The best thing you can do to improve your immunity

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Strengthen your immune system and fight off disease is your number one priority now, and whilst your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against microorganisms but like all busy systems and people, it could do with some support right now.  Your immunity will be improved with a great diet, maybe more vitamins or herbal medication, or perhaps you may go further and consider a more dramatic lifestyle change in the hope of producing a near-perfect immune response to this current pandemic.


What you can do to boost your immune system

The idea of boosting your immunity is enticing,  and to function well, your immune system requires balance and harmony.  Pill popping is never the answer,  vitamins don’t contain enough active ingredient to affect your body’s response and a drastic lifestyle change never lasts.  However, there is one thing you can do, that you will enjoy and that will have far-reaching benefits that go beyond enhancing and improving your immunity.

Pilates will help not only boost your immunity and protect your body and your health, but it will also create harmony in your mind, peace and tranquillity in your thoughts and that sense of achievement as well the huge bonus of no more leaky pelvic floor, a strong back and powerful abdominal muscles.

Pilates is famous for improving your posture, improving your joint mobility and core stability so that you will move with agility whether you are getting older or play too much tennis or simply run around a lot. It is a body corrector, it is the lifestyle antidote your body is screaming for.


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Pilates improves your immunity

Pilates exercises also help to make your lymphatic and respiratory systems more efficient which are crucial aspects of your immune system response.

The urban myth that I am reminded of when discussing Pilates and immunity centres around influenza (Spanish flu) pandemic after World War 1. At the time  Joseph Pilates was interned on the Isle of Mann as a prisoner of war. As a German travelling around England at the outbreak of war, he was sent to a POW camp and put in charge of the injured soldiers, who performed his exercises religiously. When this influenza pandemic came to the Isle of Mann, Joseph Pilates’ group of exercising soldiers were the only ones who did not come down with the Influenza

This urban myth encouraged scientists and practitioners alike to discover why.
Simply put your lymphatic system is your body’s waste disposal system. Any normal metabolic processes and cell activity means that cells produce waste products, which need to be removed so that your cells can stay healthy and nutrients can reach the cells.

Lymph is the fluid that contains the toxins, which needs to be removed and cleaned. Toxins are filtered out by your lymph nodes which are situated all around your body, but mostly around your joints. The lymph is then carried by vessels back to the thoracic ducts (just by the collarbones), where the cleaned lymph is returned to the bloodstream.

The lymph system has millions of vessels just like the blood system but it has no pump.  Therefore lymph is moved by your natural breath and activity such as walking, muscle work and intestinal activity. The powerful and gentle rhythmic movements of Pilates stimulate blood flow and lymph flow. As your muscles contract and release, lymph vessels are squeezed and lymph is pushed along and filtered through lymph nodes on its way back to the veins and the heart.

Because Pilates is an all-body practice, the blood and lymph flow are gently pushed around your body, using the Pilates sequences that you will learn to love and want to practice regularly.

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Respiratory health

Pilates breathing deepens not only your awareness of your breath but also physically creates space for the ribs to expand,  breathe wide and deep into your back and sides, therefore maximising your lung capacity and efficiency.


Great posture to breath

Pilates undoes the muscular damage of your modern lifestyle.  Sitting at desks all day,  your neck craned over your phone, then sitting on the sofa all evening to unwind assists your mind but not your body.  Your lifestyle creates repetitive and unrelenting strain upon your body. This constant awkward tension makes some muscles switch off completely and others become over tight.

Pilates is an approach that has a two-fold effect that helps your mind to unwind and your body too.  Pilates fixes postural issues created by your day and lifestyle.  Whilst a gym workout or run will help with your cardio strength a more restorative approach will help to balance your mind and body.

Pilates is what your body is screaming out for, it is the discipline that unwinds your body from modern life.

Every joint has at least two opposing muscles – your bicep and triceps work as pairs.  Your hamstrings and quads are another synergistic pair.  If they are equally strong then your joints will rest in a neutral position, however, if one is stronger than the other the joint will move and changes your posture, even whilst you are resting.

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Postural habits

Daily habits like sitting, carrying handbags on one shoulder or always carrying a child on the same hip all impact your posture.  Pilates works on the overused muscles that create imbalances in your body.  Working on muscles that have deviated from your ideal neutral posture and bring your body back to perfect alignment.

If you spend a lot of time sitting, your gluts can switch off and your hip flexors become tight, therefore you spend time performing, soothing exercises where your hips are extended rather than flexed.  Sitting over a desk for prolonged periods of time in a sedentary job means that shoulders become hunched over and over time become rounded.

Creating the time and space in your day to be mindful of your posture and bring back the calm words of your Pilates teacher gently asking you to pull your shoulders back and release your lower back tension will help to bring you back to the moment

Create a Pilates postural habit.

Thinking way of moving

It is an intelligent way of moving, an intelligent form of exercise because when your body is in a neutral position with good mobility and strength, you pick up fewer injuries. That is why so many athletes use it.  It is a way to be able to do everything you enjoy without injury


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