Your Gorgeous Pilates and Meditation 

Date: Saturday 1st February 2020

As you know over time the shape and format of the days have evolved and deepened quite considerable as has the venue. The outline of the day has a much more restful and healing feel now compared to when I first started.

The structure of the day is much more personal and allows you to work on removing simple negative recurring emotions or thoughts. The afternoon settles in with a soothing Pilates session. After the gentle Pilates, you and I will work together through various energy and healing exercises and meditations to release negativity and repetitive mind chatters. Part three of the session is where you begin to replace the negative mind chatter with more abundance and uplifting ways of being. The results have been effective and feedback has been delightful.

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Joy, laughter and complete relaxation. The afternoon will consist of wonderful relaxing Pilates great for improving your posture, your back and your well being.  Followed by soothing meditations and closing with a relaxation facial with amazing organic products.

The wonderful day of rest also includes a healthy supper with Katie from Revitalize Studios,


Time: 1pm to 6pm

Venue: Revitalise Studios, Topsham


In order that you feel fully supported on the day, I am delighted to offer you a personalised Health Coaching Session to discover what you want to get the most out of the day.


If there any preferences that you might have you can let me know on your first call.

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