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This blog will outline how you can shift your thinking and empower and enable you to love your gorgeous body.  Start with acceptance then follow a path that will allow you to adopt success habits so they stick. You don’t have to flip your world upside down or try to force “new habits” overnight that disrupt your life and cause you to go back to where you started.

Rather, you can make small changes to your daily routine and gently nudge out those things that don’t serve you anymore.  Replace your old way of being with habits that create a path to health, happiness and abundance. Habits will enable you to change your eating so you stop craving sugary treats, exercise habits that become sustainable and a mindset that makes all this happen.

This blog will tell the story of Gorgeous Sandra who did exactly that, she made the change to her mindset, her health and how she approached her exercise, she took her time, consolidated the changes and made the transformation she had craved all her life with her gorgeous body.

Get Gorgeous offers you a holistic 360-degree approach to your health

Lovely Sandra, a busy businesswoman who owns her own company. Okay so maybe you don’t own a company, but you won’t find it difficult to relate to how she struggles to fit ‘everything’ into her busy schedule.  She was already busy so how could she possibly overhaul her entire life to make the changes she wanted? To be a different person, comfortable in her own skin. Make herself healthier and happier.

She already felt a huge pressure from work and her health was definitely suffering she knew that.  Her biggest worry was ‘lashing out’ at work which came from a dark place of unhappiness within her. She felt she has to fight to be heard and constantly having to justify herself.  She wanted a new path “I want to know my own worth I need to learn how to appreciate my own worth”

She explained to me that she was craving tools to deal with those things. Read more about how Sandra achieved this later on in this blog.

Another client Charlotte shared her concerns about confidence and showing off. She wanted to improve her business and begin to more visible on Social Media. She knew that her business needed to go there, but how did she get over that feeling of ‘showing off’ how was she going to post a video on LinkedIn?  With the support and help of me and the private members’ gorgeous group, she did it.

“Body love or the lack of it can hold you back whether you can sense it or not.” Adele at Get Gorgeous

It may stop you going to a social event, or prevent you from being more visible at work. Or perhaps your ‘fear’ can manifest itself by you lashing out at others and then it is compounded by the shame that follows.  Shame which makes you feel unworthy and unloved.

Would you believe me if it I said: “it doesn’t have to be that way”? Probably not so read Sandra’s story…

REAL STORY: how a Gorgeous Girl’s confidence soared as she presented at a networking event for the first time

I know you will be intrigued to learn how business owner and Gorgeous Girl, Sandra, not only lost 6 cm from her waist and lost 5% body fat in less than 7 weeks but more interestingly found that her confidence had grown so much that she stood up in front of 50 people at a business networking event. Something she had never even considered attending before let alone presenting.

Read Sandra’s story here….

Sandra been running her own business AND had been a Slimming World Coach for a number of years. But she was disillusioned and frustrated with her yo-yo diet efforts.  She had been a leader of various diet camps but they hadn’t worked. The meetings felt shallow and weren’t getting to the heart of the issue for her.


  • She explained to me that she was everyone else’s ‘life coach’ and there was nobody to support her.
  • Sandra’s business ran because of her determined and focused authority but she was holding a lot of ‘heart pain’ as she described it.
  • Burn out was something Sandra was very worried about.


Her first step was to realised that she was isolating herself and becoming cut off from her friends so she reached out for help and took the plunge to contact me, she had no idea how to make the REAL lasting changes she needed to get her health and weight on track. But she took that first brave step anyway

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Her second step was getting a real understanding of nutrition; she gained the education she needed to get her on the right track and use in her day-to-day life. She was frustrated with ‘diet tricks’ and wanted something more long term.


Her third step was reaching into new territory and finding her inner self. She changed how she ran her business and worked with the people around her. She stopped using ‘masculine’ techniques she started using her own more natural, feminine ways and became true to herself. She found ‘herself’ her true spirit, by changing her mindset and being true to herself the weight dropped off easily.  She could incorporate the small changes required on a daily basis and even exercised less!  She exercised and ate smarter not harder.


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In simply a few weeks Sandra turned her life around, the weight is going but more importantly, she has a new found confidence and excitement about life for the first time. She put herself forward for Enterprising Women Business Award and became a finalist.

Read Sandra’s own words about how her Gorgeous transition has benefited her:

“I was invited to speak at a networking event in front of around 50 people. I can talk but only on a one to one and If I’d been asked prior to starting my journey with Adele, the answer would definitely have been no.

Well, I actually looked forward to it, I prepped, wrote a speech, practised and practised but 10 mins before I was due to stand up, I went to pieces.  In fact I actually thought I was going to pass out. So what did I do, before I stood up, I took myself back in my mind to the night before and my conversation with Adele, I drew on the meditation techniques learnt in that chat and from somewhere I found inner strength

Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the speech, in fact, I couldn’t even see the paper, so I improvised. Couldn’t even tell you want I said, but I do remember some laughs, which nearly shocked me into stopping. I can’t tell you all how wonderful it felt hearing the feedback. People actually wanted to talk to me!!! 

I want to thank you, Adele, for helping me to find my inner self, supporting me to not just test my comfort zone, but step completely out of it and most importantly helping me to look in the mirror and actually love what’s looking back at me. You are amazing.  Tonight I’m going to Bridgette Bardot. ??”

Has reading Sandra’s story got you motivated about making your own gorgeous transition? I hope it has.

Because you deserve to feel gorgeous and spend time with your family and friends feeling really connected in the moment rather than obsessing about your weight or what you can or want to eat. Learn to enjoy and appreciate your gorgeous body right now.

I truly believe that it is possible to have a great life and feeling a true connection to who you are meant to be,

But YOU have to take the first step,

Don’t wait until you think it is the right time,

Take your first step right now! Let’s chat, and I will help you plan out how you will make your own gorgeous transition.  Imagine how your life will be when you feel free of your constant mind chatter and have the confidence to reach for what you really want.  I am looking forward to chatting with you

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Find out what the other gorgeous girls have to say…

What brought you on board with Get Gorgeous? What inspired you to connect with me and come on board Get Gorgeous

“I was was missing something in my life.  I was not confident and  I just felt really empty. I followed you on your Pilates, I followed some of your blogs, and it’s just literally an email came in one day and said, why don’t we have a chat? And I just reached out, and from that very first conversation, I felt comfortable talking to you.”

So, from that position that you were in, what was it, was it seven, eight months ago, how are you feeling now, what is the transformation that you’ve seen in yourself?

“Everything’s changed. My life has completely changed,  I have just found the person that I want to be, and it’s not about creating myself, it’s just about being confident to be the person you want to be. I used to think everybody was judging me.

And now, you’re comfortable being yourself?

“I love being myself. I love the fact I can look in a mirror, and like, like myself. You have no idea, how powerful that has been.  The whole of my adult life, there are a handful of photographs of me, because I would not let anyone take my photograph, I didn’t like my looks, I was very detrimental about myself, and now, I will go out without makeup, I will have my hair into tousled, because it doesn’t need to be perfect. Because I’m not perfect, I’m so grateful for how I look, but I’m more grateful for how I feel”

You stepped into yourself and you are confident. And how has that affected your business?

“Oh my God, my business is flying. Flying. I have gone from being, that little girl behind the desk, who was too scared to come out from the desk, who was quite happy to shout and demand and push, because, that’s how you run a business, of course that’s how you run a business, isn’t it?

And the reality of it is, no, you don’t. You open yourself up. Opening yourself up and  sometimes, people look and don’t quite like you, I actually don’t worry about that any more, because, that’s about them, that’s not about me, I love how I can connect, especially how I can connect with other women. Never had that in my life. Never, always surrounded myself with masculinity, I now crave female contact. I am networking, something that I have never done.

And you’re speaking, as well. You’re speaking onstage, aren’t you?



“I am and that is so out of my comfort zone, I love the fact that I push myself out of that comfort zone, and I do that, and what I get back from it, is also my true self and I speak from the heart, because that is massive, I love that, and I love how it makes me feel.”

Good, that’s superb, am I right in thinking that you had a background with Slimming World and you were a leader, is that right?

Well,I’ve done Slimming World for two years, I’ve lost four stone, which was the start. 

But it didn’t help me with not liking myself very much and then I got to a point where I was thinking to myself: How can you tell yourself, you can have 15 sins a day? What is that  you’re saying to yourself? 15 sins, sins, the word sins.

I didn’t understand any nutrition, and it was the fact that I really wanted to understand more about how my body worked, what I ate, fuelled it, being told, yeah, you can eat endless low-fat things, and all of those things, and of course, now it’s coming out, isn’t it all those sugar in low fat things. It’s an absolute eye-opener, starting this journey. Opening my mind to learning about nutrition and just educating, educating myself.


I understand what it all does, it’s not about restriction, it’s about education.

Excellent. Brilliant. Inspiring words. Thank you so much, Sandra.

“No, thank you. As you know, my famous words are, everybody needs Adele in their live, So grateful you came into my life, so thank you.”

Gorgeous Girls on my Premier programme work with me and get their goals set and mindset strong and focused in under 90 days with my proven methods and nutritional habits. Find out more book a call click here to book your session now.

I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Sandra Wiggins Business owner 31st October 2017

Adele Owner of Get Gorgeous

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  4. Alison Harbord says:

    I attended one of Adele’s recent workshops and have listened to the feed back of other gorgeous girls. I realise I have some of the same issues and Adele has been such an inspiration in giving me the direction and motivation to improve my overall health. I know I have to do more than attend a weekly Pilates class.
    The key for me is finding the right mindset and will power.
    I am more conscious of what and when I eat and I need to cut down on stimulants like coffee and alcohol.
    I definitely need to get better quality sleep and wake up with a positive mindset.
    I need to fit the exercise routine into my daily life and make it a habit.
    Thanks to the dog , I enjoy a good walk most days.
    Thank you Adele for all your useful blogs.?

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