How to have more energy in less time

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When your alarm goes off on Monday morning do you dread getting out of bed?

  • Do you feel you are in an exhausted cycle?
  • Do you feel too tired to exercise?
  • Do you feel that your daily energy is low and you just need to sit down?
  • At home do you feel irritable when asked if you want a cup of tea?
  • Do you feel that your life drains you?
  • Feel that your tolerance to stress is much less than it used to be?

The ONE BIG thing that comes up time and time again with gorgeous clients is the need for more energy.

“I need more energy so I can accomplish my jobs and enjoy my life without feeling exhausted, I can keep up with the kids and enjoy spending time with my husband or partner without biting their head off.”

I have to be honest there was a time when I used to go out for my Sunday walk when I could barely put one foot in front of the other. I can vividly recall walking up Cleeve Hill in Cheltenham where we used to live and that distinct feeling of complete exhaustion.   My family of one kid and hubby were striding out in front of me and I couldn’t do it. I was slow, grumpy and exhausted. That was nearly 15 years ago.

Why was I so exhausted?

Stress, my own adrenal stress because I was working full time with a small child. Plus I think we had foreign students staying with us at the time. I remember coming home from work trying to change a nappy with a lovely Japanese student asking me what I was doing…”err cleaning up poo!” The student was delightful I was exhausted!

Stress was one issue, giving myself huge overwhelm was the main reason for more stress. Interestingly I do far more now (3 kids and two businesses) and I don’t feel anything like I did in my late 20s and early 30s.

5 Easy ways to ‘Rev’ up your energy

1. Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink

One of the things I have learnt is the fatiguing effect of alcohol.  In my 20s and 30s drinking to ‘de-stress’ was a great easy ‘go to’  stress buster. I didn’t drink a lot only at the weekend, but on top of an exhausted body and mind, it was fatal.

Red booze as my sister calls it feels very relaxing at the time. I do enjoy a glass of red every now and again when the mood takes me but now I drink when I am already feeling relaxed and happy. I never reach for it during my working term or when I am exhausted because in the long run, I have learnt that it exhausts me even more.

Alcohol initially works as a sedative which makes you feel drowsy and relaxed and yet during the night the alcohol raises the body’s level of epinephrine, a stress hormone that increases your heart rate and generally stimulates your body.  This results in you waking up through the night. It disrupts your sleep because it also relaxes your throat muscles, which in turn can worsen any sleep-related breathing problems you may have. And the obvious one, alcohol increases your need to urinate during the night and disrupt your sleep that way as well.

Alcohol is quickly soaked up through the lining of the stomach and the upper part of the gut (intestine) and into your bloodstream. From there, the alcohol is carried to your liver as well as other organs and body tissue. Your liver needs water to do its job because alcohol acts as a diuretic (it makes you pass urine) therefore it dehydrates you.

The process of eliminating alcohol from your body is exhausting.

2. #selfcaresunday

Looking after yourself and taking better care of yourself is a great way to get more energy.  Switching off at the weekend an doing something for yourself is a great way to start the week re-energised, renewed and raring to go on Monday.

Go off the grid at the weekend, turn off your iPhone – go on I dare you!


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3. Get outdoors

As little as 20 minutes outside each day can improve your creativity and increases your concentration skills.

Spending time in nature has been shown to lower stress level including reducing your heart rate and shift toward more positive moodsResearch conducted at the University of Essex showed that the colour green, such as that found on trees, grass and other plants in nature, not only helps you to feel great and relaxed but it also makes exercise feel easier. The small study tested cyclists pedalling in front of green, grey and red images. Those exercising in front of the green showed fewer mood disturbances and reported that they felt lower exertion during their cycling. Plus, other research showed that those who exercise outside are more eager to return for a future workout than those who stick to the gym.

Vitamin D can be a tricky nutrient to get enough of from foods,  so soak up it up outside in the sunshine.

4. Eat better

Eating more protein can satiety you for longer plus it will stop the sweeping ups and downs that sugar gives you.  Keeping yourself fuller for longer is one of the ways you can distract yourself from that ever ready inner critic who wants to tell you off for eating a biscuit.


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5. Exercise

When you don’t have a high energy level, it’s very enticing to spend your day just sitting around and watching life go by. You convince yourself that you really don’t have the oomph to do anything else. When you feel ‘blah’  it feels more difficult to get started and move around. The thing is, the more you are physically engaged in life, the more energy you get. It’s like a boomerang – what you send out, you get back.

Not all exercise is equal, certain exercises can increase your stress hormones and make you feel even more exhausted.  Tai-chi, Pilates and yoga are all great for calming your nervous system, relaxing you and therefore giving you more energy. I love a self-care Sunday walk outside it can tick all your renewed energy boxes.

Or how about #exercisesaturday?

Let me know how you get on

Gorgeous Girls on my Premier programme work with me and get their goals set and mindset strong and focused in under 90 days with my proven methods and nutritional habits. Calm thoughts and better nutrition and exercise mean that stress levels are reduced and their day becomes clearer.

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I am looking forward to speaking with you.




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