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Are you hungry all the time?

This blog looks at the reasons why you may be hungry all the time, it could be that your body is craving essential nutrients that…
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What are probiotics and prebiotics

With 80 percent of your immune system residing in your gut, the state of your gut helps determine how you feel, physically and mentally.  When…
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Gut bacteria making you fat?

This blog outlines why a depleted amount of gut bacteria in your gut will lead to increased weight gain. Why your gut is suffering from…
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Breeze through your menopause

Foggy thoughts, memory lapses, feeling excessive overwhelm, ostracised at work are the more insidious feelings of the menopause.  The hot flushes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping…
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Walk FAST & save your life

A recent article on the BBC website discussed the new research that being a fast walker improved your health and reduced the risk of cardiovascular…
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Why should you drink more water?

Why should you increase your water? I want to give you the reasons why the emotional and scientific reasoning behind the request. I know from…
stop eathing low fat yoghurts (1)
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Stop eating low fat yoghurts!

Products that are marketed as a healthy alternative to a sweet treat are deceptively misleading.   The products packaging looks full of life, the colours and…

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