Why you need to keep exercising on holiday

Reference Troll movie!

My daughter and I love the TROLL Movie ‘troll hair don’t care’

The cloud character is our favourite especially when he outlines the two possible routes in the caves:

  • one leads back to the Bergen town
  • and the other leads to certain death – where you will DIE DIE DIE!

Every time my daughter exaggerates something we talk about this clip and explain that if you make the wrong turn you will DIE DIE DIE. I find as a parenting skill it adds drama to the situation and helps us to adjust our ‘reality glasses’ and get things into perspective.

You can learn a lot from the Troll movie. Just saying! here is the Troll clip if you are interested…That is how I felt when I read the latest research about exercising over your two week holiday in the sun.

Two week holiday could be the death of you: study shows lazy break makes muscles waste away

That was the headline in The Telegraph informing us that two weeks of couch potato living is enough to cause muscles to waste away and fitness levels to plunge.

I have always taken the opposite view.

I have to admit to exercising A LOT during term time, and I use a mixture of different exercise routines to keep me strong and healthy but when it comes to half term or summer holidays. I tend to be very lazy.

I call it ‘catch up’.


Well, is my attitude is about to change?

when two weeks holiday could be the DEATH of me!

As an instructor, I have always known that muscle wastage can start within two weeks. but a recent report is suggesting that two weeks doing nothing is a lot more dangerous.

Scientists from Liverpool University have warned that the changes could trigger an increased risk of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and potentially premature death.

Personally, I think that is stretching it a bit far.  I do agree if you are sedentary and continue to be you are at risk of disease, but not if you take two weeks off! Surely! I would love to know your thoughts, do you exercise on holiday?

The leading researcher Dr Dan Cuthbertson did agree:

“People have become obsessed with 10,000 steps a day and this research shows it’s a good thing.” Dr Dan Cuthbertson

Being active is important for your health not just your waist size.  According to Sports England, more than a quarter of Britons fail to do even 30 minutes of activity a week.  That is shocking.

Dr Cuthbertson added:

“Our day to day physical activity is key to abstaining from disease and health complications. People must avoid sitting for long periods of time.”

Tam Fry, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said millions of Britons needed to overhaul their lifestyle habits.

“Yet again the science is telling us that physical activity should not, and must not, be missed,” he said, warning that ill-health in later life would be a “certainty” for those with couch potato habits.

Exercising should be a regular part of the day “like brushing your teeth,” he said.

Now that I agree with.


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I have to extend this discussion to include your mental health.  Have you noticed all the pictures on FB of country scenes?  I love them, looking at Sunday walks and picturesque sunrises and sunsets, they inspire us all.

You are at your best and enjoying your life when you are out and about, so get your shoes and join me in a walking challenge or tummy challenge and take a few photos.

You can join in my healthy challenges by visiting ‘Healthy habits’ on my website www.get-gorgeous.com/healthy-tools/

My 10 day tummy challenge including food tips, exercise and of course PILATES 🙂

Find out more click here

In the challenge, you will receive more nutritional information and lots and lots of Pilates plus a full Pilates class and a separate meditation video.  Enjoy

Speak soon much love

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PS The Telegraph article is here to view


4 responses to “Why you need to keep exercising on holiday”

  1. Mo Fatta says:

    I have eaten 3 ice creams a day for a week now and done nothing but sit by a pool. Will this help me get gorgeous?
    Love mo Fatta

    • Oh dear lovely Mo, I love the idea of sitting by the pool, maybe you could dip your toes in the water every once in a while and eat less ice cream 🙂
      What do you think

      Adele xxx

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