9 simple pleasures to reduce STRESS

Adele Stickland Adele Stickland

Are you a multi-tasking GENIE?

Do you rush out of the door each morning having already accomplished a full days work? Up at dawn, working till dusk and then collapsing exhausted onto the sofa for some well-deserved ice cream or small to large glass of wine muttering something along the lines of…

“I deserve this, I have survived the day”

Have you cooked dinner, fed the cat and helped Johnnie with his homework – without losing your rag or exploding? So you can safely jump onto the sofa and scoff a few biscuits murmuring

“I deserve this, I have survived the day”

YUP sounds like your own personalised version of groundhog day.

Stress is creating a vicious circle, a repeating cycle that gets your jobs done but keeps your stress levels high.  You may think that this has a short-term consequence on your health and well being but instead, it has a long-term effect.

Do you feel that you can make changes  when any number of ‘things’ have happened for instance:

  • when the kids leave school
  • when hubby can get more involved
  • this project is finished
  • you can afford a cleaner
  • the cat leaves home!
  • when you retire


This cycle is hurting you more than you know, these stress patterns will become cemented into habits and last forever.  You will know if you have been reading my blogs for a while, that your menopause systems are exacerbated by stress. Not only that the stress hormone, cortisol ages you faster. Stress also increases your inflammation markers throughout your body.  Increased inflammation increases the tissue damage to your skin and worse of all to your immune system.  It isn’t just the obvious stress effects of too much coffee, hard work and little time off that causes stress.

Stress can affect you in so many other ways:

  • you can stress your body by exercising TOO hard
  • stress your mind by working too hard
  • stress your immune system by not resting properly
  • stress can also affect your nervous system  – a constant feeling of fear or insecurity from pushing yourself too hard too fast.


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Introducing new habits to break the cycle will change your long-term health. Enjoy your day more and reap the benefits long term.

Here are some simple pleasures you can introduce into your day which will dramatically reduce your stress and your cortisol levels.

  1. Mindful – slow down and be mindful about your lovely cup of tea or coffee consume your food and drinks consciously
  2. Nature open up to nature and receive the chi or energy that being outside gives you. Feel open and relaxed when you walk in nature.
  3. Current state of health – be grateful for your body as it is now
  4. Be optimistic – set your intention to be optimistic all day, change your habit and your mind.  Imagine yourself as succesful and happy in every task that you do
  5. Set 3 reasons to be grateful a day.  Watch how this simple practice changes your entire outlook on life.
  6. Take better care of yourself – book that massage you have been promising yourself and book the next one before you leave.
  7. Be vigilant with your thoughts – everybody has run away nasty thoughts about themselves and about other people. It is okay, accept that they will come and let them go, be conscious that you don’t follow those thoughts right to the end.
  8. Enjoy your body as it is, enjoy your state of health right now.  Don’t wait until you are 5 pounds or stone lighter, start liking yourself and your body right now.
  9. Practice being a discipline of pleasure, for instance, do some wild dancing at your favourite song on the radio. Let yourself go and be silly and have fun. Loosen up and have more fun


Change the rules and begin to change the way you work through your to-do list and maybe you can cross a few things off that don’t actually need to be done.  Making changes is hard, I know that, so take one day at a time, one new habit at a time.  Be focused and be clear, and get some help.

I know exactly what you need to do.

Gorgeous Girls on my Premier programme work with me and get their goals set and mindset strong and focused in under 90 days with my proven methods and nutritional habits. Calm thoughts and better nutrition and exercise mean that stress levels are reduced and their day becomes clearer.

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