The problem with protein powders!

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Protein powders are all the rage in some quarters.
Bodybuilding magazines, runners clubs and even at your local gym you will find someone discussing or adding a protein powder to their power shake. I have tried them all – from MyProtein as advocated by the Body Coach to Hemp powder and even pea powder. I do mean pea and not pee!

Protein powders are big in the fitness industry, however, there is some contention as to their health benefits. If you can manage to obtain a good source of natural protein into every meal, then my advice is to please strive for that.

If however, you are not able to do this or are still feeling hungry you might want to try a protein supplement. Here is what you need to know.

The local health food stores will surprise you, they do supply them and they are very knowledgeable about what to purchase.

Different types of protein powder

Fitness enthusiasts will recommend a protein after a workout.  I tend to recommend natural protein throughout the day, then carbs after workout so that the protein you have built up in the day can be directed into your muscles.

But for now lets assume that protein is great after a workout…

Whey protein is brilliant for post workout drinks because it reaches the muscles quickly and the amino acids can start to repair and rebuild muscle fibres immediately after a training session. However, if you need a dairy-free alternative because whey is derived from dairy, you could try vegan protein powders such as hemp or pea. In my time I’ve tried them all; whey protein gives me stomach cramps, mild cramps like peristalsis, food moving through your gut. Whey protein powders may bung you up and cause some constipation. So please use it sparingly. I moved on as I said in the introduction I tried the Body Coach recommended protein powder brand – My Protein. It is a much lighter product with little stomach cramping but has a very sweet taste. I wouldn’t advise it if you are trying to regulate your sugar intake and avoid heightening your sugar receptors. Hemp powder is very powdery but much lighter on your digestive system. So a good one to use in your vegetable smoothies.


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What you should know about protein powders

Sometimes you will get the hint that protein powders may cause indigestion and farting or even with their overuse they may leave you with kidney stones or even gout. But overall they are promoted to increase physical endurance, build muscle mass and possibly even achieve good health.

I am dubious.

Whilst I fully agree and I am completely on board that most of the population don’t eat enough good quality protein. I am wary of its source. Protein is used for building and repairing muscles and tissues, red blood cells, hair and fingernails and for producing and creating hormones.  Protein is necessary for reducing the risk of iron deficiency anaemia and to support your healing.  The argument for increasing your overall protein intake is a good one. But what type of protein source should you be considering?

Consider for a moment how traditional cultures ate.  Cultures like the Australian aboriginal, Inuits and Indians of North America. Their eating habits were very different from ours today, they considered lean meat as rubbish. In fact, these indigenous people avoided lean meat and depended on the organ meats and fats of the animals they hunted – land and sea.

Traditional cultures

Research into the North American Indian found that at times when food and hunting were scarce and they were forced to hunt for rabbits, the leanest of meats, the Indians suffered from extreme fat hunger or ‘rabbit starvation’ as they referred to it.  If they had no fat from other sources then they would develop symptoms like diarrhoea, headaches and other bodily discomforts.

Research findings

A recent report from Chris Masterjohn illustrated that increases in pure protein showed that the liver had depleted resources of Vitamin A.  Meaning that if your body is using a lot of pure protein like a powder or lean meats then your body will need more Vitamin A to process this lean meat or high protein dietary intake.  Protein consumed in the absence of fat means that your body can’t produce enough Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, it can’t work without fat.

Vitamin A is an important vitamin and is required to synthesis protein or in other words help protein work in your body it also used in the product of your sex hormones and is a key component of your immune system, including your hearing, vision and bone health.  Vitamin A works with Vitamin D and K to help prevent heart disease and produce the feel good, happy hormones and chemicals in your body.


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Processing of Protein powders

So even if you don’t want to eat like a Inuit or feel uncomfortable with the findings in rats with depleted Vitamin A in their livers.  Consider the processing of the actual protein powders.

The production process of the powder is intensive in order for it to be suitably mixed  and added to your ‘healthy’ smoothy.

The manufacture of protein powders is a complicated, high-tech procedure that takes place in a chemical factory, not your kitchen.  The basic process beings when the protein are boiled to remove the fibre then washed in an acid solution to get out the ‘protein’ molecule.  The product then has to then be processed with an alkaline solution and spray dried at extremely high temperatures.

Anything surviving those types of rigorous treatment is bound to be good and healthy for you!

just saying….

Energy Bars

The molecules that make up your protein powders are also evident in your healthy food products as well. Healthy products such as your energy bars and breakfast shakes.

If you are looking for a more natural and harmonious approach to your exercise and health try the Gorgeous approach 🙂

Trust the gorgeous process.

If you like the idea of working with me you can find out more without having to commit here:

The wonderful thing is that getting healthy is easy. OH YES, IT IS – when you apply small habitual steps and with encouragement from me and the other gorgeous girls in our community you stick to your gorgeous habits because they are habits and not a strict set of instructions, rules or something nutty you wouldn’t do naturally.

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions in the box below

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