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Supporting wellbeing in the workplace

Stress and mental health is a real problem for businesses today. It can affect your staff but also your companies growth.

The company that cares and reaps the benefit.

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Managing Work Related Stress

Would You Like To Manage Stress & Prevent Burnout In Your Company?

Mental health sick days cost the UK £1.4 million in 2018/19 and undisclosed mental health sick days costs UK employers an estimated £34.9 billion each year

Changing work culture with increased awareness and reduction of workplace stress and burnout so that teams improve wellbeing and engagement, and attract new employees who are looking for companies that support their welfare.

Supports your team's wellbeing

(1) AXA Stress Index 2017 and Labour Force Survey (LFS) 2019
(2) MHFA England

The effects of stress and mental health issues in the workplace are very real

  • Increase in sick days and long term absence
  • Reduced profits
  • Reduced employee engagement and productivity
  • Loosing your best staff when you shouldn't have to

Positive effects of looking after your staff

Improving your team's wellbeing can have a profound and long team effect on your business - and isn't as hard as you think.

Reduces stress so that your company will reduce the cost and fall out of absenteeism.

Builds resilience so that employees can bounce back after sales rejection or difficult busy, work cycles.

Increases productivity so that all team members are working at full capacity and capability.

Develops stronger more meaningful social connections so that disputes get resolved quicker.

Supporting bespoke wellbeing workshops and courses for businesses nationwide.

We create a variety of learning content individual to your company needs and personal requirements, engaging and interactive content your staff can use any time anywhere

Effective and interesting content is at the core of powerful and successful staff development and training strategy.

How we can help you educate and care for your team's wellbeing

  • Provide a boost to existing programmes
  • Engaging and interactive supplementation to existing content
  • Full onsite learning suite for your staff
  • Bespoke e-learning across your organisation

Bespoke learning solutions

for your business

Personalised and personable approach to suit your organisational needs. We create tailored learning platforms to work effectively within your organisation, no matter how big or small. Every organisation is different with different

Bespoke e-learning solutions enable your staff to easily access the impactful instructor led live learning training courses

Solution packages offered:

In person training

To equip your team with the insights and tools to manage stress, be more productive and unlock their true potential

  • Workshops – live and interactive
  • Lunch and learn

e-learning solutions

For easy access across your organisation. For ongoing support as and when it's needed

  • E-Learning online platforms
  • Interactive videos
  • Recorded webinars
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Infographics

For more information about our wellness training solutions for your company

Aha Moments...

Our workshops and training help your team to find their 'aha' moments and develop their very own tailored tools and solutions to deal with stress and take their engagement and performance to the next level.

Work Related Stress

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Managing Work Related Stress

What you'll learn...

  • Understand how to reduce stress in the workplace
  • Address the levels knowledge around stress and best practices
  • Insights into learning models and develop programmes for your company
  • Learn how to build optimal learning platform that suits your company

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