Business cost of ill health – 5 healthy tips merge into your working day

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If your health is not a priority, if you are too busy to look after yourself then your business will suffer. Making clear decisions, having a strategic focus and avoiding day to day brain fog will be easier if you add a few simple health tips into your life.  This blog will show you how you can avoid the business cost of ill health and give you the resources you need for great health.  This blog will give you 5 healthy tips you can merge easily into your day, one at a time. Keep life simple and at the same time enhance your business stamina.

Low-grade migraines, constant gnawing stress, not eating well will have a negative, compound effect on your health and your business.  Ill health and background stress create a negative cycle which over the long term will affect your business decisions and your business.  A clear head, calm outlook originates from better nutrition and movement that is systemised throughout your day in the same way you tackle your admin. Create positive, compound habits which over time will transform your well being and your health.

Here are 5 simple healthy tips that you can easily incorporate into your life, that will integrate simply and give you the freedom to focus on the future success of your business and career.  These simple tips will help eradicate your ill health and in turn improve your business.

Suffering from a migraine after working on pc, overworked or depressed?

5 top tips on how biz execs can get healthier – easily

Here are 10 tips that you add into your daily routine which will improve your health, avoid ill health and increase your productivity in your business.

Start slow, major overhauls don’t last. You want these habits to create lifelong routines so pick one habit and stick to it for two weeks. Create the habitual compound effect, add in small changes over a longer period of time and that creates the transformation you need.

Tip 1

Drinking water is an essential part of good health, your business cost  Aim for 8 glasses a day join the water challenge visit

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

You can treat yourself to a new water bottle and carry it around, alternatively if you work from home, place room temperature glasses around your home, whenever you walk past pick up a glass and start drinking.  Join me for my free gorgeous water challenge – its 7 days of videos and more healthy tips to start you in the right course of action. Join the 7-day water challenge click here 

Drink water, health coach UK - Get Gorgeous

Join the water challenge

Tip 2

Add more dietary fats into your day across 3 fat spectrums – monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats.  Fats and cholesterol are essential to your brain function, coat your nervous and essential for clear focus throughout your day.  Over 50% of every cell in your body is made from cholesterol.  Low cholesterol levels lead to reduced serotonin levels in your brain. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression.

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

  • Add ½ avocado for monounsaturated fat,
  • Walnuts and Brazil nuts for polyunsaturated
  • Coconut oil for saturated fat


Tip 3

Add more protein to every meal.  Low calorie ‘carb’ meal plans and diets have pushed out other essential macronutrients.  Protein is a macronutrient that is essential for your health. The 9 essential amino acids need to be digested DAILY,

Size: palm for women 2 x palms for men

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

Include eggs for breakfast or chia seeds with porridge

Protein breakfast – clarity of mind all day


Tip 4

Eat more green carbs and less ‘beige’ carbs. Green carbs vary from beige carbs. Green carbs are healthy veg and beige is carbs derived from bread and pasta.

Your daily energy requirements and clear business focus come from denser calories food like proteins and fats.  If you consume more of these macronutrients you will not crave the sugar chocolate hit at 3pm.

Plus by eating more of your calories from fats and proteins, you will end up eating less and feel clearer headed throughout your working day. Beige carbs give your body sugar hit and make you feel sluggish and create a ‘hangry’ cycle for the duration of your day.

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

Replace your daily chocolate snack with handful nuts or cheese and apple.

Apple and cheese snack – tasty brain fuel

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Tip 5:

Add more ‘green carbs’ to every meal and snack.

Change the colour of every ‘healthy carb’ at every snack.  Veg is essential every meal try and add a different colour to each meal/snack

Work towards a rainbow ‘green carbs’

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

Motivation to change

Going cold turkey with your health involves a strength of character most of us aren’t blessed with. Willpower wanes throughout your day. It is highest at the beginning of the day.

Some newbie runners and exercise queens have been known to sleep in their running gear so that they don’t have the option but to get up and go in the morning… early morning motivation is higher. Get up and move before your brain wakes up.

Instead, evoke the healthy habit compound effect and make small changes over a long period of time which in time create dramatic transformations.

“Habits don’t need willpower, they are with you for life.” Adele @ get-gorgeous

Push out bad habits WHEN you have PULLED through your gorgeous good habits.


With the compound habit effect, your taste buds will change. Trust the process, trust your body, follow your body’s intuition and flow. Your current health issues can be sorted. You can have a fantastic energy, free from mental anguish and a clear focus to get on with your business goals.

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