Do you have shoulder or neck pain? How many hours do you spend on your chair at work per week?

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This blog will explore why you have neck and shoulder pain.  The first question to ponder is how much time do you spend sitting at your computer desk at work or your iPhone at play?  You will find out in this blog that neck and shoulder pain is a direct result of sitting in the same position for extended hours.  I am going to show you in this blog 2 exercises you can easily throughout your day to prevent neck pain.  These exercises are simple and can be performed easily, with only a few strange looks from co-workers. Who will end up doing them as well?  Whether you are a work at home entrepreneur or working in a fast-paced office environment, neck pain can be relieved and prevented.

Shoulder issues are the biggest issue and pain problem I come across in women in my Pilates classes.  Shoulders issue like all nagging pains can become chronic and then take up to 2 years to resolve. If you deal with any ‘nagging’ neck or shoulder issue immediately whilst it is in the ‘acute’ stage you will be able to relieve symptoms quickly and forever. The point is don’t put up with neck issues get a diagnosis and act upon it immediately.

Neck pain at work can be debilitating and painful

Why sitting causes neck and shoulder pain

Fascia is the tissue that connects your whole body together. It surrounds your muscles and this soft tissue is very responsive to the demands that you put on it every day.
When this connective tissue is well hydrated and performs multiple moves it will keep you supple and healthy for decades to come.

If this tissue gets stuck in a destructive pattern it can bind up and tense your whole body.

Sitting still using bad posture at your desk is the BEST way to bind up your connective tissue.

It is the amount of time that you spend doing repetitive moves at a desk that causes neck and shoulder pain.

Keyboards are a cause of neck pain

And when I say keyboards I mean desktop keyboard, laptop, your phone or your tablet. All these tools create a muscle pattern that inwardly rotates your shoulder. If you are exercising for 2/3 times a week for an hour – more if you are really ‘on it’ but you are spending 8 hours or more on your computer. which muscle pattern is going to win, what are you doing most often?

Your body will bend and shape itself to the pattern that you carry out the most.

At work on your desk, your shoulders are inwardly rotating and one of your chest muscles called the pectoral minor is being shortened and forced to sit forward and creating tension throughout your connective tissue in your upper back and neck, causing you intense pain and discomfort.

Your pec minor is the little sister of Pectorial major.  The pectoralis minor’s job is to move your shoulder blade (scapula) both forward and downward

This little muscle helps to create the mobility of the shoulder joint.

However if this muscle gets overworked or dominant then you have slumped shoulders look because its opposing muscle is not holding your shoulder in a steady position

The pectoralis minor also internally rotates your upper arm bone (humerus) and over time the bone begins to sit comfortably in this internally rotated position. This causes a displacement in the muscles, which create tension and of course pain.  Other muscles have less room to move and then they become pinched in the shoulder joint.

Two exercises to prevent internal rotation of the shoulder:

  1. Dumb Waiter – seated
  2. Standing against a wall, long arm outstretched and little finger on the wall

In addition to these two exercises sitting appropriately at your desk will have a big impact of releasing tension throughout your body and loosen off the fascia, connective tissue.

Sitting properly at your desk

If you sit on your sit bones rather than pushing your pelvis forward your back will have a comfortable natural posture.

Retain a neutral, natural curve in your spine, don’t excessively arch your lower back because this will push your chest forward and shove your shoulders back. This will flatten your mid-back (thoracic) curve and creates a huge amount of tension in your neck.

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Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

I’ve been Get Gorgeous- ing for about a year too and I’ve noticed all sorts of changes. when I joined I too was hoping for a quick fix despite having read the blurb I still wanted the weight to drop off by magic! anyway I have moved away totally from weight as a measurement -we have no scales in the house.

I feel as though I am in a good place. I too look forward to exercise and I actively seek out new ways to exercise and new people to exercise with. actually doing enough cardio is something I need to work on in the weeks when life gets in the way of my cycling to work (I need to timetable some HIIT workouts more regularly) but I’m great at getting my 10k plus daily steps in and doing pilates and yoga weekly – I’m managing 1 run a week I want to up that to 3 short ones (and I still haven’t done my park run watch this space) I feel that I am actually looking after my body (and my soul with help from Adele Stickland) at last.

The emphasis every day in my head is on putting good things in to fuel and support and nourish my body not on depriving my body of anything. I feel proud of how strong and toned my body has become. I struggled a bit at first with the earning of the carbs but now its just a genuine habit – I don’t eat starchy carbs unless I have exercised I eat bolognasie or chilli etc without pasta or rice on those days and cheese it up – its delicious. planning ahead is becoming ingrained too and we always have enough veg in the fridge for a tasty salad – we add cooked green beans and asparagus and all sorts of variations on a theme and I’ve become a lidl /Aldi convert for their great selection of fresh fish. even the kids are eating fresh fish now! this post is too long but you get the idea. keep the faith and the rest will follow xxxxxx

(“free your mind and your ass will follow” is Julian Cope’s version)xxx

Helen Clegg Solicitor and mummy of two 14th July 2017



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