Adele draws a similarly easy-going, relaxed, positive circle around her.

Adele Stickland
Gorgeous Pilates Retreat
28th May 2019

Feeling so good rolling with the positive momentum of my Adele Stickland Get Gorgeous Pilates retreat in Spain.

Flowing easily with getting up earlier to give myself 90 minutes of delicious ‘me time’ first thing – whatever takes my fancy……meditation, strolling outdoors in nature, Nordic walking, Pilates, inspirational reading/audios/videos, educating myself about nutrition, journaling, a bath/shower…

And otherwise, making sure there’s a big jug of lemon water in the fridge to drink all day; choosing healthier and more nutritious foods; using a smaller plate / smaller portions / eating mindfully. None of this was foisted on us by Adele. We were simply offered it for a week in a joyful, spacious, easy going, restful rhythm and I don’t want to stop!! (Which belies the enormous about of thought and organisation that went into creating the retreat.) Adele teaches via connection, example and inspiration. She is sparkling, fun loving (what a gorgeous chuckle), deeply caring and understanding, natural and ‘real’, combined with awesome expertise and health wisdom. And draws a similarly easy-going, relaxed, positive circle around her. As well as having a wonderful time on retreat together, I have come home having made some very special new friends indeed – a bonus I wasn’t expecting.

And so now, all that remains is for me to continue the intention fostered on retreat to ‘honour my body’ and finish reading Adele’s wonderful new book, Gorgeous. Thank you so much! ????????????????

Join my next Pilates retreat day focusing on Relaxation, Pilates, Self Care

Join us for some Spanish warmth, Pilates exercises and time to relax, unwind and consider your next steps for you.  A healthy and relaxing week combining powerful tools to help you relax, release stress. How often do you have the chance to step back from your day and … breathe?

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