The importance of gratitude to your happiness and health

Adele Stickland Adele Stickland

Being grateful for everyday aspects of your life is the easiest way to be happy right now.

The law of abundance declares that what you think about you bring about.

If you get caught up in the misery of the weather, the neighbours’ dog, kids yelling, grumpy partner, no hot water because the boiler is broken  – whoops personal insight 😉 You are going to receive more broken boilers, barking kids, yelling dogs etc ….

Your ability to refocus on even the humblest and unremarkable situations in your day will help you to transform your thinking and change your life.

William Blake “Gratefulness is heaven itself”

Being grateful for small things is simply an attitude of your mind and it is based on recognising the value of what your life has offered you.   How about being grateful for your good health, a bit of blue sky or a smile from someone? Have you noticed when you buy a coffee a smile or maybe even a heart comes with it in the froth?  It is there to make you smile. Allow that coffee smile to break your train of thought and look up and see who you can smile back at, is that a good idea?

I absolutely adore seeing FB posts of friends walks, I love a good sheep photo (I know –  don’t go there), photos that make me feel that I am outside even when I am not.  As I get older I love the fresh air – it makes me feel happy and alive. I am grateful to have the wind in my face.

What do you love?  What do you enjoy? What daily simple pleasure makes you smile?

“Get over it” – isn’t always the best advice

sometimes ‘be with it’ is better advice

As my 10-year-old daughter says ‘cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it’.  Ten-year-olds tend to see the world in very easy straightforward ways and I have to be honest when she shakes her finger and swishes her hair the performance that accompanies it makes me LOL anyway.

You and I know that it isn’t always that simple.   When you feel down it is hard to pull yourself up.  But do you know what?  It is okay to be in touch with your emotions and if you are having a sad day be with it. Honour your emotions. If you force yourself to ‘get over it’ these emotions will come back and bite you in the bum in another shape or form.

You can be with your emotions, honour them and let them go gently by focusing on a small gratitude.  Little things that make you smile will help you to gently release those stuck darker emotions.

When you do recognise your emotion of sadness or anger and notice that they have moved on.  You feel much better.  You can appreciate your happier state of mind because you have the comparison. Another example is when you have been sick when you are well you appreciate your health. When you have a fight that feeling of relief when you make up.


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Keep your Gratitude Quotient up to 3 a day

Apparently, you are going to encounter 23 annoyances in every day.  That means 23 things (I may have made that number up but from memory, it is quite high) you are going to be frustrated, annoyed and peed off with something or someone every day.  You have a choice!

If you ride with each one of those annoyances you are going to be shattered, exhausted and unhappy.  If however you let the annoyances go one by one and you will feel free and stay focused and happy on your own gorgeous journey.  The secret is to notice that they are annoyances.

  • The computer won’t work
  • Kids forgotten homework
  • That driver should not have pulled out there
  • blah blah blah – times 23 occasions! Are you ready for that EVERY DAY?

You can refocus this by noticing the happiness in your day and I promise that those 23 annoyances won’t register half as much. Do you believe me?  I read a book by a Professor who believes that you can heal your body with your thoughts.  Amongst other things he sends little parcels of love/kindness/understanding or whatever emotion he thinks they need, to strangers as he goes about his life.

I do this and it changes my whole day. When I focus on what I can send someone on the street, I am not so peed off with the parking ticket 😉  A step too far – maybe?  But give it a go and let me know.

There is a good reason to be happy and grateful it boosts your immune system, improves your health and your efficiency at work.

Gratitude boosts your health and your efficiency

In a recent study  3 groups of people were examined for a 10 week period:

Group 1 noted down all their personal frustrations and irritations during the course of the time period

Group 2 noted all the significant events in their week for 10 weeks.

Group 3 noted up to 5 items for which they were grateful in their lives.

The last group who had to note the reasons that they were grateful had the most optimistic expectations of their future, they also felt the best physically and believed themselves to have made the most progress towards their personal and professional goals at work.

Your Gorgeous Gratitude Homework

I am always setting the Gorgeous Girls homework, sometimes I ask for reflective thoughts, sometimes it is analysis, other times it is simply reporting back on water consumption or protein intake. I like to vary it, so they stay interested and focused 😉

Your homework is to express out loud 3 gratitudes every day.  If I can, I encourage the entire family to do it at dinnertime around the table because we all know “a family that eats together stays together” and other pious remarks like that.  Have I found one of your 23 annoyances? 😉

The other time I like to practice my 3 x gratitudes is just before  I go to sleep at night. The gratitudes settle my mind and aids very restful sleep.


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I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Book references:

How your mind can heal your body David R. Hamilton PhD

The power of kindness Piero Ferrucci

Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

What brought you on board with Get Gorgeous? What inspired you to connect with me and come on board Get Gorgeous

“I was was missing something in my life.  I was not confident and  I just felt really empty. I followed you on your Pilates, I followed some of your blogs, and it’s just literally an email came in one day and said, why don’t we have a chat? And I just reached out, and from that very first conversation, I felt comfortable talking to you.”

So, from that position that you were in, what was it, was it seven, eight months ago, how are you feeling now, what is the transformation that you’ve seen in yourself?

“Everything’s changed. My life has completely changed,  I have just found the person that I want to be, and it’s not about creating myself, it’s just about being confident to be the person you want to be. I used to think everybody was judging me.

And now, you’re comfortable being yourself?

“I love being myself. I love the fact I can look in a mirror, and like, like myself. You have no idea, how powerful that has been.  The whole of my adult life, there are a handful of photographs of me, because I would not let anyone take my photograph, I didn’t like my looks, I was very detrimental about myself, and now, I will go out without makeup, I will have my hair into tousled, because it doesn’t need to be perfect. Because I’m not perfect, I’m so grateful for how I look, but I’m more grateful for how I feel”

You stepped into yourself and you are confident. And how has that affected your business?

“Oh my God, my business is flying. Flying. I have gone from being, that little girl behind the desk, who was too scared to come out from the desk, who was quite happy to shout and demand and push, because, that’s how you run a business, of course that’s how you run a business, isn’t it?

And the reality of it is, no, you don’t. You open yourself up. Opening yourself up and  sometimes, people look and don’t quite like you, I actually don’t worry about that any more, because, that’s about them, that’s not about me, I love how I can connect, especially how I can connect with other women. Never had that in my life. Never, always surrounded myself with masculinity, I now crave female contact. I am networking, something that I have never done.

And you’re speaking, as well. You’re speaking onstage, aren’t you?



“I am and that is so out of my comfort zone, I love the fact that I push myself out of that comfort zone, and I do that, and what I get back from it, is also my true self and I speak from the heart, because that is massive, I love that, and I love how it makes me feel.”

Good, that’s superb, am I right in thinking that you had a background with Slimming World and you were a leader, is that right?

Well,I’ve done Slimming World for two years, I’ve lost four stone, which was the start. 

But it didn’t help me with not liking myself very much and then I got to a point where I was thinking to myself: How can you tell yourself, you can have 15 sins a day? What is that  you’re saying to yourself? 15 sins, sins, the word sins.

I didn’t understand any nutrition, and it was the fact that I really wanted to understand more about how my body worked, what I ate, fuelled it, being told, yeah, you can eat endless low-fat things, and all of those things, and of course, now it’s coming out, isn’t it all those sugar in low fat things. It’s an absolute eye-opener, starting this journey. Opening my mind to learning about nutrition and just educating, educating myself.


I understand what it all does, it’s not about restriction, it’s about education.

Excellent. Brilliant. Inspiring words. Thank you so much, Sandra.

“No, thank you. As you know, my famous words are, everybody needs Adele in their live, So grateful you came into my life, so thank you.”

Gorgeous Girls on my Premier programme work with me and get their goals set and mindset strong and focused in under 90 days with my proven methods and nutritional habits. Find out more book a call click here to book your session now.

I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Sandra Wiggins Business owner 31st October 2017


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