What a revelation

Adele Stickland
Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book
30th July 2019

“This book is simply amazing. It is so well written and answered so many questions for me as to why diets fail. I now understand why the minute I am confronted with diets giving menus and shopping lists, good foods and bad foods I respond with a NNOOO! Having read this book I now know it’s my inner teenager rebelling, and oh boy I knew about rebellion in my teens. Listening to your body is something I’ve discovered over the years, now I know how valuable this is. What this book doesn’t offer is a quick weight loss solution, what it does offer is a grounded way to consider one’s actions, why we make the choices we do and with this understanding, be enabled to make a life style choice that will result in weight loss without rules and regulations attached to dieting. It is definitely an entertaining read, I couldn’t stop reading. The explanations are thorough and based in research without being heavy and dry, very meaningful and I would say, give this book a go, it could move you to a whole different level in your dieting life.”

Adele Owner of Get Gorgeous

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