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Why diets don’t work

Women are busy and sometimes you just need to be told what to do and in the first instance that is why diets are appealing…
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Cheap food myths.

Why is it that the big special treats in life we can come up with the readies, the cash, but when it comes to our…
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Feel good about yourself

Looking fantastic, appearing calm and having that outward appearance of ‘superwomen’ is rife.  Women, in particular, put so much pressure on themselves.   This blog will…
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Bust the dieting myth

Nutrition and the latest diet are a consistent and prominent topic within the media – social and otherwise.  With headlines that scream ‘fats are bad’,…
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Is Fasting Safe for Women?

Fasting is very popular in our culture for weight loss and it has been an honoured and respected form of cleansing for many cultures, religions…
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10 tips to stay gorgeous

10 things you can add to your day to help you feel and look fantastic every day.  Ideas on how to promote your wellbeing and…