more intense and it also slows down bacteria growth which means the product has a longer shelf life.

Phosphoric acid is in products like cereal bars, iced teas, packaged meals, and it lowers bone density and creates kidney issues like stones. High phosphorus in your diet means that calcium is mal-absorbed and if you haven’t got enough calcium in your body you can’t absorb other minerals like iron, magnesium or zinc.

This acid increases the acidity of your body to ph2.5 as you know from school biology your body needs a pH 7.5. In order for your body to compensate it leaches calcium from your bones to provide a more alkaline environment. Drawing calcium from your bones leads to bone weakness hence the link to lower bone density.

Kick sugar out of touch join me 6 weeks sugar free

Reducing your sugar over a longer period of time is a great step to a stronger healthier and fitter future.  Let’s do this together, one step at a time, creating a cumulative effect which leads to a transformation. Join me for my 6-week sugar-free.

As a regular reader of my blogs and vlogs I am offering you a 50% discount to my 6 week sugar-free click here and add the coupon code kickstart50 to benefit from this adventure. I will also offer 3 group calls to keep you on track and motivated.  Make time for yourself and schedule a call so we can get you started.  Click here to find a suitable time.

I am looking forward to helping you to KICK sugar out – easily 🙂

If you would like to understand your body more, get to grips with the nutritional balance that will work for you feel free to book in your free consultation time with me. You and I will discuss where you are currently and where you would love to be in 3 or 6 months time. I look forward to chatting with you




Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.



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Charlotte Cox Brand Manager and business owner Get Gorgeous 2nd August 2019

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