STOP drinking probiotic drinks!

Stop drinking probiotic drinks – they are expensive and they are doing you no good

As part of my 10-day tummy challenge, I discuss the internal strength of your belly. A healthy tummy needs support from within.  This includes your stomach muscles as well as your digestive system.

Sir Michael Mosley supports this argument.
Michael 2
I’m on a one women campaign to make him a Sir!

Michael Mosley was speaking on Radio 4 this week about the results of a recent research. They analysed three groups of people to investigate what you need to do to improve your internal digestion and help increase the good bacteria in your gut.

These groups were divided into

  1. Group 1 drank probiotic drink
  2. Group 2 consumed Kefir  – no it is not a type of beer 😉
  3. Group 3  increased their fibre content of their meals and ate Jersuasalm artichokes.

OH, my word do they make you FART. On that basis, it was deemed an important part of the study 🙂

Everybody knows that smelly farts mean your intestines are working well.  Don’t they?

These groups were monitored to find out what group had the most change in internal digestive health.  Analysis of the groups consisted of examining their ‘POO’ over a period of a month to see if there were any increases in their good gut bacteria.

Michael explains that this type of research is very costly …. and in my opinion smelly.

The results.

  1. Group 1 – drinking probiotic drinks had NO effect on the health of their gut
  2. Group 2 – Kefir was a STAR performer
  3. Group 3 – limited changed, phew 🙂

Bottom line:  Research proves that probiotic drinks do NOT improve your gut health.

Stop buying them.

These little bottles are processed little dynamites of sugar.  They have low levels of probiotic, even though 10 billion sounds a lot, Michael assures it is not.

What is the alternative?

A natural alternative is fermented foods like Kefir or saukerkraut.  What is exciting about these natural products is that they produce more good bacteria than the processed bottles PLUS because these foods are naturally acidic they are not destroyed by your body’s defences.


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A second compelling argument for not buying is that research undertaken by our much loved University College London proves that these drinks are destroyed in the body by the natural defences and acids. The probiotic drinks can’t survive in the large intestines, they can’t multiply and colonise and are therefore washed out of the body.  Or peed out.

On the other hand, naturally fermented foods are far more resistant to your body’s natural defences and so they can survive and thrive.

Why do your intestines need good bacteria?

The simple answer is the increase in ANTIBIOTICS  in our water system and the amount you take for your own personal well-being.  This increase in strength and proliferation of antibiotics is having an effect on our general health. They strip all the natural flora from your stomach.

Your gut flora needs some help when you notice a bloated feeling in your stomach or unpleasant noises.

5 things you can do to improve your internal health

    1. Eat well, the more natural the food you eat the more the body can carry out the processes it needs to take out the nutrients.
    2. Exercising and moving to keep your digestive system regular.
    3. Relaxing, adding some simple meditation into your daily routine, will allow your body to digest properly.
    4. Sit down and eat your meals.
    5. Avoid drinking water with your meal.  1/2 an hour before or after a meal would be okay.

So post me your Saukerkraut recipes.. I want to see them.
10 day tummy challenge including food tips, exercise and of course PILATES 🙂

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In the challenge, you will receive more nutritional information and lots and lots of Pilates plus a full Pilates class and a separate meditation video.  Enjoy

Speak soon much love

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