Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day

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Do you know who coined the phrase ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?’ It was John Harvey Kelloggs. Do you recognise his name from the packets of cereal you crunch every day? Do you know why he created cereals? His original aim was not to improve our health but something a little quirkier. I’ll explain more and dive into why breakfast philosophy has become entrenched in popular culture. And yet cereals no longer serve us a bowl of anything that is worth consuming! This blog will outline another popular health myth that has been updated by prominent nutritionists, TV health presenters and GPs.

Dr Mosley reports that insulin “makes you hungry and makes you fat” As you have read in my previous blogs, insulin is released when you consume carbs – the higher the carb GI the higher the insulin release. Insulin encourages high cell turnover and increases “the risk of cancer.” High carb diets are creating health problems.

The high carb diet is causing illnesses not previously seen on this scale. Health statistics on obesity have skyrocketed and dementia and Alzheimer’s are looking to overtake the obesity statistics. Medical advice is shifting – slowly. It will take a while for the message to become mainstream and the diet companies may take even longer. However cutting edge medical professionals are calling for changes.



I was delighted when Dr Mosley recently referred to changes in nutritional thinking as revolutionary which is exactly how I have felt for a number of years. Nutritional advice over the last 50 years is being turned on its head. Low fat has high toxicity for your body (Read more about low fat and high toxicity for your body)And diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate in young and old alike.

Over 9,000 limbs are removed in one year in the UK alone from diabetes. Over 4 million people living with diabetes in the UK at present which represents 6% of the UK population. Dementia and Alzheimer’s which has been referred to in medical circles as the new type 3 diabetes is set to overtake diabetes and expected to triple by 2050.

As Dr Mosley quoted last week “the public has to realise that what is being offered by the NHS isn’t necessarily working.”

Dr Michael Mosley and Adele Stickland Gorgeous! How to look and feel fantastic every day

You know when you are at a party and you stand out from the crowd for the entirely wrong reasons? You have the same dress as someone else or one or too many glasses of vino and are hanging from the chandeliers or you’ve got a little loud and everybody is turning to look at you. I have felt like that for a while, and to hear prominent and handsome (sorry Dave) award-winning presenters and international best selling authors like Dr Mosley say the same thing suddenly makes my chandelier hanging a worthwhile endeavour.

It isn’t just UK based dieticians and GPs, across the pond medical researchers and best-selling authors like Nina Teicholz (#girlcrush) and Gary Taubes (yeah not so much) have also been discussing low-fat debate for decades. In Gorgeous! How to look and feel fantastic every day I discuss the evidence that when back in 1994 the American Diabetes Association brought in the 60% carb increase under the healthy heart guideline recommendations the number of diabetic diagnoses exploded tripling from 1980 to 2011.

Most important meal of the day?

Removing breakfast cereals from your diet is the easiest way to reduce your carbohydrate intake for the day and the associated harmful additives that are contained within your cereals packets.

Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day

Cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, which means that vitamins have to be added to the cereal to give them any health benefits. Read more: Are Breakfast Cereals Ever Healthy

Kellogg’s invented the breakfast cereal as part of his beliefs in promoting health reform, temperance and sexual abstinence. His promotion of developing anaphrodisiac foods was based on these beliefs. Cornflakes were created to damp the sexual ardour, not as a healthy sustaining meal.


What do you eat instead?

Have you considered not eating breakfast? Whilst there is some evidence to suggest that children are going to perform better in school tests if they have breakfast the same is not true of adults. In children, the evidence generally suggests that a lower postprandial glycaemic response is beneficial to children’s cognitive performance (Benton and Jarvis, 2007) meaning that low carb breakfast will be more beneficial – eggs not cereal!

In adults, intermittent fasting is a great way to move forward and lose weight. Diving into the science of fasting you learn very quickly the advantages when you go without food for a short time. Your body diverts energy away from digesting food to cellular repair and the removal of waste material and toxins.

Don’t miss Intermittent Fasting does it work?

Autophagy – A process that is known as autophagy is when your amazing body destroys damaged or redundant cells. By boosting your body’s autophagy process through intermittent fasting, you dampen inflammation, enhance biological function and slow down the ageing process.

Apoptosis-In addition, intermittent fasting also results in a process called apoptosis where your body rids itself of old, unhealthy cells, and replaces them with new ones. This happens naturally throughout your body as your cells degrade, intermittent fasting speeds it up.

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A spellbinding book: the underlying seriousness of the content beguilingly presented in no nonsense language accessible to all. I began to read and forgot to breath until my tea was cold! Adele’s words and personality jump off the page with positive, life enhancing, nay life changing ‘tips,’ which are backed up by science (if your personal experience is not enough).

What I particularly liked was the way she deals with death and diet in the same calm but incredibly enabling tone. She does not undermine the power of grief but deftly deals with it in such a sure-footed manner that frankly I was quite unexpectedly moved to tears in what until then had been a positive ‘romp’ through important (but seemingly less definitively life changing) events, and how to deal with them.

Isolde Writer Get Gorgeous Book 16th November 2019

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Reference on kids and breakfast:

Lee, Terry. “Virtual violence in Fight Club: This is what transformation of masculine ego feels like.” Journal of American & Comparative Cultures 25.3‐4 (2002): 418-423.

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