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Getting healthy isn’t about knowing what to eat, knowing that you need to exercise and stay active.  Getting healthy is all about motivation.


You know what to do, it is the ‘doing it’ that it is difficult.   Do you need some in your life that will hold your hand and guide you, give you a simple plan.  A plan that fits right into what you are doing right now.  Food advice which is simple to understanding and easy to fit into your daily life.  When you have a family to look after you don’t want to want to eat something that is different from them, that makes you feel worse. Plus what sort of message is that leaving for your daughters, sons or grandchildren?  Not a great role model:-(

Exercise should be fun, exercise should be outside, exercise should be with the rest of the family.  The walking challenge has got you off to a great start, the Pilates-based tummy challenge has toned your tummy muscles to perfection but what keeps you going.  Who keeps you going?  Where is your motivation?

  • Seeing results, seeing your body change, that is motivating.
  • Hearing compliments from friends and family about how 
  • Feeling energetic and no longer tired, ready to run around with kids.
  • Speaking confidently about your goals and seeing them come to fruition
  • Smelling the roses – or the sweat 😉
  • Feel the support of others on the same journey
  • Transform your life forever 
  • Learn how to feed your body properly
  • Find an exercise you can fit in and enjoy with the kids – they will love laughing at me I can assure you 😉

I am a health coach which means I support, nurture, educate, cajole and SHOUT to help you reach your goals 😉 In my opinion, soul support is fundamental to your health. The simple reason being that from experience personal and otherwise,  if you are working on your own, that little voice in your head has a free reign to say ‘forget it’.

Let’s be honest you know what you should and shouldn’t be eating – it is the motivation and positive feeling of support that you are missing.  And when easy habits are added to the soul support you are onto a winner.

Little steps will help you reach your ultimate goals, small habits that become set into your lifestyle and stay forever.  When I help you to reach your goals, feel better about yourself and in yourself, it has a ripple effect.  You help and love someone else and they in turn love and help another. So it is my mission to get you healthy and at the same time save the world. Okay, I can see you rolling your eyeballs at me, but you get my drift.

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The wonderful thing is that getting healthy is easy.  OH YES, IT IS –  when you apply small habitual steps and with encouragement from me and the other gorgeous girls in our community you stick to your gorgeous habits because they are habits and not a strict set of instructions, rules or something nutty you wouldn’t do naturally.

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”

– F. M. Alexander

That is why Get Gorgeous has been so successful. That is why the gorgeous girls have had such great results. They have taken their time to get results, this is no gimmick get skinny in 10 days trick Get Gorgeous is the real deal, proper food, fun exercise mixed in with a girlie tribe.

The Gorgeous process starts with me getting to know you: your motivations, your deep reasons why you want to get healthy and what it REALLY means to you. You need to have a good set of reasons why you want to be healthy, that will help to motivate you. I can’t work or improve your life without your support and your motivation. You need to want to make a permanent change.


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What are your reasons?

Come on ladies you are good at this deep when you take the time.

  • Tell me why… WHY is it important for you to be healthy?
  • What will great vitality add to your life?
  • Do you want to feel sexier to your spouse or new partner?
  • Do you want the energy and stamina to be able to play with your children or grandchildren without getting tired?
  • Do you want to lose weight to fit into that gorgeous pair of jeans?
  • To look great on your holiday?
  • Or to avoid the lifestyle disease that took one of your parents?

Once you know ‘why’ you can conquer all.

My gorgeous Principles to being fit at 40+, wearing a bikini at 50 and healthy at 60.  My Get Gorgeous principles are about changing the way you think – your mindset. These principles will change your attitude towards food, of course enjoying your food but also understand the benefits of what you are eating.

The way you feel today is a result of what you ate and what you did yesterday.  Love yourself., place value on the food you eat it should make you feel good before, during and after

I love my body more now than I have EVER done, it runs in the rain for me, it allows me to teach Pilates, paly with my kids, be stupid and have fun. I love giggling and I have managed all of that by eating well and exercising and being kind to myself.
Here are the tools to know when to eat what – which macronutrients for a great healthy lifestyle. You can develop healthy habits FOR LIFE… not just for the duration of a diet. By taking this long-term, SUSTAINABLE approach, you have a far greater chance of getting results that last beyond the end of your ‘diet’.

I’m not going to encourage you to put all your attention on food and exercise. Instead, I’m going to help inspire change from within you I have some devious ways to get you to love exercise and love what you put into your body. I have a cunning plan to help you eat right for your beautiful body, and feel happy about what you are doing.

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Here are some of the healthy eating goals you will address when working with me:

Principle 1: Drink more water

Understand how drinking water will help with your overall health.

Principle 2: Eat some protein with every meal.

Your evening “hunger” and cravings are often a result of too much carbohydrate earlier in the day – this can often result in you becoming leptin resistant (leptin is the hormone which ‘switches off’ hunger). You will learn how to avoid this by reducing your simple, processed carbohydrate (i.e. bread, pasta, cereals) and eat more protein and fat (meat, eggs, nuts and seeds)

Principle 3: Increase your vegetable intake,

Gain a thorough understand how vegetables help with your health plus a bonus discussion on using a calorie control guide (not counting, I promise). Habit: Eat one more vegetable with every meal

Principle 4: Understanding effective exercise

When to eat carbohydrates. Habit: Eat the majority of your starchy carbohydrates after exercise.

Principle 5: How to create a new, more positive ‘normal’

Being kind to yourself, identifying trigger situations, and managing these triggers without reaching for chocolate or wine! Waking up in the night can be a sign of your blood sugar levels crashing and is an indicator that you haven’t eaten enough protein and fat particular in the evening – try increasing foods that release tryptophan (a chemical that stimulates melatonin – our sleep hormone) – cherries, almond or peanut butter. Habit: Go to bed 1 hour earlier.

Principle Module 6: Superfood shopping.

Know what to buy, where to buy it and how to decipher food labels so you can understand the real nutrient content of what you eat. Habit: Take a multivitamin & mineral every day,

Principle 7: The benefits of mindful & slow eating

Your personal ‘kitchen makeover’. Be warned… get those bin bags ready! Habit: Eat until 80% full.

Principle 8: Understand the importance of cutting sugar

Cutting out sugar from your food and drinks. Habit: Drink Herbal Tea, aim for one cup every day.

Principle 9: Why fat is not the demon.

Habit: Add one more ‘good’ fat to your daily diet. Fat is essential to your body for health and even more essential to control your late night cravings. You will learn to include fats from natural sources and how to avoid ‘low fat’ foods – they are typically higher in sugar and salt and have more chemicals in them to recreate the taste and texture missing from fat.

The same goes for ‘diet’ and sugar free products – if you have to have them (eg, soft drinks) it’s actually better to go for the full sugar/fat version – generally when you have fewer chemicals, the hormones in your body that tell you are satisfied “switch on” quicker so you eat less


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Principle 10: How to enhance the nutritional content of your meals.

Habit: Add an hour of exercise hour to your week.

Principle 11: Kitchen time-savers…

How to prep, when to prep, and what to prep. Habit: Be prepared and prep your food weekly.

Principle 12: Final check.

Ensure all your habits have been actioned and plan how to move forward as your Get Gorgeous journey comes to an end. Follow the 80/20 rule – going for 100% perfection will only end in disappointment and frustration – give yourself a bit of slack and take the pressure off – this gives you 5 days out of 7 or 16 out of 21 meals a week to think about with the remaining 2 days or 5 -6 meals to be more relaxed.  You then have reached the heady status of becoming a Gorgeous Graduate – and onto the next stage and the habit of monitor your long-term adherence.

These habits are all the techy ‘learning’ stuff there is so much more… including bonus videos, really fun often hilarious exercise and of course lots of support and hand holding.

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