Shift your body easily into ‘fat burning’ mode

Fat burning mode for your body can be very simple. A little self-knowledge and understanding of what to eat and when. It only feels confusing simply because most women are still burning carbohydrates for fuel and therefore using glucose as their body’s main energy source. Simply swapping from glucose burning to fat burning is easy and straight forward this blog will outline how you can get started today.

Why your body prefers to burn carbs

Using glucose as an energy source means that you will never burn fat. You can’t burn the fat from your love handles when you are eating a large number of carbs. This diet pla is currently being ‘prescribed’ by most nutritionists following the ‘healthy heart carb diet’.

Your body is extremely efficient and clever. It is not keen on wasting resources and therefore your gorgeous body will use the first available fuel resource that is readily available; which for most people following current guidelines its glucose. Glucose is easy to digest and utilise, your body will favour glucose any day. Who wouldn’t, given the choice we would all love to have a handful of chocolate and glass of wine if there were no consequences.

Simple question: what would you prefer a jam doughnut or corn on the cob?

The interesting point from this question is that the answer isn’t based upon will power. It is more powerful than that, it is your body’s predisposition. Understanding that simple principle will help you to shift into fat-burning mode quickly. Realising that your body is taking the ‘quick fix’ and that is generating your desire. Knowledge is the key, knowing that your body is craving an easy route will give you the ammunition you need to outmanoeuvre your cravings.

Then once you move from ‘glucose’ burning into ‘fat’ burning mode sweetcorn will look more appealing – I wonder what are your views on that statement? Or is that just crazy talk?

Stop cravings

Whether you fancy a Jam doughnut or corn on the cob. It isn’t will power, it is your body’s predisposition

It is your body’s natural reaction to opt for the doughnut. Your body is genetically driven to go for the sugar option. Does knowing that take the pressure off you?  It isn’t weak-willed or lack of character, it is your body’s favoured energy pathway.

Craving sugar, isn’t down to will power it is coming from your genes. You are genetically predisposed to crave doughnuts! We all are.

But what if there was another way?  What if you can switch off the glucose craving and burn fat instead?

You can shift your energy needs to burn fat instead of burning sugar. That is where I was going wrong.  In my youth, I used to teach over 25 classes a week and I have to be honest I was a podgy fitness instructor, simply because I was fueling my body with glucose, not fat.

Like most instructors – I was fueling my workouts with carbs.

Sugar in your food generally requires little to no digesting or processing and will be in your bloodstream within 60 minutes after eating.

In response, your blood sugar level shoots up for a while before coming back down rapidly a little while later. Even complex carbohydrates will be sugar in your bloodstream eventually.

Complex carbs breakdown into sugar

It takes your digestive system a little longer to convert complex carbs into simple sugars, so blood sugar will rise and fall a bit slower depending on factors like:

  • how “complex” your carbs are
  • how much fibre it contains
  • how fatty the food is that you are eating with them.

Once in the blood, your metabolism begins to use sugar in a variety of ways. If you are active or exercising, some of the sugar in your blood will be used quickly for energy. Glucose and/or fructose are the end-products of all carbohydrate breakdown. These simple sugars enter into either glycolysis (for glucose) or fructolysis (for fructose). In these processes, the metabolism uses the simple sugars to generate the compounds that, in turn, power all of the body’s other metabolic processes. Put more simply, your body converts simple sugars into energy.



The sugar you eat isn’t used as quickly as you think.

Sugar is not used immediately it is stored in cells for use later. Glucose (think sugar for the body) triggers a reaction from insulin. Insulin is a protein that acts as a hormone in the digestive process. When there is more sugar in the bloodstream than the body is immediately using, insulin is released and initiates the storage process. Insulin causes glucose to be absorbed into cells where it is stored in one of two ways.

The primary storage method for glucose is as triglycerides in adipose (fatty) tissue.

The secondary method is as glycogen which is stored in your muscle and liver cells for later use as quick energy, primarily in times of exertion.

How much sugar do you want to burn off and how?

There is an easier solution

To summarize, when you eat carbs they are broken down into sugars by the digestion process. Sugar causes the release of insulin and insulin causes the sugar to be stored, primarily as fat in adipose cells. If carbs form a large portion of your caloric intake, then they will be the primary source of fat storage.

Easily shift to fat burning

If your metabolism is being fueled disproportionately with carbohydrates, the metabolic pathways that use and store carbohydrates will dominate while fat metabolism pathways will diminish.

The reason is two-fold.

Firstly the pathways required to store or use carbohydrates require a set of enzymes unique from those the metabolism uses to process fat. The body is remarkably good at not being wasteful and will decrease the production of fat metabolism enzymes when they are used infrequently.

The second reason is that insulin specifically stops the use of fat for energy by inhibiting the release of glucagon, a hormone that increases blood sugar and thus directly competes with insulin.

Fat metabolism and carb metabolism are in direct competition.

Because of this “competition” between fat and carbohydrate metabolism pathways, fat will only be used for energy in the absence of insulin. If you’re going to train your body to use fat for energy, it becomes critical to minimize both the amount and duration of any spike in blood sugar and the equivalent and corresponding insulin release.


What to eat to fuel your body’s fat-burning

Fueling your body with fats is much easier than you think. Adapting the percentages of your macros takes some thought and adaptation but if you approach it slowly and with care, your body will be able to make the transition. Find out more: Watch your Macros not your calories

Find out more about when to eat – intermittent fasting does it work?

“Get your nutrition right first then work with your intuitive eating.” Adele


Improve your relationship with your body

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Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

What brought you on board with Get Gorgeous? What inspired you to connect with me and come on board Get Gorgeous

“I was was missing something in my life.  I was not confident and  I just felt really empty. I followed you on your Pilates, I followed some of your blogs, and it’s just literally an email came in one day and said, why don’t we have a chat? And I just reached out, and from that very first conversation, I felt comfortable talking to you.”

So, from that position that you were in, what was it, was it seven, eight months ago, how are you feeling now, what is the transformation that you’ve seen in yourself?

“Everything’s changed. My life has completely changed,  I have just found the person that I want to be, and it’s not about creating myself, it’s just about being confident to be the person you want to be. I used to think everybody was judging me.

And now, you’re comfortable being yourself?

“I love being myself. I love the fact I can look in a mirror, and like, like myself. You have no idea, how powerful that has been.  The whole of my adult life, there are a handful of photographs of me, because I would not let anyone take my photograph, I didn’t like my looks, I was very detrimental about myself, and now, I will go out without makeup, I will have my hair into tousled, because it doesn’t need to be perfect. Because I’m not perfect, I’m so grateful for how I look, but I’m more grateful for how I feel”

You stepped into yourself and you are confident. And how has that affected your business?

“Oh my God, my business is flying. Flying. I have gone from being, that little girl behind the desk, who was too scared to come out from the desk, who was quite happy to shout and demand and push, because, that’s how you run a business, of course that’s how you run a business, isn’t it?

And the reality of it is, no, you don’t. You open yourself up. Opening yourself up and  sometimes, people look and don’t quite like you, I actually don’t worry about that any more, because, that’s about them, that’s not about me, I love how I can connect, especially how I can connect with other women. Never had that in my life. Never, always surrounded myself with masculinity, I now crave female contact. I am networking, something that I have never done.

And you’re speaking, as well. You’re speaking onstage, aren’t you?



“I am and that is so out of my comfort zone, I love the fact that I push myself out of that comfort zone, and I do that, and what I get back from it, is also my true self and I speak from the heart, because that is massive, I love that, and I love how it makes me feel.”

Good, that’s superb, am I right in thinking that you had a background with Slimming World and you were a leader, is that right?

Well,I’ve done Slimming World for two years, I’ve lost four stone, which was the start. 

But it didn’t help me with not liking myself very much and then I got to a point where I was thinking to myself: How can you tell yourself, you can have 15 sins a day? What is that  you’re saying to yourself? 15 sins, sins, the word sins.

I didn’t understand any nutrition, and it was the fact that I really wanted to understand more about how my body worked, what I ate, fuelled it, being told, yeah, you can eat endless low-fat things, and all of those things, and of course, now it’s coming out, isn’t it all those sugar in low fat things. It’s an absolute eye-opener, starting this journey. Opening my mind to learning about nutrition and just educating, educating myself.

I understand what it all does, it’s not about restriction, it’s about education.

Excellent. Brilliant. Inspiring words. Thank you so much, Sandra.

“No, thank you. As you know, my famous words are, everybody needs Adele in their live, So grateful you came into my life, so thank you.”

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I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Sandra Wiggins Business owner Get Gorgeous Premier 31st October 2017

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