Signs you have reached burn out

Burnout is more than just a feeling, the World Health Organization recognizes it as an official syndrome stemming from chronic workplace stress. The always-on culture means that burnout is becoming constant across industries. Many researchers consider burnout to be a job-related stress condition or even a work-related mental health impairment

In a recent study (1) four in ten professionals admit they’re on the brink of burnout, with more than two-thirds stating that stress at work is the main contributor. Out of more than 2,000 UK professionals surveyed, 45% said they have trouble sleeping, 40 per cent suffer from negative thoughts and 39% feel exhausted. Of the professionals polled over 65% were concerned about letting their team down if they’re unwell, with a further 58% fearing they’re disappointing their employer.

When asked what causes them the most stress at work, respondents cited:

  • Having to meet unrealistic targets – 31%
  • Having to work long hours – 30%
  • An excessively high workload – 29%
  • Pressure from their manager – 27%
  • Tight deadlines – 22%

Burnout is characterized by three key factors (2):

  • emotional exhaustion and feelings of being depleted, overextended, and fatigued
  • depersonalization (cynicism) with a negative and cynical attitude towards work
  • reduced personal accomplishment  (or efficacy) which involves negative self-evaluation of one’s work and a reduction of overall job effectiveness

If you recognise these signs and are looking to avoid burnout then joining my 6 week reset will help – it includes nutritional help, more movement to reduce your stress, clear boundaries with work and home life balance as well nourishing support to help break the burnout out cycle.

The Gentle Reset: My Group Coaching Programme

Reset your body and detox your mind in my 6 weeks Group Coaching Programme

My Group Coaching programme is based on a 6 weeks course that will focus on your health and wellbeing.  Inside the 6 weeks Gentle Reset you will be able to reset your mind and detox your body and you will be provided with the support you need to get a healthy lifestyle in a place.

A big part of that means that you will have nourishing eating habits that will give you more energy and more motivation as well as the appropriate levels of exercise.

Who is my Group Coaching Programme for?

  • If you are over 40 and wondering what the next 50 years are going to look like for you, then my Group Coaching programme is a great way to reset your health.
  • If you are a busy, professional woman, successful in so many other aspects of your life but find it hard to find time for you then my Group Coaching Programme is perfect for you.
  • If you are looking for nutrition, exercise and emotional wellbeing that is tailored to you, your life, and your commitments.
  • If you are looking to move your health onto the next stage, and create a new lifestyle that supports and nurtures you rather than drains you.  Then the 6 weeks Gentle Reset is perfect for you –  Join here:  6 weeks Gentle Reset
  • If you know that you are looking to improve your nutrition and nourish your body by adding in great nutritional and exercise habits that will not lead to burnout instead you will feel energised and vital so that you can take on all those ‘life’ tasks that previously you found so draining.
  • Or you are looking to increase your mental agility, enhance your creativity and problem-solving abilities. to tackle the next stage in your career and life then jump into the Group Programme
  • If you want to feel emotionally and physically stronger so that the stress of life doesn’t send you into a spin of negative coping strategies and behaviours then join us for the next round.

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The Gentle Reset

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(2) Stalker & Harvey, 2002

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