Empowered to think and feel fantastic every day

The pressure on women to conform to certain appearance and health stereotypes is rife, not only in the traditional press but also increasingly across social media. The latest diet, health and nutritional programmes seem to be plastered everywhere, but what is actually ‘best’ for the body when the advice is always changing? This blog will allow you to feel empowered and stronger about your food choices, in the knowledge that you can change your life but it begins with your mindset.   This blog will show you how you can go about changing the way you approach your health using 3 core elements of movement, nutrition and the most important aspect of mindset.


Faddy diets

Not only do faddy diets deprive your amazing body of the nutrients it requires, but they also have an incredibly detrimental impact upon your mental wellbeing. Diets make many women feel confused, upset and disappointed as they continue to ‘fail’.

In my new book Gorgeous! I challenge your old school ‘diet mentality.’

“Adele’s infectious positivity, empathetic nature and ‘back to basics’ healthy habits will allow any busy woman to integrate the right foods and mindset into your daily routine.”

Gorgeous! not only provides you with expert guidance to change your perception of food, but it will also allow sustainable weight loss to occur, easily.

Deprivation mindset doomed to fail

The right mindset needs to be in place from the offset. By ditching the ‘good girl’ mentality and getting out of your own way, losing weight becomes much easier.

Whilst many people do recognise the food habits they have taken from their parents and childhood, they do not realise the true extent to which they guide food choices in adulthood.  Becoming aware of the way that you approach food from early family dynamics has a lasting, penetrating pull forward to the way you behave now.

Acknowledging these previously held family traits will allow you to become one step closer to finding an empowering mindset, that is the right mindset for your healthy lifestyle.

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Know Thyself – Know your triggers

Tuning into your triggers, emotions and excuses is of vital importance to sustainable weight loss. If people do not consider exactly what causes unhealthy eating and exercise patterns, and what stops them from changing these, positive changes are not able to take hold.

This could be an uncomfortable realisation, but it is an important one for women to place themselves at the centre of their lives and this book will thoughtfully support you through this process.

In a busy world with vast responsibilities, I want to demonstrate the importance of practising self-care and self- kindness so you feel confident and empowered. Use self-care techniques as a habit will encourage you to nurture yourself throughout the day instead of using other more detrimental and short term eating or drinking habits when stress becomes too much.

Nutrition has become highly politicised

Nutrition is a highly politicised subject, with many myths dictating the way women approach food, exercise and movement. Gorgeous! dispels many of these to promote a relationship with food focused on nutrients and avoiding deprivation. Deprivation not only has an incredibly detrimental effect on the body but also causes intense, negative emotional reactions. Alongside considering macros and nutrients, a focus on posture and movement, rather than an impractical amount of hours in the gym, integrated into the daily routine will put anyone on the right path to a positive relationship with their body.

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Improve your relationship with your body

Gorgeous! is the perfect read for anyone looking to revolutionise not only their relationship with food and movement but also their relationship with themselves.

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“With Adele’s reassurance and expert guidance, any woman will feel inspired and empowered to begin their journey to prioritising themselves and their health – every body is perfect and every body is gorgeous!”




Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

PS. Don’t forget the gorgeous book – your insight into great health and vitality Gorgeous! how to look and feel fantastic every day.  Click here to find out about your Gorgeous book

Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

So this is what Get Gorgeous has done for me!!! Addicted to exercise and having the right nutrition to fuel my gorgeous body.  It has been a fantastic journey

Caroline Twigg Nurse and mummy of 3 14th July 2017

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