Could it be the simplest of answers?

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The first step to a healthier, happier, shapelier you... is as simple as drinking more water!

  • bullet-icon Even a small water loss can drain you of energy and make you feel completely exhausted PLUS your cells will not functioning properly, your metabolism slows down and you won't burn calories or fat.
  • bullet-icon Without enough water your digestion becomes uncomfortable and unreliable. When your body has a shortage of water, it takes it from less important places (joints) to use in more important place (brain).
  • bullet-icon Drinking more water keeps the cells functioning happily and allows you to metabolise and lose weight and even aids with your muscle mass.
  • bullet-icon Drink more water and you can benefit from more energy, less joint pain, clearer skin and no more hunger pangs.
  • bullet-icon Increase your digestion and stomach activity so they function properly. That might mean more noises which are a bonus for those inclined to enjoy bodily noises (I know my husband still finds it very amusing).
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I can't wait to hear how you get on!

I’m Adele from Get Gorgeous I'm 50 and I have never felt so good.

I've created this Challenge to help you on your way to feeling less tired & improve your vitality and energy.

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"Adele I found your whole approach very relaxed and open, thank you"



"I loved that your water challenge is packed full of valuable information and daily videos to keep me going and motivated"



"Thank you I loved your approach Adele, I can't wait to get started on my next healthy challenge"


Big Changes Come From Small Sips...

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