I used to look in the mirror and feel so disappointed and upset with myself

Adele Stickland
Get Gorgeous
31st May 2016

Before I did Get Gorgeous I used to look in the mirror and feel so disappointed and upset with myself. I had no control over what I ate, I used to obsess every day, all day about food, I used to constantly think about sugary foods, crisps, wine and the rest. I would get such strong urges to binge that it would leave me feeling stressed and depressed. I would overeat at every meal. I was grumpy with my family, short-fused with my poor children and never happy with what I was wearing. I would walk around all tense and self-conscious. NOW I feel energised, I feel sexy, I feel HEALTHY! I love my family more than ever as I have put my self obsessions away and there is more time in my head and heart for them. I have a new obsession EXERCISE!! I love it! It makes me feel fab, it puts colour in my cheeks and it makes food taste better than it ever has!! AND when I do have those naughties, I am at peace with it because I know that I am in control of how much and when and I know that my new lifestyle will be able to sustain that sugar.

Thank you Adele Stickland and all you GG ladies for your support and guidance. What a fabulous community of women! Now, where are the TSHIRTS so I can advertise the course whilst out EXERCISING!!!

Adele Owner of Get Gorgeous

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