Healthy foods you should be eating every day!

Healthy foods that you should be eating as often as possible include a healthy-looking cabbage, cheap as chips and full of vitamins. PLUS a new report tells us that it is a superfood and full of more vitamins and minerals than kale.   Kale is considered a great superfood, that is impressive.  Interestingly the report pointed out some commonplace vegetables that are the more nutritious option than kale plus they are easier to find and often a cheaper option.
A recent report ranked various “powerhouse fruits and vegetables,” here are a few other superfoods you can consider.


Greens have impressive cholesterol-lowering benefits — especially when they are steamed. A recent study published in the journal Nutrition Research compared the effectiveness of a prescription drug to steamed greens. Incredibly, the greens improved the body’s cholesterol-blocking process by 13 per cent more than the drug!

Romaine lettuce

The humble Romaine lettuce packs high levels of folic acid, a water-soluble form of Vitamin B. B vitamins help promote a healthy metabolism and are also linked to a reduced risk of stroke, research shows.


The leafy garnish that sits on the side of your plate—the one you leave. The small piece of parsley that is generally thrown away after you eat the rest of your meal—is a quiet superfood.  Parsley is so packed with nutrients that even that one sprig can go a long way toward meeting your daily requirement for vitamin K. Moreover, research suggests the summery aroma and flavour of chopped parsley can help control your appetite. A study found that participants ate significantly less of a dish that smelled strongly of spice than a mildly scented version of the same food. Adding herbs, like parsley creates the sensory illusion that you’re indulging in something rich—without adding any rich sauces to your plate.


Two big handfuls of lettuce provide 100 per cent of your daily vitamin K requirement for strong, healthy bones. A report from the Nurses’ Health Study suggests that women who eat a serving of lettuce every day cut the risk of hip fracture by 30 per cent than when compared to eating just one serving a week.


Chicory is a family of bitter greens, but its most well-known member is radicchio, the small red or purple leaf that comes to a head about the size of a tennis ball.

Chicory is one of the best dietary sources of polyphenols— which are powerful micronutrients that help with the prevention of disease. A cup of chicory leaves clocks in at about 235 mg (double that of spinach!), so consider adding a little leafy red into your leafy greens.


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top-view-1248955_640Spinach is the new up and coming rival to the ever-popular kale

Spinach is reputed to have more iron than kale. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a large serving of boiled spinach provides a considerable amount of iron. Recent research also suggests compounds in the leaf membranes called thylakoids can serve as a powerful appetite suppressant. A recently published long-term study at Lund University in Sweden found that having a drink containing thylakoids before breakfast could significantly reduce cravings and promote weight loss. On average, the women who took the spinach extract lost 5.5 pounds more than the placebo group over the course of three months.

Red/beet Greens

Researchers at the University of Leeds found that the risk of cardiovascular disease was significantly lower for every 7 grammes of fibre consumed. Try them in a stir fry and eat to your heart’s content! The stuff they cut off and throw in the garbage before charging you an arm and a leg for “beet salad.” A scant cup of the bitter green serves up nearly 5 grams of fibre


Chard. Sounds like “burnt.” It’s not as fun a name to drop as, say, “broccolini,” but it might be your best defence against diabetes. Recent research has shown that these powerhouse leaves contain at least 13 different polyphenol antioxidants, including anthocyanins–anti-inflammatory compounds that could offer protection from type 2 diabetes. Researchers from the University of East Anglia analysed questionnaires and blood samples of about 2,000 people and found that those with the highest dietary intakes of anthocyanins had lower insulin resistance and better blood glucose regulation.

Chinese Cabbage

Taking the silver medal in the power food Olympics is Chinese cabbage, also called Napa or celery cabbage. Rich sources of highly available calcium and iron, cruciferous vegetables like the cabbage have the powerful ability to “turn off” inflammation markers thought to promote heart disease. In a study of more than 1,000 Chinese women, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, those who ate the most cruciferous vegetables (about 1.5 cups per day) had 13 per cent less inflammation than those who ate the least.


Watercress may be the closest thing yet to true anti-ageing food. Gram for gram this mild-tasting and flowery-looking green contains four times more beta carotene than an apple and a whopping 238 per cent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin K per 100 grams—two compounds that keep skin dewy and youthful. Beauty food is also the richest dietary source of PEITC (phenylethyl isothiocyanate), which research suggests can fight cancer. Results from an eight-week trial published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest daily supplementation of 85 grams of raw watercress (that’s about two cups) could reduce DMA damage linked to cancer by 17 per cent. Exposure to heat may inactivate PEITC, so it’s best to enjoy watercress raw in salads, cold-pressed juices, and sandwiches.

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