8 gorgeous tips for a healthier you

This blog will show you 8 Gorgeous tips for a healthier and happier you.  If you have spent years beating yourself up for not having the perfect size bottom or the longest leanest legs, upset because your best friend at school told you “well you are always going to be fat” Here is how to give it up. Give up being perfect, give up being on top of your game all the time.  This blog will outline 8 gorgeous tips that will hold your focus on what really matters. Your health.  Enabling you to stay happy and focused on your personal goals, there are no comparisons, no Instagram posts of ladies squatting in bikinis (YUCK) just down to earth advice on how to add a few easy nutritional habits into your day and how to add a few more exercise pointers  and a shift in your mindset that will allow this to happen for you.

Have you been reducing your calories, removing sugar, reducing your wheat intake, battling with carbs, increasing your protein… the list goes on and you are none the wiser and your bum is the same size.

Have you been listening to fitness gurus who offer varying advice in a way that makes no common sense and then they throw in the odd word like ‘macro carbs’ or ‘protein shake’ and you shiver with fear?

Confusing, conflicting and blinking annoying? YES?

Well, what makes you so different Adele?  Why should I listen to your top tips, are you going to confuse me even more?  Are you going to make me doing something I don’t want to do?”

THAT IS MY SKILL, my zone of genius, where I earn my guru status….

You will not know that you are improving your health, I will bring in new habits that you won’t even notice.  The difference between me and other nutritional gurus is that even though I have had a career as a fitness instructor and a certified nutritionist I am NORMAL – ish!

I have had 3 kids, I have the scars – emotional, physical and definitely financial! More importantly, I have done the work, I have studied, experimented, prodded and experienced all exercise, nutritional and boot camps you can throw at a person.

I’m credible, honest and reliable. It is my mission to help you to get your act together.

Gorgeous Exercise Tip Number 1

Find an exercise that you can do every day. I was speaking to gorgeous Vicky yesterday and she had concerns about her pelvic floor, after 2 kids she felt that ten years on she was going to lose her figure and was beginning to worry about never getting her shape back

So we talked and found out the little ‘target’ that she set herself every day was to run up her house stairs. She has set the habit already so I added to that habit before you set the intention of running up the stairs. Draw in your deep abdominal, gently lift your pelvic floor.

Vicky was already there with the exercise, she had a few moments of ‘assessment’ or consideration before she carried out her daily task so all I had to do was drop in another small task and her goal of increasing her abdominal and pelvic muscular strength was set.

Gorgeous Mindset tip 2

Positive affirmations before you get out of bed. You have about 3/4 hour before you fully wake up.   When you are rousing from your lovely sleep and before you get out of bed you are considering your day, and if you are anything like most women you are thinking:

  • right, what do I have to do today?
  • what is on my list?
  • where do I need to be first?

Instead let your conscious mind sit back and reflect on how comfortable you are, stretch and be aware of the love you have in your life, your cat, kids, caring hubby or if you are like me how much you love your car or your beautiful house or even the new bathroom towel you bought. Your gratitude doesn’t have to be pious, you don’t have to be an angel especially if deep in your heart you don’t believe those pious gratitudes.  The universe will know it is false energy.

But if you absolutely love the new pair of shoes you bought or the new fluffy slippers you adore (it could be slippers, work with me I am trying to broaden this out) then rejoice and be grateful. You will have more to be grateful for.

Gorgeous Nutritional tip 3

Drink water every morning before you get out of bed. Cleanse your system, revitalise your body and sip the water that you put beside you the night before.

Gorgeous Tip Number 4

Delay your breakfast for as long as possible.  Your body doesn’t burn fat with glycogen in your body.  Triglycerides are the fatty acids that you want to disrupt and move out and shift so delaying your breakfast for a while will help you to burn fat.

Gorgeous Tip Number 5

Eat protein with every meal. I will be repeating this one as women are generally deficient in protein.

Gorgeous Tip Number 6

Prepare your snacks the night before. Food is a big part of my life, and life is made up of treats and food is one of those gorgeous treats.  Don’t deny yourself treats, prepare for them.  I have a huge Tupperware of mixed nuts on my kitchen cupboard. It is what I see first when I open the door and because they are always there the ‘prep’ is done. Or if you are more organised cut up celery or red peppers the night before and grab them for kids lunches or your snack at work, sat beside you at your desk.

Gorgeous Tip Number 7

Change a snack into a smaller meal. Change your thinking about snacks, snacks don’t have to be crisps and chocolate, you may consider tomatoes and avocado?  I actually love that as a snack especially with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. How about fruit and a slice of ham or turkey?

8 gorgeous tips healthier you

Gorgeous tip Number 8

Vary the colours of your fruit and veg. Add variety and interest to your roasted veg and salads, by doing this you will increase your vitamins and minerals. For instance red, purple and blue fruit and veg give your body antioxidants which help with a healthy heart and memory function.  Strawberries and kidney beans are a great source of folic acid as well as Vitamin C.

Whilst orange and yellow fruit and veg help to maintain your eye health and give you a great glow to your skin.

Leafy green vegs are a fantastic source of calcium which is incredibly important if you are ‘dairy free’. Mix up your greens with broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, kale, lettuce, spinach etc…


Let’s talk about your healthy goals, what are they?  where would you love to be in 6 months time, what are you hoping will change in that time.  let’s chat   You will come away from our conversation feeling inspired, motivated and ready to grab life and deal with whatever it throws you, I guarantee you that

Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

Adele uses scientific research along with years of experience to let you know why you are struggling and gives you real world exercises to use to make changes to your life and your health.

Adele has great advice, along with stories to help your health journey. It’s not just what you eat but it is also your feelings that affect your health and weight. Adele helps readers to address the underlying causes of weight challenges. And she doesn’t make you feel bad in the process. She supports, encourages and celebrates you all along the way!

Donna Rose Visionary, author, speaker host podcast: Visionary Womenprenuers Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book 20th September 2019




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