Reduce your sugar intake 12 easy steps

How many times have you muttered to yourself:

“sugar is okay in moderation”.

“eliminating any ‘food group’ is dangerous”

“a little bit of something you fancy”

Every once in a while it is okay to have a doughnut, few biscuits, rather large cake. But let’s be honest, what is moderation, how do you moderate sugar when it is so addictive? Cutting out sugar is not the same as cutting out a food group because sugar is not a food group it is ‘nutrient free’ and an ’empty calorie’. Sugar is not beneficial to your body

  • no nutrients
  • no protein
  • no healthy fats
  • no enzymes

It would be best for you and your gorgeous body if you can reduce your sugar.



Sugar is addictive

Research in the way the brain works shows clearly that sugary foods are linked to pleasure nodes in our brain. Sugary treats release chemicals known as opioids into the bloodstream that attaches to receptors in our brain and them in turn signal pleasure. People feel much better after they have their ‘hit’. The euphoria that follows is hard to resist. Over time the brain becomes tolerant to sugar and to get that same ‘sugar high’, and more and more is needed to get that same feeling.

Easy ways to reduce your sugar

It doesn’t have to be difficult, you can start by simply observing your daily habits, notice what you do.  Follow this up with a little research. Learn a bit more change a bit more and begin to change your habits slowly.

Here are a few tips you can follow, try, and add one at a time:

1. Read ingredient lists and avoid foods that have sugar in the first three ingredients.2. Drink water and make it your number one drink
3. If you are really craving sugar go for fresh fruit first and see if that satiates your desire.
4. Drink herbal teas – avoid soft drinks and juices
5. Get busy – don’t let sweets dominate your thoughts
6. Swap flavoured yoghurt for natural varieties, maybe add your own fresh fruit like strawberries
7. Break habits associated with your addiction – ie. stopping to buy petrol and buying a chocolate bar.
8. Start reducing the sugar you add to your tea and coffee 1/2 teaspoon at a time Have snacks with a little fat or protein – ie. fruit and nuts/yoghurt, whole-grain toast with nut butter (not jam/honey)
9. Ensure you feel full of your meals, then you will be less likely to snack.
10. Remove temptation from your house and workplace.
11. Carry water with you at all times in your handbag.
12. Get organised and carry prepared snacks in your handbag.

One Gorgeous customer’s snacks on swede sticks – does that sound tempting?
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What sort of results can you expect?

Watch here Karen’s transformational change and as a teacher, she loved the evidence-based approach and she knew that her work /life balance was comprising her health and that has changed!

Gorgeous is your journey of discovery

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