Meditating can change your life – start with small changes

Meditation is great for your health, your immunity and clarity of thought.  My clients often ask me how to get started with meditation and why is it so important to your health.  which is why I decided to write this blog about how mediation can change your life.  If you are busy and don’t have time to meditate this blog will show you how you can make the best tie of your day and add in this blog will outline why you need to meditate, the 3 best meditation apps in the market and the best times of day to meditate.

Why meditation is vital for good health?

Life gurus are advising us that taking time out of your day will help your health, improve your productivity and calm your minds… and yet. The big question I get asked a lot is who has 8 minutes a day to chillax?

The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that promote relaxation, build internal energy and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

Meditation is often used to clear the mind and ease many health concerns, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It may be done sitting, or in an active way

Who wouldn’t want a bit more of those good things in their lives?


How you can get started with meditation?

Every time I see my health guru he asks me – how is your meditation going?  I look at the floor and then the ceiling and explain how busy I am looking after my gorgeous girls and how my nails need painting and I just can’t fit it in so stop making me feel bad.

I change the subject!  But let’s be honest unless somebody invites you to take a moment, you never do. I am going to change my commitment and I invite you to do the same.

My participants love it when I offer a guided meditation in class.  They ask for it every week, the opportunity to stop and relax and do nothing.  Maybe I can motivate you if I outline why meditation is so good and how you can start easily and make it a habit. I do love a healthy habit.  I talk a lot about this in my best-selling book, Gorgeous! If you want to make nutritional changes but feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting information and you’re left bewildered about where to start then pick up a copy of Gorgeous!

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Why is meditation so good for you?

Meditation will help you:

  • to focus more
  • be more creative
  • sleep better
  • have less stress
  • smile more
  • eat better
  • relaxed and refreshed
  • manage pain
  • lower blood pressure

Do you recall from previous blogs that your brain can make new connections and set new patterns when you are in a ‘growth mindset’?  When you are happy you can change the way your brain is wired, you are open to new things.

Meditation will help you take on new challenges at home, at work and in your personal life.  Spend some time looking after yourself, I appreciate that you find investing in yourself difficult but great things will happen when you do  If you are interested in finding out more don’t miss my blog on Do something positive for your health and happiness


How to get started with active meditation?

Practising meditation whilst being active interests me, I can do that.

I often tell my Pilates cohorts that whilst I am pushing them through the pain barrier with their sit-ups or toe taps 😉 that they are meditating.  That gets a lot of groans and a few towels are thrown. I do adore a bit of class participation.

Okay whilst practising Pilates or yoga you are not meditation exactly you are being mindful. Let’s start with the easy stuff, you know me, start with an easy habit.

Mindfulness is the act of focusing on being in the present, such as focusing completely on drinking a hot cup of tea, taking in its scent, warmth, and taste. Listening out for the birds as you walk. In Pilates class concentrating on your body, how your legs move, your arms, how strong your abdominals feel.

Prefer Video? Watch My Video:
Meditation is good for you

How can you start meditating?

Start with becoming more aware of your daily activity.  Making your first cup of tea in the morning notice the kettle boiling and have a look around you, not at the mess, outside.  Look outside and listen…

Start simple, 8 minutes a day. If that is too much 5 minutes a day. You don’t have to do anything just get comfy.

Create distance between your thoughts and your brain.  Imagine your brain as a separate entity from your thoughts and remove overpowering emotions from your mind.

Imagine your thoughts as clouds floating by, or paper boats sailing down a stream. Personally, I love visualising colours, a healing colour that pops into my mind and washes over my body.

There are more meditations on my YouTube channel. If you are feeling a little reluctant about starting exercise you’ll love this blog: Love exercise by tricking your brain


What are the 3 best-guided meditation Phone apps?

Headspacea British app (Andy Puddicombe) talks in simple terms about grounding your feet and being aware of the noises around you. It is a 10-day free trial and then a small monthly fee

Calm this app really focuses on teaching you a variety of tools and using different modalities to help you stay centred throughout the day-to-day.

Omvana – is the Indian/American version. It is a multitude of different meditations from weight loss, sleep, anxiety relief, letting go of your past. A few introductory meditations are free and you pay for the medications you add to your library as you go.

What is the best time of day to meditate?

Before breakfast is generally a good time to meditate simply putting your attention on slower, deeper breathing—even for just five minutes—early in the day before getting busy with anything.

  • first thing in the morning
  • whenever you feel stressed
  • on your lunch hour
  • end of your  day

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What sort of results can you expect?

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