ACTIVE WEAR … it is important

If I go into a supermarket and pick up my healthy snacks and a few unhealthy packets of crisps (I’ve told you before about my obsession with all things potatoes and Burts or Tyrells crisps!) and I meet someone. The first thing they do, as they ask me how I am, is LOOK into my shopping basket. Sometimes without even noticing what they are doing they are rummaging around my shopping basket to find the items I have hidden 😉

“Oh I wouldn’t expect you to have that Adele



In book group when I prepare a sumptuous meal for the group, my fridge is open and the club members exclaim:

“How much butter do you have? OH I wouldn’t expect you to have that Adele OR THAT!”

When I turn up to school in my ACTIVE wear, the mums have got used to me. But I still hear the comments like

“You make me feel guilty”

“You are always wearing outdoor gear, you MUST be so fit”


I think that is the key. Because I wear ACTIVE wear – people assume I am fit, they assume I live on lettuce, smoothies and run 6 miles before breakfast every day. Some of it is true and much of the rest isn’t.

The interesting thing is when you WEAR active wear you live up to that standard, it changes your mindset. TRY IT. Incidentally I love the term ‘active wear’ it reminds of Kappa from the 1990s and all those associated phrases. Do you remember them?

Whilst on my early morning 6 mile run today I was listening to a podcast from a ‘stylist’ on active wear 😉 and she was explaining that it is all about mindset. My ears picked up.

Mindset and active wear – the mind boggles. If you buy the gear and invest in yourself you feel better. Your mindset shifts. And you know I am all about shifting from a fixed mindset into a growth one. So this comment really interested me.

Relate it to business, if you had to see a client, a patient or your daughters teeeeecher. What do you wear? How do you feel about yourself when you wear your power wedges? Confident, self-assured, maybe a little more conscious of yourself, less likely to hide? GOOD 🙂

I have to wear power wedges otherwise the teacher thinks I am a primary school kid. I don’t have much in the way of height! Anyway, it gives you CONFIDENCE, power dressing improves your self-esteem. In fact, I have noticed that when I power dress other mums will try and knock me down

“OOOHHH why are you wearing that then- who are you trying to impress?”


I am impressing myself and upon myself that I am important and I have something to say.

Reflect this back to active wear. Wear it and you play the part, you become more active. ESPECIALLY If you have spent a few bob on it. Expensive active wear really enhances your look and your self-image. It doesn’t go baggy at the knees in 5 minutes. If holds in your tummy. Lycra can be your best friend.

When anyone comes into my class with a new pair of leggings I remark on how lovely they are, I love them and I am an aficionado on power leggings. I love the mesh leggings that are trendy at the mo, you stand out. You are empowered and you work harder 😉


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Going back to the podcast that I was listening to on my 6-mile, early morning, run – is that beginning to annoy you 😉 the stylist was explaining how when she had a full-time job she wore her power heels. She wore classy outfits. She was confident she was sassy. Then when her kids were born she moved to working from home and life took a new turn. She stopped wearing heels and lovely outfits, in fact, a lot of things stopped. She started to wear baggy, shapeless tops from Primarni (made-up term the fashion industry gave to Primark’s designer-inspired clothes)

She stopped wearing makeup, scraped her hair back in a pony tail and she gained weight, a lot of weight. She stopped caring about herself 🙁

Here is my point, women find it very difficult to spend money on themselves. You feel guilty, put the kids or hubby or even the dog before you. What an awful expense that £3.99 hairbrush is – I can buy that 3p plastic comb that makes my head hurt

Buy some nice gear and work out in it. It will enhance your performance, it will improve your self-esteem and it will encourage you to do more.

I love Sweaty Betty and LuLu Lemon. I have clothes that I wear (nearly every day, don’t tell) and they still look good 10 years on. If you mention me you will also get money off. Here is the link money off Sweaty Betty

Adele 42


While we are discussing active wear, please can I mention BRAs!

I have seen women running in an eye popping way. Mum’s race at sports day – you know what I mean, even girls who have just started running need a good BRA. Otherwise running hurts, you will damage the breast tissue. Don’t do it, invest in a good bra. When I first started exercising I used to wear two bras, a normal one and then a thick crop top over the top. Nothing was going to move. However, I used to get sores from the rubs. I don’t have to worry now. I use Bravissimo, big cups for small backs and a HUGE range of sizes.

You can even buy sports bras that have a shape now. They used to just make you morph into cyclops boob. Horrible. But now they have shape and they are beautiful. Invest in yourself and buy a decent bra 🙂 I don’t have money off here but it is worth the investment. Here is a link to Bravissimo bras – love them

Feeling good about yourself and feeling fulfilled comes from learning, learning about yourself and what you can do to make changes. Happy changes. Interested?

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Speak soon

much love

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