Why is water an ESSENTIAL part of Intermittent Fasting?

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Water the elixir of life without it your cells won’t metabolise properly and you will be unable to flush out toxins from your body.  Water is essential for you, but even more so when you are fasting.  This blog will outline why water and fasting are an important combination.

Water is absolutely essential for your gorgeous body to function effectively.  Water makes up for 55%-70% of your body, therefore, it is important that you make sure that you are drinking enough water.  But how much is ‘enough’ water when fasting and why should you be drinking it in particular whilst fasting? Without enough water, your digestion becomes uncomfortable and unreliable.

Cute baby photo playing with water to help explain why you need to drink more water whilst fasting 😉


You probably underestimate the amount of water you lose during your normal day.

I appreciate you are more than aware that during intense exercise, sweat loss can be quite pronounced. But are you are aware of fluid loss when you are breathing or the water loss from evaporation from your skin when you are ill?

Fair enough in our UK climate, water loss may not be from excessive heat (I wish!).  However, colds and coughs and feeling unwell with a slight fever mean that water loss can occur through evaporation from your skin. Drinking more water when you are poorly in bed is essential.

Another regular water loss is through your wee and poo or more politely known as faeces and urine. An average adult with normal kidney function requires 400 to 500ml of water to excrete your daily poo load. Nice!

Keep your digestive flow going

Water lubricates the food that you eat and water aids the smooth digestion and flows through your body. Water will greatly help the elimination of waste products and make the entire operation run more smoothly. Is that polite enough?

Fasting will help to restore good digestion and elimination. The movement through your intestines which is referred to as the peristaltic action is quickened.  These functions are all greatly improved with the addition of water to flush your system.

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Toxin Removal whilst fasting

Your body uses a lot of energy to digest food which is one of the main reasons the health conscious turn to Intermittent Fasting.  When you are fasting the energy previously used for the digestion of your food can be used for other purposes like the elimination of dead cells, damaged tissues, fatty deposits, tumours, abscesses. These undesirables are either burned for fuel or expelled as waste.

The elimination of these undesirable toxins will restore your immune system and help perk up your metabolism.  Water is essential for helping with the elimination of these by-products.  Water assists in the cleansing, detoxification, and purifying of your intestines,  blood, and your cells.

Your bodily fluids transport all the waste out of your body. When you have the right amount of water then your kidneys and your whole renal system will work smoothly on excreting this waste produce without a hindrance.

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Keep your brain going

Water assists with brain function especially whilst fasting

Your brain is made up of 85% water. A loss of water intake can result in adverse bodily effects due to hampered brain function. Simply put in normal circumstances if you are not drinking enough water then your brain function will be affected, whilst fasting this risk is considerably increased as your body needs more water to expel your toxins and purify your body.

When your body has a shortage of water, it takes it from less important places (joints) to use in more important place (brain)

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Nervous System Function

Your nervous system consists of the most important part of our body which is, the brain. Your whole system can be rejuvenated through enough water consumption,

Fasting means fat removal

Fasting won’t be a success if you are not able to meet your daily water intake. Keeping your body water balance intact helps in decreasing your weight. The liver helps to break down the fat with the help of water and it’s nutrients.

Your brain communicates to your kidneys with the help of the posterior pituitary gland, signalling it the amount of water to excrete or hold on to. In case you are low on your body fluids, the thirst mechanism is triggered.  However, this thirst mechanism is often confused with ‘I’m hungry’ message.  Ensuring that you are drinking enough water will mean that you will be able to satiety both your thirst and your hunger mechanism.  Not only that, drinking water, can help you to feel full, which is important when you are first getting into IF.

How much water do you need to drink?

A daily recommendation for your fluid intake is about three litres of fluid which is about twelve glasses of water each day.  Approximately one of those 3 litres which are about four cups of water comes from your food.

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Therefore 2 litres of water, which is about 8 cups of 250ml needs to come from mindful or purposeful drinking from you. If you are struggling to meet this then sex it up, add fruit to your water or a squeeze of lemon.

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When your body is in the fasted state it starts to break down damaged components and detoxifies your body. It is very important that you flush out those toxins by drinking lots of water. Ideally, you will drink more water than you usually would. I drink roughly 2-3 litres every day, especially when I am exercising.

Like a little earworm, I am going to change your life, you can continue with your normal routine and add in a few habits and change your thinking about food and hydration. You will become healthier, happier and leaner.

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