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Is Fasting Safe for Women?

Fasting is very popular in our culture for weight loss and it has been an honoured and respected form of cleansing for many cultures, religions…
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10 tips to stay gorgeous

10 things you can add to your day to help you feel and look fantastic every day.  Ideas on how to promote your wellbeing and…
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6 weeks to sugar FREE!

Are you keen to restart, refocus this time of year is brilliant for reflection and repurposing the direction of our lives? However what most of…
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Are breakfast cereals ever healthy?

You’ve seen variations on the cereal theme – with banana, blueberries, strawberries, soya milk, goats milk but is your daily cereal EVER healthy?  Recently Kellogg’s…
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What is causing your back pain?

Back pain affects 80% of the adult population. That means that most people will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.   Yet back…
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Watch your macros not your calories

Calorie counting is so old school, so last year.  Nutritionists and athletes are looking at their macro percentages to give a much more accurate reflection…

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