Pilates, Meditation Journey to wholeness

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Meditation, Pilates & Nutrition

A big part of my self-care programme is meditating and I don’t mean wearing a skimpy loincloth and chanting loudly, although if that works for you…..

I drove myself crazy for years thinking that meditation was a deep, quiet, spiritual practice that involved levitating off the floor, clearing one’s throat (yuck) breathing loudly and moaning quietly. I am way too reserved for that!  For me, it is a way of turning into myself and you can do it in so many ways,

I do it whilst: teaching Pilates, listening to music, running, being outside in the fresh air and of course relaxing during the middle of the day in my cosy bed with the hot blanket on. It all works, it simply takes a little bit of practice and being shown some easy steps.

My retreats have a three-fold focus – whether I am hosting a day or a week-long retreat I always guide my clients along a continuum, that enables them to calm themselves first, then work on letting go.

You will benefit from relaxing, releasing and making room in your life to open to abundance

1. Relaxation, making the environment and the experience as calming as possible so you can feel safe and calm. I like to use exercise because it helps to physically unwind tight muscles and soothe busy minds.

2. Releasing – using NLP, Tapping and meditations you move to release old negative thought patterns. A powerful combination of tools that help to shift a mindset that has kept you stuck perhaps for as long as years.

3. Abundance activation – after releasing old ways of being, you then have space, room and capacity to accept the new. Using meditations and more logical left brain techniques to release deep-seated blocks you open up to a very different more optimistic, way of life.

This new way of looking at life encompasses everything you do including your work, opportunities, relationships, love and money.

Sounds incredible, a bit far fetched? Maybe. It does take a while and practice and I do have clients that come back again and again because it is very easy to pop back into the more comfortable old way of being. A simple reset and a reminder bring you back to where you want to go.

Fancy joining me?

A healthy and relaxing afternoon combining tools to help you relax, release stress.  How often do you have the chance to step back from your day and … breathe?

  • Pilates will help you to stretch and unwind
  • A guided meditation will help you to step back a gear
  • Healthy supper
  • Company of others to help you to re-focus on yourself and feel comfortable that you are not on your own.


Don’t miss Pilates! practice it every day


The day will be an interesting, calming day with healthy snacks, supper, conversation and calming exercise.

The event is going to be themed on: ‘Meditation, Pilates & Awakening’ If you want to dive straight in here is the booking form TO BOOK CLICK HERE >

Date:  21st March 2020

Venue: Revitalise Studios, White St, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0AA

Time: 1pm-6pm


Comments from the mindfulness workshop include:

Enjoyed the time and space for calm, I liked the music, the candle and the lovely ambience”

Others felt that the workshop was different from others that they had attended:

“The incorporation of food and a good selection of snack with takeaway recipes to try”
“Love the fact that I have a copy of the meditation to use again”
“I loved the combination of the exercises and the theory”

The most important thing that customers learnt from the workshop:

“Tips for reducing stress in life and learning to say no”

“The body’s reactions to the fight or flight reaction and the side effect of too much stress”

The workshop includes almost an hour of calming, destressing guided meditation and of course soothing Pilates

As a bonus to ALL those that attend I will send out recipes from the day and a copy of the meditations for you to keep and refer back to.

Book your space click here:  BOOK CLICK HERE >


Find out more about Gorgeous Greek Retreat – Greek Journey to wholeness

Sample Menu:

All the snacks and the lunch will cater to vegetarians and vegans. I will be using nuts, if you have any allergies please let me know on our call.


– Energy protein power balls

– Coconut Chia Pots


– Quinoa Chilli

Nutritional notes:

– Quinoa is renowned for its protein content, however, it is the type of protein that is important here. It has the perfect balance of all nine amino acids essential for human nutrition. Also has a good dose of fibre and iron.

– Chilli is great in the winter to kick-start your digestive system as it often becomes sluggish at this point.

– Cocoa is incredible. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world. Cacao has the highest Orac (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) rating of all foods, meaning it is the most potent antioxidant to keep your entire system healthy. It also has one of the richest contents of magnesium.

– Chia: originally grown in Mexico, ‘chia; means strength in the Mayan language. Used by warriors to sustain them over 24 hours. The reason chia seeds are so beneficial is that they are rich in omega 3 fats, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Mighty little seeds! Also very high in antioxidants so good for inflammation in the body.

Book your space click here:  BOOK CLICK HERE >

If there any preferences that you might have you can let me know on the first call.

Ongoing Support 

Before our day together, I would like to invite you to a call with me so we can establish what you want to achieve. What you are struggling with and what you would love the day to help you with. Upon booking, I will send you an invitation to chat.

I want to able to support you with this day and see how you can get the most of our time together in terms of your health.

Date:  SATURDAY  21st March 2020

Venue: Revitalise Studios, White St, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0AA

Book your space click here:



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