7 ways to create a powerful mindset for healthy weight loss

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7  ways to create your gorgeous body and mind to live your best life every day. Your mindset is your best ally but also your worst enemy when it comes to moving your life and your health forward. Here you will have ideas and thoughts on how to promote your wellbeing and inner calm throughout your busy day.  In this blog, we are going to look at why you struggle to overcome emotional obstacles to losing weight and having great health. What holds you back in your life?  What blocks do you put up that prevent you from feeling and looking fantastic every day?  Everybody has behavioural impediments and my job is finding and uncovering those blocks and obstacles so that you can move past them. I’ll offer you 7 ways for you to live your best gorgeousness every day.  Seven questions to consider which are elaborated and discussed in my book Gorgeous! How to look and feel fantastic every day – you can grab your copy here – www.get-gorgeous.com.book.

Avoid the blame game

We are all guilty of the ‘blame frame’ as Neuro Linguistics brand it. The blame frame is an obstacle that we all have and succumb to, including me. Blame Game can come in many forms, do you hear yourself muttering:

  • It isn’t my fault, my parents were big
  • I’m big boned
  • It is their fault

It is easy when we feel threatened to blame those in control… the government is a classic, food companies are another, even your hard working GP can have an ear full if they have misdiagnosed or got something wrong. Personally, I believe you are your own best doctor, nobody knows your body like you.

Intermittent fasting takes a while to get used to and if you are going to be successful you have to pay attention to your body’s signs. Working with someone who has experience is going to make that process easier, but to coin a phrase ‘at the end of the day you know best’.  Trust yourself and stop blaming Aunty Floss for bringing home the biscuits.

Know your critical inner voice give her a name talk to her

One of my favourite game: who is your inner critic?  Normally she is your mum,  but she could equally be your sister or a close friend.  What did your mum say to you around food?  “Darling, you look like you have put on a few pounds do you really want to eat that whole cake – in one go?”  YES! simply because you have just challenged me not to.  The inner teenager raises her rebellious nature and the cake, sweets, puddings, crisps are all taken hostage because an inner critic said you ‘shouldn’t do that’!   Rearrange these familiar words ‘bull, red, rag, to a’

Who is your inner critic and what is her name?

Think what triggers your reactions

The obvious trigger is a 7 pm snack in front of the telly. What do you eat when you are sat in front of the telly at night?  It is similar to the ‘cigarette and drinks’ scenario in the pub from your youth?  The associated eating trigger.  For instance, sweets when watching a film on Sunday afternoons or pizza on Friday night – habit.

Women tend to have a few more emotional triggers as well which are fantastically interesting.  Eating because we are bored or eating because you want a cuddle.  After my ‘shouldn’t have got two parking ticket’ incidents I bought a chocolate bar or several and showed that traffic warden that you can’t beat me, I have chocolate, my best friend.

Stress and overwhelm are other triggers, how easy is it for you to find your inner zen when everyone around you relies on you?

How easy is it for you to find your inner zen amongst the noises of your day?

Unlock your past

Knowing what your triggers is your best defence to avoiding them.

Was food a reward as a youngster? Shown love through food?  Was food withdrawn?

Awareness and knowledge are your best habit interruption strategies A habit interruption strategy are used by behavioural disorder professionals to give you a moment to consider your actions and rather than working from your inner chimp or inner teenager you can work from your higher self.

Value yourself

Value yourself as much as your loved ones do. The way you look after yourself will be reflected back to you in your relationships.

Valuing yourself is when you work from your higher self. Your higher self is you when you are on fire, the sun is shining and you are feeling on top of the world.  A vision of you in the next 5 years, the dream version of yourself.  What is her name, what does she want from life and how can you chat with her?  Your higher self will guide you to your ultimate goal.

Look after your posture

POSTURE is your most important ally in life. I am the kind of person if I see someone moving with knocked knees I wince. If I see tight hamstrings I will ask you to touch your toes and use a Pilates band to stretch. Biomechanics love the phrase ‘tight hamstrings poorly back’. it may be other muscles other than your hamstrings that are tight but start with the basics stretches

Stretching, relaxation and Pilates go hand in hand, the mind-body discipline allows you to remove yourself from everyday worries and concerns and the physical effort helps you to concentrate on your body.  Develop the focus to switch off your daily thoughts as your mind listens intuitively to your body.  Join me for the next Pilates and meditation workshop on Saturday 30th March in Topsham, Devon. Or further afield in Spain 2019 for a Pilates and Yoga retreat in glorious sunshine May 18th-25th 2019

Move more exercise less!

Exercising down the gym 3 times a week to get healthier? Forget it. Same exercise every week?  Rearrange these familiar words:  ‘workout, same, week, each, workout, strain, repetitive’ Working on static gym machines with the same workout each week is a perfect combination for RSI.  Frozen shoulder, bursitis in the hips, dodgy knees are cumulated from working monotonous movement planes.  Finding movement that you enjoy will keep you flexible and fit.   It will keep you coming back – 10,000 steps daily will do you the world of good.  Don’t miss: Walk FAST & save your life

Biomechanics love the adage ‘tight hamstrings? sore back’ read more www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Don’t forget to order my gorgeous book – how to look and feel fantastic every day – click here to order yours today

Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

“You cannot fail to be motivated and inspired by Adele’s infectious enthusiasm and holistic approach” Dr Penny McCarthy BSc (Hons), BMedSci, BMBS, DRCOG, MRCGP

Dr. Penny McCarthy BSc (Hons), BMedSci, BMBS, DRCOG, MRCGP Get Gorgeous Book 6th December 2018

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