Better sleep, diet & an exercise regime that works!

Adele Stickland
2nd December 2021

I’m Emma and I am a quality management systems specialist.

Before I invested in working with Adele I was forever making commitments to myself about being healthier and fitter, failing and then hating myself for it. Since starting to work with Adele I have benefitted from improved sleep, better diet and have maintained an exercise regime on a daily basis and am already seeing benefits (the waistline on some of the clothes are no longer as snug ????).

Most importantly, Adele has helped me to understand me and find the personality trait that I could use to make the commitment easier. The most valuable thing has been that Adele has helped me to learn about myself in a way that has given me the confidence to succeed but also to see a slip, not as a failure but as an opportunity for another “what if” strategy.

If you are thinking about working with Adele (and I admit I procrastinated for about a year), just jump in.

Coaching isn’t easy for the introverts amongst us but if you are willing to be brave it is worth it and Adele makes it far less scary than you imagine!

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