See biscuit…eat biscuit

 See biscuit … eat biscuit

This was the dilemma raised by a gorgeous member this week which brought about a long conversation, with plenty of mentoring and discussion about ‘the biscuit challenge’.  

Here is how the conversation started:

Client comment:

“I’ve just had a really luscious salad for lunch cheese and egg with umpteen different salad veg and a green tea … however during the making thereof a chocolate biscuit made its way to my mouth… the kids were sent a pack of them by some relatives in Oz so it’s not that I bought them but … it’s the almost unconscious habit – see biscuit eat biscuit – that I’m still finding it hard to drop. Any tips?”

I have to be honest…who has the capability to resist chocolate biscuit hobnobs, I am not sure anyone does?  And personally, I am not convinced that you should be putting your ‘resistance’ button to the test every day.

coffee-with-biscuits-1810101_640You only have a limited amount of resistance which as you know is stronger at the beginning of the day so….

How do you avoid the biscuit challenge?

Funnily enough, I have lots of tips and Tip Number One is – avoid resistance.

Tip 1: Don’t resist – ‘resistance bank’ depletes quickly

Resistance drops throughout the day when you start the day in a positive healthy way you are more likely to continue to do so.  The requirement to ‘resist’ won’t be there.

With good intentions and actions at the beginning of the day you are far more likely to continue the day with great food and exercise choices.

However, starting the day with a sugary bowl of cereal you are on a crash course to insulin mayhem.  You won’t have any choice because you will be craving chocolate, sweets and bread all day. You have begun the day with challenging food choices all day so your fate is inevitable.

Tip 2: Resistance is emotionally draining as the Cookie Monster explains

The emotional effort to avoiding biscuits is so draining and in itself depletes you of mental energy. If you are constantly avoiding something the mental anguish can run through your brain all day.  What a complete waste of time and energy.

As the cookie monster rightly puts it this cookie eating thing can be very emotionally draining…

However the client comment above wasn’t about bad food choices throughout the day, it was the underlying subconscious habit.  so my advice would be – be kind.

Tip 3: Be kind 🙂

“See biscuit eat biscuit” – made me giggle does it matter that you ate it? I have worked with so many gorgeous girls who berate and admonish and tell themselves that they have failed in some way because they ate something that they wanted. I think that attitude is far more damaging.


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Be honest and be kind with yourself.  Your brain is automatically wired to associate pleasure with food, it is a hard wired connection.

The first thing is to recognise your relationships with biscuits 🙂 I understand I have the same adoration for potatoes! see potatoes eat potatoes 🙂

Tip 4: Out of sight out of mind

A common thread from the supporting comments was to keep the items out of sight. A simple and effective strategy. I do buy one packet of large salt and vinegar crisps each week for my weekend treat. My weekend treat, not the kids! They remain at the back of the cupboard until I feel the urge at the weekend. It works.  The dried fruit and nuts are front of the cupboard and I grab those when I walk past and feel I need a boost.

However, hiding doesn’t work for everyone. If you do feel tempted – acknowledge your temptation and then develop strategies that will delay the moment when you are going to have the biscuit, such as putting it on a saucer to eat after lunch. By the time you have finished with lunch, you won’t feel like spoiling your healthy lunch with a biscuit.

Tip 5: Your taste buds and therefore cravings change

Reaching the point where your taste buds change and you no longer desire unhealthy treats – is the goal every gorgeous girl is aiming for.

Each day when you implement the Gorgeous healthy food principles your taste buds are reprogrammed.  For instance, the Get Gorgeous goal for module one is to drink water with each meal and snack to meet 8 glasses per day. Using a trigger like a meal or a snack, and adding slices of lemon to my water helps with the adoption of this habit.

Plus sticking to your principles and reporting your progress back to the other gorgeous girls each week brings about change.  You will see a gradual and radical transformation in your eating habits.

Here is what another gorgeous member claimed

“My food choices have been changing over the past twelve months. I no longer want to eat a Chinese takeaway, I would rather eat Salmon and Salad or vegetables. I am eating Salmon every evening with salads or vegetables, rather pricey but feel full after eating it.”

“I have cut down on biscuits, eating one per day when at work or nil when at home because there are none.  I do however have dates with almond nut butter when I need something sweet.”

It isn’t complicated it is easy, step by step, module by module I help you through your journey of self-love,  healthy eating and looking after yourself with your personalised Get Gorgeous plan.

If you are interested in finding out more about working with me with no obligation you can enter your name and email address below and find out more over the next few weeks. I will also send you a few free bum wiggling exercises to get you in the groove 🙂

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Speak soon much love

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9 responses to “See biscuit…eat biscuit”

  1. Madeleine says:

    Adele speaks sense. Wise words.

  2. Caroline Twigg says:

    Very inspirational! Excellent advice x

  3. Helen clegg says:

    Lovely positive ways to tackle temptation (and to take away the guilt) . Adele is full of these clever strategies that’s why we love her ❤️

  4. Chris says:

    Brilliant advice! Also laughed so much at the Cookie Monster clip (how true!) that I’ve exercised my tummy muscles too!

  5. Madeleine says:

    Hehe I don’t eat biscuits or cake. Phased out sugar about 2years ago now. Still, I do eat fruit and occasionally, very occasionally, a piece of home made cake if clearly made especially for me, or a scone, occasionally (Easter =once a year) a Hot Cross bun, but saying ‘no’ isn’t a problem.

  6. Jo Carter says:

    I liked this vlog a lot. Very interesting about how your taste buds change. I find my sweet tooth is mostly hormone and stress linked. So here are my tips to add to the sensible ones from my mate, the Gorgeous Guru Adele:
    1) Don’t buy biscuits and if someone gives them to you, give them away to the builders or your kids’ teachers!
    2) By popping a tomato wrapped in a basil leaf or something similar, the taste is so different to that of a biscuit that it kills off the craving. Doesn’t always work but worth a try!
    May the Battle of the Biscuit begin!

    • Thank you, Jo, for your insightful comments, it is interesting that you have noted that your sugar craving is associated with stress and hormones. I think most women would agree, it is the safe way we look after ourselves. Any useful tips are handy for avoiding biscuits I wonder how many other gorgeous girls will go as far as wrapping biscuits or chocolate in cabbage leaves or basil leaves? Adele x

  7. Mo elderfield says:

    Don’t buy them Best way to stop Chicolate Biscuit I find this a great start Not always possible.
    My granddaughter and I loved you chat Adele so we’re both trying to curtail our biscuit intake She’s 6

    • thank you for your comment Mo. I am glad your granddaughter enjoyed the post perhaps it was the advice from the cookie monster that appealed to her. Keep letting me know which articles you like, I do appreciate your feedback Adele x

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