Make your Health one of your business goals

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Your number one priority is your health.  It is your good health that drives your success.  Investing in your health is important, nay essential to your future. I know you KNOW that but what are you doing about it?  Waiting for later, waiting until… the kids have left, the business is where you want it?  Let’s reframe the statement and consider that your business and your life success depends on you. Nothing or nobody else is going to motivate you, not deeply nobody else is going to come up with the ingenious idea to get everything done that you need to do.  The genius is within you. You are totally awesome and you have the capability. Deep down you know that.

I am a Health coach so I would say this but if you are not in a physically good space if you head is fuzzy from the crap food, your mindset will not shift and you will not create.  Start with the basics.   We all try and grab for a tweak here or a change to the FB ad there, when the reality is your success comes from you. Your energy, your state of mind. You will think clearly and you will create when you are comfortable in your body and with your body.

Speaking to women who have invested in their careers, or they have heavily invested in the families, means that I have witnessed and helped women whose penny has dropped.  My work has to lead me more and more to work with women who are busy, busy in their lives and successful careers.  What my clients and I have discovered together that heartbreakingly chasing a dream means something gets left behind and it is usually themselves.

  • Burnout,
  • crashing out of a career,
  • dropping in self-confidence and blooming in weight,
  • stressy,
  • irritable,
  • making bad decisions

Are all signs that YOU has been left behind, 2nd class, not enough time in the day to look after your most important business asset. YOU

Perhaps you started out in your 20s with great dreams and possibilities you may not have had the figure that you wanted and probably drinking one or two too many tipples of gin or Barcardi Breezer’s (remember them) but hey life was going somewhere. It didn’t matter if you weren’t prioritising your health it didn’t matter because you could sort that out later.

Well later has arrived.

I worked with Jen this week and she has more exciting, business plans which are going to fly.  She is ready to take on a new chapter in her business and it is going to be much bigger and better than the last one. Her energy is amazing, her dreams will be her reality because she has everything in place.  The difference this time is she is going to take herself with her.  She is PART of her business, she is her business, her career is stepping up because she is whole.

We learnt together Jen and I that you can’t create from a place of dis-health, ideas will not flourish and actions will not follow through if you are not loving and supporting your whole being.

You can’t connect with people or attract new clients if you are below par.

Hangovers from two large glasses of red wine take 3 days to recover from.  I am not talking about the hangovers when you had when you were twenty-something.  I am talking about a low lying, can’t be arsed, low energy and groggy 3-day effect of booze, type of hangover.  If you are happy to lie low for 3 days go ahead.

If you want more from your life, from your career, from your business and even be the best mum that you can THEN take responsibility for your health.

Make your health your business priority

It is difficult for women to put themselves first, so change the perspective.  Reframe your health as part of a business activity.

“I am not a priority Adele” is the sad lament I hear too often, my simple and sympathetic response is “whose decision is that?” does your husband want you to feel well, does your business partner want you to snap his head off?  Do your kids/dogs/neighbours want you to stress out at them? I don’t think so! So who is telling you that you are not a priority?

The underlining message that they can’t hear is “I am not worth it” I don’t earn any more I can’t afford it.

Here is a crazy idea, here is a massive idea that will blow your socks off….

Put yourself first and your success will follow.

Create from a space of calm, in the presence of higher vibration of truly wonderful energy that you produce from GOOD HEALTH.

The trigger is YOU.

and your purpose is an adventure and to see where life takes you, to be the best person that you can be.  Achieve the success that the universe is waiting to hand over to you, be open to listening to new ideas, seeing the opportunity and grabbing the potential you see in others.

What gives you clarity

What is your priority? YOUR HEALTH

Your career is exciting, fabulous, enriching and heady.  If it isn’t then what is holding you back, perhaps you feel that you are a world away from being an ‘entrepreneur’, you are telling yourself you have not reached your business goals or working within a company doesn’t give you that business status.  The enlightening realisation that being in business is freedom. It is heady and it is full of possibility and even if you are presently a stay at home mum or your business is just taking off or you have established one business and you don’t want to make the same mistakes as before. You can reach up and for the stars but this time do it right. Take yourself with you.

I started my own business when my son was 18 months old. I crashed out of corporate life and retrained as a fitness instructor and over the years, with the help of my amazing clients I transitioned on to become a Health Coach

I’m a Health Coach who has all the normal accoutrements of a Health Advisor – an online nutritional programme, an exercise obsession (namely Pilates) and coaching clients with mindset blocks

My object is clarity and the physical ability to empower women to fulfil their true destiny, realise what they are capable of when they have a clear head and a steady focus.

Perhaps you can appreciate that emotional blocks can stop you from reaching your true purpose. My soul gift is to make sure your block is not your weight and more importantly your health.

Take your body with you on your journey to fulfil your success. Don’t ignore your body’s signs for love, nutrients and kindness.

Turn your instinctive nature towards caring and nurturing yourself through nutrition, exercise and self-love

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Thanks for listening

Call me if you want to make your health your number one priority let’s chat

You will come away from our conversation feeling inspired, motivated and ready to grab life and deal with whatever it throws you, I guarantee.

Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

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