Business cost of ill health? 5 MORE healthy tips add to your working day

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Making clear decisions, having a strategic focus and avoiding day to day brain fog will be easier if you add a few simple health tips into your life.  This blog will show you how you can avoid the business cost of ill health and give you the resources you need for great health.  This blog will give you 5 MORE healthy tips you can merge easily into your day, one at a time. Keep life simple and at the same time enhance your business stamina.

5 MORE simple healthy tips that you can easily incorporate into your life, that will integrate simply and give you the freedom to focus on the future success of your business career.  These simple tips will help eradicate ill health and improve your business clarity and direction.

Suffering from a migraine after working on pc, overworked or depressed?

5 MORE healthy top tips add the working day

Here are 5 MORE tips that you add into your daily routine which will improve your health, avoid ill health and increase your productivity in your business and career

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Tip 6

Carbs after exercise, working towards earning your starchy carbs. In the last blog, we talked about the difference between green and beige carbs and the need to reduce your beige carbs and up your green carbs.  Read more about that click here

After exercise, especially vigorous exercise like long runs or other prolonged cardio workouts your body has depleted its natural storage of glucose.  This needs to be replenished because glucose is required to push the protein into your muscles.  Keeping your starchy carbs, like rice, potatoes and even quinoa until after exercise will ensure that you benefit from them and you can burn them.

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

Enjoy a Quinoa salad after your lunchtime walk or if your day is sedentary, wait until you have exercised at the end of the day and savour your starchy carbs at the end of the day.   

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Tip 7

Move more and exercise less.  Exercising 3 times a week down the gym is not going to benefit your body. You will plateau.  Using the same equipment week in, week out, attending the same class with no variety will have a negative impact on your body.  Repetitive strain from monotonous and unvaried workouts will increase pressure and strain in the same places in your body over and over again.  Variety will challenge your body and improve your health.

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How do you add this to your lifestyle?

Aim to walk 10,00 steps a day – go outside for lunch and clear your head.  Research proves that taking time out of your busy day to enjoy the outside and keep fit will aid your business success.

Tip 8

Posture at a desk is a vital consideration for your long-term health.  If you are slumped over your desk neck aches, backaches and long-term strain on your body will result in your ill health.  Osteoporosis is also a risk factor when you spend time hunched forward. Your body will efficiently reduce the bone strength to areas of your body that you no longer use.  Hunching over is a posture that means your body won’t require back strengthening, your body gets the message and will not send bone cells to that area because of lack of use.

If you are medicating your back pain, it is a sign that your pain is long-term and your posture needs to be addressed. Don’t rely on pain medication to solve your back problem, create a great workspace instead. Join me for a 10-day Tummy challenge?  10 days for 10 minutes a day using Pilates exercises. Here is the link to find out more 

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

Ergonomic chairs can alleviate bad posture, as can your body awareness. Be aware of your  body alignment at the desk – make sure:

  • that your hips are in line with ears, you are sat upright
  • elbows in line with fingers,
  • eye gaze directly at the monitor.

Tip 9

Save time and gain health by ordering shopping online or if you really need to pop into a supermarket, make sure that you stick to the outside of the supermarket.  You will notice that all the aisle of fizzy drinks – which will kill you! are in the centre of the shop. Stick to the outside and have a quick smash and grab.

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

Order organic veg box to your door – count nutrients not calories. I love my Riverford meat and veg box, it is delivered straight to my front door. All the nutrients I need to feed my family and keep me strong and on the ball with my two businesses.  My hubby and I have never skimped on organic food

“Count nutrients not calories” Adele @get-gorgeous

Riverford Box Scheme – Live life on the Veg

Tip 10:

Don’t attempt to change everything at once.  Start slow, major overhauls don’t last. You want these habits to create lifelong routines so pick one habit and stick to it for two weeks. Create the habitual compound effect, add in small changes over a longer period of time and that will create the transformation you require to stay strong and focused throughout your working day.

How do you add this to your lifestyle?

Choose one tip and stick to it for 2 weeks then move on.  Start with the easy water challenge, a big win will help give you the confidence to push onto the next habit.

Join me for a 10-day Tummy challenge – 10 days for 10 minutes a day using Pilates exercises. Here is the link to find out more 


Motivation to change

Going cold turkey with your health involves a strength of character most of us aren’t blessed with. Willpower wanes throughout your day. It is highest at the beginning of the day.

Some newbie runners and exercise queens have been known to sleep in their running gear so that they don’t have the option but to get up and go in the morning… early morning motivation is higher.

“Get up and move before your brain wakes up.” Adele @ get-gorgeous

Instead, evoke the healthy habit compound effect and make small changes over a long period of time which in time create dramatic transformations.

“Habits don’t need willpower, they are with you for life.” Adele @ get-gorgeous

Push out bad habits WHEN you have PULLED through your gorgeous good habits.  Join me for a 10-day Tummy challenge – 10 days for 10 minutes a day using Pilates exercises. Here is the link to find out more 


With the compound habit effect, your taste buds will change. Trust the process, trust your body, follow your body’s intuition and flow. Your current health issues can be sorted. You can have fantastic energy, free from mental anguish and a clear focus to get on with your business goals.

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Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

I found it fascinating. I don’t know if it’s our time in our lives, or if the way we think is different, but everything you wrote about is exactly where my head is, and how you presented the material, is just how I would explain things myself, so it all made perfect sense.

Obviously, your goal is to assist women to unlock a truer vision of themselves, and to understand the pitfalls we create for ourselves by hanging onto misconceptions in our inner dialogues. Weight is not the issue it’s our mindset and preconceived notions that have been honed and fostered, knowingly and subconsciously, throughout our lives.

I say to people, friends, all the time: do you hear what you are saying? The negative dialogue is what is crushing you…until you change the dialogue and the perception of yourself…nothing will change for you…
Also taking control of your environment, just because, ‘things have always been this way’…doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Small steps, one step at time, can make all the difference…and putting oneself FIRST, is paramount for any positive change, and success to occur. As women we have allowed society to take our power away, and feel that we are not worthy, or ‘enough’ unless we are all things, all the time, to everyone in our lives…well I’m sorry…but we, women, have made every person on this planet…so I think we are more than worthy, and enough…but I digress lol

I really liked how you presented the parts about social history, and how circumstances, over the last hundred years have shaped longstanding mindsets that affect the way we approach food…we must learn from the past, and start on a new path.

I could go on and on…I thought your examples/stories were relevant, humorous, and insightful.

I feel that what sets your book apart from other self-help books, is your willingness to share your personal history, and dialogue…you didn’t come to this fully formed, you took the journey as well, and I believe that openness has been a large part of what has created your success over the years, and with continue to…empathy is very powerful.

I will read your book again, and I feel that everyone I know should read it as well. I don’t know that I have given you exactly what you need, but I know you have given me something very special.

You’re amazing Adele. Thank you for being who you are.

Katie Burrows Get Gorgeous Book 19th November 2018



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