Confessions of a fitness instructor on holiday…

Weight loss and holidays don’t work… weight maintenance and holidays don’t go together easily either.

Do you feel guilty when you go on holiday?
or is your headspace in a good place?

Before I went on holiday I was almost sugary treat free, not because I forced it upon myself, but I wasn’t eating much sugar and therefore I didn’t have the craving and the appeal wasn’t there. I know most of you reading this think that is an absolutely absurd comment and that feeling will never happen. I promise you, I was a complete chocoholic. My favourite sugar treat was to go for a run and follow that up with a family size pack of giant buttons, but that is another story. I have plenty of them.

Back to my glorious sunshine holiday…

it all started out well, no pudding after dinner the first night. Not a big sacrifice. Then second night. Okay I am on holiday I will share a pudding. Third night. Sugar craving kicks in – once you cut out sugar you realise that the craving once you start again is like alcohol. You know that feeling you get on holiday or when you have been enjoying a glass of wine or two each night you get that feeling “when can I start drinking again.” You are not an alcoholic your body has just got used to the drug.

My little voice started kicking in:  “When can I have my next sugar fix?”

Third night – started to have pudding on my own, 4th day, ice cream sundae and an evening pudding only half one.

So for the rest of the holiday, it was hard to say no to ice cream sundae bonanza. I mean ice cream sundae with everything added – American styli – extra chocolate sauce and ice cream whip on top. Plus a full blown cheesecake at night. I had gone the whole hog by night 4. So from zero sugar to bring it on.. what can I eat. I have a headache just writing it down.


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I noticed. I was aware, I could see my downward spiral.

I started to get a grip but I didn’t tell myself off I allowed myself the indulgence and made adaptions.  I kept exercising… not much but a wee bit. I kept walking every day and I did a little run ½ hour every other morning.


I reduced my carbs during the day – only eating a handful or two of chips before the kids grabbed them.

Do I feel guilty?


Knickers do I. I feel uncomfortable, and my belly feels like I have my empty overhang again. Sick yes, guilty no.

My mindset is in a good place. I feel life happens, enjoy it. I know what is happening sugar has taken over and is hitting my nerve endings, my nodes have been tweaked and reactivated. It won’t be hard to flip back. If I have the right frame of mind.

Holiday over….

Back on the sin step as fitness instructors are being to call scales. They tell you very little. I had gained no weight! Really no weight! That seems wrong, so I sat down quickly and thought about it. I must have gained weight? I don’t eat double helpings of ice cream sundaes at home so how come I had not lost any weight? I had lost muscle tone, I hadn’t exercised my muscles for two weeks, yes I had exercised my heart with a few runs, but not any weights or toning exercise for the rest of my body. So my body had changed composition. The inside of my body had changed, not my weight. Plus on the days I didn’t exercise I tried to reduce my overall carbohydrate intake – no chips, reduced bread

I am not saying it is a perfect plan – replace your carbohydrates for ice cream sundaes! I just had a bit of a plan and I kept exercising a bit, not much just a bit.

Your body can cope with changes, it wants to stay as it is, it invests in staying at what we call homeostasis.

So you can keep your weight gain to a minimum on holiday, don’t throw everything to the wind and have a huge blowout. Enjoy yourself, relax, have fun and be gently aware of how sugar can take hold and you will help to keep it a minimum if you watch your body’s response.

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