How much do health coaches charge?

If you have been looking for a Health Coach, you will have noticed that the price can vary quite drastically and that can be incredibly confusing for a lot of people.  Why does it vary so much?  Why are some coaches more expensive than others? Do you get what you pay for or is it simply that some charge more than others?  This is why I decided to outline how much a Health Coach will charge and what you can expect to gain from working with a Health Coach.

Plus not only will I outline how much Health Coaches charge and go through what they are charging for but I’m also going to go through what I charge personally.

Great word discombobulated don’t you think?  Searching on the internet for the perfect solution to your health problem can lead to discombobulation.

That word and many others encouraged me to write this post on how much a health coach will cost you but also what on earth will a Health Coach teach and how it will improve your life.   What will be expected from you and how you can get the best coach for your money – whether you have £5 a week to spend or £1445 a week!

This blog post will outline the sliding scale of charges and explain a little more about what you can expect for your hard-earned cash, and the results you will achieve.  This post will make life a little easier when choosing a Health Coach that will fit your pocket – in terms of how much money, cash, spondoolies, wonga you want to spend.

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How much do Health Coaches charge?

There is a quick answer to what Health Coaches will charge you and it will be in the region of £45 an hour to £245 an hour. The cost will depend on the level of service and help you require.  Health Coaching charges really come down to the level of personalisation you require, which will depend on what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to achieve it.  There are varying types of Health Coaches, some will specialise in certain areas of your health if you are unsure which type of Coach you need:

Read more: What is a health coach and why do you need one?

Before you and I discuss the cost of a Health Coach in detail, let’s consider another question…..

How much do you spend on your car’s annual Service & MOT?

Just a thought! Recently my hubby and I were discussing whether we will buy a brand new lease car or an older 2nd hand car.  We spent some time putting together a spreadsheet. Okay I’ll be honest he did the spreadsheet, I just nodded, knowledgeably.

Dave (hubby) and I spent a considerable amount of time discussing the lifetime value of a second hand older car – how much it cost to run a second-hand car with maintenance versus the price of buying a new one with little maintenance.

Interesting few hours!

We decided to run our existing car into the ground rather than investing in a brand new car which will devalue quickly, lose its looks, its shine and not have quite the right gadgets in 6 months’ time.

What does a car have to do with investing in a Health Coach?  How much investment do you make in the body’s engine? Have you ever outlined a spreadsheet for the most important asset in your life – your health?  Are you subconsciously running your engine into the ground with little maintenance?

You can always change your car, but what if when you bought your first car you were told that was it!

If someone first told you when you bought your first car, you’d be stuck with it for life, maybe you’d spend a little more love, care, and attention on it?  You’d probably take a lot better care of it, which is the same as your body: the engine as well as the paint job!

When it comes to health most of us want to look great – investing in what makes you look cool, groovy, and great for the next event – great hair cut, hair colour, killer shoes, knock-out dress. Maybe even go a little further with a 6-week crash diet – where you only eat……cabbage.  So you’ll turn up to the ‘insert big life event’ looking fabulous but advising guests not to get too close because the smell of cabbage follows you everywhere!

REAL LIFE INSERT: this actually happened to me!

Your current health options are short-term, which means that your cash investment is lower but so is the longer-term value.  Like the haircut and the smell of cabbage, the results fade.

I talk a lot about this in my internationally best-selling book, Gorgeous! If you want to make nutritional changes but feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting information and you’re left bewildered where to start then pick up a copy of Gorgeous!

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What health transformation are you looking for?

Woman meditating outside

Are you looking to get the perfect pert bum for the school or uni reunion in 3 weeks’ time?  Or are you looking to get rid of that little menopause tummy that has been following you around and get bigger and noisier over the last few years?  Or perhaps you are looking to radically change your lifestyle following a huge medical scare and you know NOW is the time to make that huge change?

Depending on the answers to these questions you’ll be in a better place to assess your needs.  The cost of a Health Coach will depend on what you are looking to achieve.  The transformation you want in your life.

What transformation are you looking to achieve:

What is your life vision, what are you looking to achieve with your health, vitality and wellbeing?

Is it to have…..

  • Greater health so you are around for your kids
  • Ability to earn enough money so you can travel – with a body and energy levels that get you there without burnout
  • Freedom and energy to work where and when you want
  • No more stress headaches or fear of chronic fatigue, heart attacks or stroke
  • A body that will take you – in a bikini – to the Bahamas at 50!
  • Resilient and powerful emotional and physical strength that will get you through any ‘bored’ room politics and come out smiling serenely

That is what great health will give you.

Shorter-term solutions:

Group of women exercising wearing masks

  • An hour-long group class with 10 other – masked participants – I’m writing this in lockdown, not in the Golden Age of Piracy – will cost you as little as £10-£15 it depends on how many people are in the class and your requirements.  To break this down a little further you may be interested in my blog post about What is the difference between a Personal Trainer and a Health Coach?
  • If you have a health concern that needs a little more attention – secure a few one-to-one sessions before you go into a group class.  This would be beneficial for you as well as saving you time and money in the long run.  You can enquire with your local Coach if they are available and how much they will charge you.  A direct and honest approach to your needs will create the best results.
  • One to one session that will give you the shapeliest legs and the most beautiful bottom in the world will cost – £80-£100 an hour
  • If however, you are looking for the PERFECT bum for the school reunion in 3 weeks’ time – then surgery is a lot more expensive.

The cheeky point I am trying to make, whilst raising a smile is one of perspective.  A short term solution will get you where you want to go now, but if you are looking to change your life, you need to play the long game.

Longer-term solutions:

One-to-one Health Coach helping womanIt isn’t simply bad behaviours that put your health at risks like too much sugar, alcohol and substance abuse. It’s also your everyday bad habits, like an unbalanced diet, lack of movement, poor sleep and high stress that are just as harmful.

Your everyday habits are cumulative and dangerous in the long-term and will lead to health problems and disease. Lifestyle diseases like heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, obesity, and type 2 diabetes are curable with a few good habits.

A Health Coach works on the longer term, holistic view, by creating habits so that you change your life forever.

What are you paying for with a Health Coach?

A Health Coach will support and coach you in choosing and sticking to lifestyle habits that will have a positive impact on your daily life, including:

1. A nourishing diet

Food and health are always in the media and many lack understanding, who has time to wade through all the research?  A professional Health Coach will help you understand what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and guide and coach you through the nutritional changes you want to make.  If you are interested in finding out more about eating well on a vegan and vegetarian diet check out my other blog click here

2. Moving and getting outside daily

Exercising in the gym 3 x  a week does not make your healthy.  Jumping on the same gym equipment each week will increase the repetitive strain in your body and add to your stress levels.

Rangling with internal questions like how much time have I got? if I go faster will I lose more weight?

Instead, a Health Coach will guide you through movement that will enhance your life like Forest bathing – chemicals in the trees which will help reduce your stress as well as improving your body’s engine.

3. Getting enough sleep

Your circadian rhythm depends on a firm structure.  Going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every night. In the same way that health Coaches tell you: ‘You can’t exercise out of a bad diet” neither can you “exercise out of poor sleep”

Getting enough sleep is highly important to your health find out how much sleep you need read more here

4. Drinking water

Dehydration occurs with as little as 1% water loss from your body. Not drinking enough water will affect your cognitive function – you will forget things!  You will feel sluggish and less motivated.  Not only that by not drinking enough water will mean that your joints will ache and become sore.  Every bone of your back, vertebrae are separated by a little cushion – made of guess what?  water.

Drinking enough water will help you to stay fit, healthy and energised.

Coffee is a diuretic and will dehydrate you read more about how much coffee you can drink to stay healthy

5. Socialising and nurturing positive relationships

Being kind to others is the best way to improve your own mental health.  Fostering simple relationships with your local dog walker, the postman will bring a smile to your day.

Deeper more meaningful relationships that include lots of cuddles will create a hormonal effect on your body which will help you to feel well.  Oxycotin is the love hormone is released in your body every time you give someone or thing – it may well be a cat, it doesn’t mean you have to cuddle the postman!

6. Having a good work/life balance

Too much stress activates the hormonal stress response in your body called the HPA axis.  Your body and health are made for short term acute stress that you can run away from and deplete and remove your cortisol response.  However high levels of chronic stress created by work deadlines lead to chronic illness.

7. Practicing self-care

Women in particular struggle with self-care, a client once told me she had difficulty buying herself a £13 bangle for herself, it felt frivolous when you have kids and a family to look after.  Remember the analogy of the car.  Self-care is important to your mental health and can take clients a psychological shift to believe that they are valuable.  The feeling of being valuable is essential to mental health and is a cornerstone of self-discipline.

The question is…..

How much are you prepared to pay to get the health you deserve?

A Health Coach will help you to deliver the choices to improve and support your good health.  Investing in yourself benefits those you love. And while some will be able to make healthy choices and maintain a healthy life on their own, most need guidance.

I trust this blog has outlined why investing in yourself is so important and let’s finish with a quick overview of what brought you here.  How much will a Health Coach cost:

  • Most coaches offer two sessions per month, and the session time ranges from 45 – 60 minutes.

  • Personal trainers will charge up to £30 for a group class, or £80-£100 for one to one sessions.
  • More experienced Health Coaches will charge £100 – £200 per session and offer holistic, lifestyle habit changes.

  • A more comprehensive way to work with a Health Coach as a package.  For example £380 for 6 weeks in a group setting or £1800-£3,000 for 3 months’ personalised long-term transformation.

How much do I charge as a Health Coach?

My premier membership is based on a 3-6 month 121 personalised coaching, includes nutritional habits, movement, adherence and personal hand holding is at the top end at £1,800.

Lifestyle changes take longer, but you can live with them.

Adaptive change that works with your life, creates confidence and long term transformation change.

My group coaching programme is based on a 6 week Gentle Reset and costs £380 find out more > 6 weeks to Gentle Reset your body, your energy and your life.   Compare the lifespan of your body and how much you need to invest it in, to get the best long term value.  Genuinely if you add up the time and money you spend at the chiropractor or paying for pills, lotions, and potions when something has gone wrong, the better investment is being proactive.

Your Health Coach: Adele!

It’s taken me years (and loads of mistakes) to work out how to fit in nourishing nutrition, fulfilling exercise around my life which includes my coaching business, my Pilates obsession as well as 3 kids!

And now I coach busy, successful woman over 40 to do the same – via my membership community and The Gentle Reset – and I’d like to invite you to join me see what it is like to work with me join The Gentle Reset

Based on the latest science from the world of nutrition, neuroscience and exercise I’ve created a coaching programme that will create habits that will keep you energised for life.


Prefer Video? Watch My Video How to reset your body in 6 easy steps?

Who is The Gentle Reset Group Coaching for?

My wellbeing retreats and coaching programmes attract a range of different professional women – those who own their own companies/businesses as well as corporate career professionals. All of whom are busy women who are 40+ looking to reset their health, and gain more energy whilst juggling busy lives and careers. The range of women is diverse but they all share the same thing in common. They are busy.

Exhausted with the jobs and their home and work ‘to do’ list.  They are screaming (internally) for a chance to rebalance their work-life balance.  A way to integrate life with work in a way that feels good for them. Everybody knows that eating well and exercising makes you feel better, but how do you fit it in when everything else is so overwhelming?


What results should you expect?

Here are a few examples of what three of my clients have achieved so far.

Marketing business owner Charlotte is frank: “Your support, great advice, laughter and tough love have changed my approach to food…as a busy mum of 2 teenagers and consumer brand marketer & business owner, I’ve changed my entire approach to food and prioritising my own health” Read more about Charlotte’s journey here

University lecturer and business owner Rachel explains “I am starving, therefore, I must be losing weight, but the scales were going the opposite way – I was confused…”​ Rachel is a busy professional, hardworking and successful who lives life at a “100 miles an hour”. She fits a lot into her day and she was looking for some help with her health that could be “easily absorbed into her day” She noticed she was getting a lot of colds, feeling lethargic, she knew it was because she wasn’t putting the right nutrition in her body. You can hear Rachel talking about how she changed her life click here

Find out more about the success stories click here


How much does it cost?

Your investment is currently £415 but this is for a limited time, the price will be increasing soon. There are big changes happening inside of my programmes and the costs of all my training will be increasing. You can join the group right now and get started with the planning. The next round starts in March 2021 The Gentle Reset and begin the preparation.


The Gentle Reset

BE QUICK this programme, along with all my programmes will be increasing in price very soon > Click here to find out why I am raising my prices But you’ll also discover how you can grab a place before my prices go up, but you will need to be fast.

Gorgeous is your journey of discovery

PS. If you have read enough and you know that this is for you, and you are ready to discover the next stage of your journey  – then click here to join my next round before the prices rise 




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