Flatter stomach in your 40s than in your 20s?

Do you believe the ‘before and after’ photos posted on Instagram?  Do you believe that a woman of a certain age can have a flat stomach?  Are you convinced that a menopausal pouch is inevitable?  This blog will outline why it is indeed possible to get a flat stomach, it isn’t a myth and it is possible. In fact from a Pilates and core strength point of view, your abdominals should be strong and taut in order to support your back. There are two key components to a flatter stomach one is what you do and the other is what and when you eat.  Plus having an awareness of effort you are putting in. It might surprise you that you are probably putting in TOO much effort. This blog will outline all 4 of those.

This blog will bust another fitness myth – a flat stomach is not about eating salad.

Comments like “that before and after the photo isn’t real” is probably very likely especially if it is from a celebrity.  Instagram shots which declare ‘insta’ results are a bit of a sham. You and I have both seen photos where the model has eaten and drunk nothing to give them abs of steel for a photo shoot. It is not surprising that when you see a photo on Instagram you know that a big of jiggery-pokery has been done – so I am not surprised when I hear client comments like ‘there are a lot of charlatans out there‘ when referring to the Health Coaching profession and the fitness world in general.  Of course, this understanding makes women very sceptical about all health claims and I understand that.  When I say that a flat stomach and toned abs are possible without a huge amount of effort more eyes roll.

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The assumption that every woman has to have an overhang with her belly after the age of 40 is inevitable – kinda falls into the same thinking. It is hard to believe that you can have a flatter stomach. I would love to prove to you that you can.

Biomechanically you should have a flat abdominal. Let me explain why and how.



1. Type of exercise 

Firstly if your biomechanics are working properly your deep abdominal should be assisting in a flatter stomach. Your core muscles work in synergy to support your back. Imagine the guide ropes on a tent or the phone mast. There are guide ropes or structures that help your back to stay upright.  I have explored this in detail in other blogs

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Your core muscles represent your back and abdominal muscles that work together, in synergy.  The muscles act as an orchestra. When an ‘aerobic babe’ does a million sit-ups – lucky I am not one of those. Are you? She is over exercising one particular abdominal muscle which is called the Rectus Abdominus or the ‘six-pack’ as it is commonly known.  If the aforementioned athletic babe (I reiterate most definitely not me) is only concentrating on sit-ups she will great a beautifully defined RA or six-pack. However, the six pack actually moves away from the spine.

You will have seen it on athletes and others who have a rounded, muscular tummy but it is shaped like a dome and the muscles are pushing out.

Type of exercise…

Gymnasts, ballet dancers, swimmers, hockey players, step aerobic queens have physic that is adapted to their sport.  I will often see a beautiful supple yoga babe came into class with overstretched hamstrings and a hyper-flexible back.

Gymnasts and ballet dancers intrigue me even more.  Over-arched lumbar spines are the de rigueur for ballet dancers and gymnasts in those athletic frames with strong abdominals, you will see that the abdominal wall has been overworked and it pushes outwards.  A pop belly you could call it.  What is fascinating that this rounded, or domed belly is not caused by fat but by posture and deportment.  The gorgeous book will be available soon, clear up these nutritional myths in a friendly down to earth way. Grab your copy here www.get-gorgeous.com/book

How many tummy muscles do you have?

I often ask a group how many abdominals do you have? – the answer is generally “none” or “I left my 6 pack in the fridge”

You gorgeous girl, have 3 abdominal structures and concentrating on only one of them isn’t the answer to a flatter tummy.  The deepest of your abdominals is your secret weapon to a flat tummy. You may well have a few creme eggs, custard tarts on top of the deepest abdominal but underneath that there is your hidden ammunition.

“Deep abdominals work to support your back and a flatter stomach”

Working your deep abdominal which in the fitness industry is called the TVA or TA or transverse abdominus is your firearm.

“I don’t have time Adele to faff about with a six pack and flat abs”

In my world, this TVA muscle is the most important muscle of your body – as well as your pelvic floor, which incidentally are so closely linked that you have an invested interest in supporting these muscles. Do you ‘pee’ when you laugh? Not me – even after 6 pregnancies and 3 x 10lbs babies.

Spend some time on your TVA and pelvic floor and it will help you to improve your posture and get a flatter tummy to join me for some full class Pilates sessions online as well as some cardio for gorgeous girls who are 40 + – there are no burpees in my workouts!

Join me for a 10-day Tummy challenge – 10 days for 10 minutes a day using Pilates exercises. Here is the link to find out more 


2. A flatter stomach is about what you eat.

Your macro food balance will have a BIG effect on your belly size

Secondly, the food that you eat will change the shape of your belly. It is most definitely NOT all about salad as this photo suggests and it is NOT about your age as Instagram would suggest.


You can have an amazing flat tummy when you begin to understand firstly your macros ie. carbs, fats and protein. Read more watch your macros not your calories to have a better understanding of macros and the ratios that you need to feel satiated and help your body to metabolise and have better vitality. Salad, of course, is a 100% beneficial part of your diet, but it isn’t all about carbs.

Veg and salad are essential for vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you know that. Veg like salad, alkalines your diet, which balances the acid from animal protein.  My point is, you need denser nutrients to accompany your veg!

Most women are woefully under consuming protein especially if they have been on a low-calorie diet for the last few years.  The new emerging understanding of fats will also help you achieve a more streamlined figure.  Read more why calorie counting doesn’t work

Join me for a 10-day Tummy challenge – 10 days for 10 minutes a day using Pilates exercises. Here is the link to find out more 


3. A flatter stomach is about when you eat.

When you begin to ‘investigate’ intermittent fasting combined with a great diet which includes nutrient-rich macros your body will thrive

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Get your nutrition right FIRST then play with the intuitive eating and intermittent fasting. Having a flatter stomach does not mean hours in the gym or sit-ups.

Get Gorgeous – Intermittent Fasting & a flatter stomach in your 40s


4. A flatter stomach is about less effort, not more!

500 sit-ups in the gym will not give you a flat stomach.  Being aware of how you hold your posture throughout our day will significantly improve your overall core strength and avoid the dominance of one muscle.

Over time, consistent effort will give you the results you deserve, you will reap your dividends from consistent habits.  Habits mean that you can achieve great results without the lifestyle overall.

“There is nothing ‘insta‘ about a flat stomach.” Another Adele Pun – like it?

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