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What is Get Gorgeous all about

The Gorgeous Girls are a group of ladies of a certain age, over 40 generally, who are looking to get fitter and happier and understand more about food and their own lovely bodies.

  • To lose weight, maybe!
  • To get happier DEFINITELY
  • To get stronger YES OH YES,
  • To combat disease, illness, tiredness YES!
  • To be positive, proactive and not just sit back and let life drift by OH YES!

I am Adele and I have been a coach and fitness instructor for over 20 years. I have coached and worked with women who want to become stronger and fitter.  Women who want to know more about their bodies and how they can get the best from their bodies.  Women who want to look great but more importantly feel GREAT

Get Gorgeous enables you to feel in love with your body, not because it is bikini fit, but that is a side effect 😉

But more importantly, love what your body does for you EVERYDAY.

The gorgeous girls talk about being fed up with diets and being back at square one, that yo-yo diet cycle which is so destructive to your self-confidence…..

Learning about your body in a positive way is Get Gorgeous. Love your body, love who you are.

From that knowledge, you add small incremental steps that help you become the REAL YOU. The person you are supposed to be not the person caught up in everyday worries and concerns.


I get it – this sounds a bit airy-fairy, positive mindset blah blah ‘growth mindset’ blah blah.

Who has the time for positive mindset work and what is it anyway?

I would suggest that working on loving yourself and being comfortable with your story to date is the first step on the Get Gorgeous ‘healthy’ journey. Acceptance of who you are and where you have been, offering yourself a real kindness and talking gently to yourself is the essence of Get Gorgeous.

Of course, you are already gorgeous we all are….. but you need to tell yourself that every day

Airy Fairy DONE


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Practical ways forward for your health

There is a very practical and down to earth side to me and part of the Get Gorgeous programmes that I teach.

Your health needs to be tackled on 3 fronts:

  1. Exercise habit – 3 different types of exercise: Cardio, Mind and Body and Strength training.
  2. Nutritional habit – eat the right things for your exercise routine, eat the right food for your energy levels.  You don’t have to be tired, you don’t have to suffer from menopause systems– you can eat right and exercise and you will be able to cope with whatever life throughs at you.
  3. Mindset – it is a horrible word, I keep looking for new ways of saying it.  Mindset is changing the way you think about yourself seeing yourself in a positive light, tackling your demons and the ‘why’ behind why you do something.

These active steps are wrapped up on your Get Gorgeous adherence feedback, reporting back to your coach who is monitoring your progress. Somebody REAL who is on your side and wants the best for you

Get Gorgeous is a POSITIVE approach to your health and well-being.

If you are looking to make big changes to your life in small ways and over a period of time that is not FAST and FURIOUS and ‘6 weeks to bikini fit’ click the ‘find out more’ button below. You won’t find this interested tab on the website because I don’t offer these programmes all year round.

The Fundamentals programme is only open 3 x a year and I am currently opening doors to new clients.

Please don’t apply if you are looking for another quick fix, heavily planned detailed menus or if you are looking to measure out your food.

Who has time for THAT?

Who wants to stand out for the wrong reasons – ‘oh excuse me I am following my diet’  – that would be a NUTTER ALERT

Instead, I can teach you what you can eat and what you should simply avoid – it is not rocket science you probably know it already but do you put it into practice? Do you want somebody you can ask your crazy questions to? What you don’t have any crazy questions I bet you do, we all have crazy questions:

  • Full fat or semi skimmed milk? Full fat
  • How many nuts at each serving? 7
  • Eating nuts from across the spectrum, different types of nuts for different nutritional benefits for your body.

That is a nutritional detail that we can cover working together. Education, understanding food is the role that Get Gorgeous plays in your life, giving you the help you need in YOUR LIFE now. Not my life and not the way I do things, but how good nutrition fits and works into your life.


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So you make the change and I support you as do the other Gorgeous Girls in our private group.  Find out more by clicking the link below and I will send you a few thousand emails  Check your junk mail make sure they don’t go in there because you would hate for me to be talking to myself 🙂

Trust the gorgeous process.

If you like the idea of working with me:

The wonderful thing is that getting healthy is easy. OH YES, IT IS – when you apply small habitual steps and with encouragement from me and the other gorgeous girls in our community you stick to your gorgeous habits because they are habits and not a strict set of instructions, rules or something nutty you wouldn’t do naturally.

My mental health has always been focused on my exercise and what I eat so that I can exercise and feel good and have bags of energy to drive everyone else crazy 🙂

Speak soon much love

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