Unblock your health using the power of mindset, posture and food

Life is busy and when you hit overwhelm old routines can take over.  It is the easiest thing to do, to do what you have always done.  Having to change the way you think or do something takes quite a lot of mental energy that you don’t have.  Perhaps you can see that in your work, mental blocks or creative stagnation starts to appear? Staring at a blank page?  When you stop and take a moment bigger questions start to emerge –  are you comfortable with the way your life is going?  Happy that this is it for the next 5 or even 10 years?  Comfortable with the direction that your life and your health are going?  This blog will outline the three ways women block their own personal energy for success.  Success in the adventure of life, health and career success.

This blog will draw to your attention 3 areas in your life where you can get stuck and how they directly affect your health and your ability to move forward.

These blocks relate to:

1. Mindset blocks which affect your self-confidence,

2. Bad posture which will affect the flow of your health and your energy

3. Your block around your personal food choices which will affect your mood and your productivity.

Uncovering your personal blocks will shift your life and your health to a higher gear.  Your food, physical wellbeing and your ‘mind chatter’ choices affect your body and your longer-term happiness. This blog will outline how you can identify and address each block and move towards shifting them.

Mental blocks are created from imposter syndrome, bad posture and even your food choices


Working as a Coach what I find fascinating is how you hold yourself back even in your own sphere of love and caring,  I notice clients who create mental blocks around self-esteem, “I am not good enough” or “my bum is too big for anyone to take me seriously.”

Other clients who block their physical energy, the lack of movement or bad posture prevents your energy flow to circulate around their body.

Their blocks are physical ones created by bad posture or a sedentary lifestyle.   When your body is bent over in a constant desk position it can prevent you from breathing and moving comfortably.

Nutrition can be a big block for some clients, being unable to change the way they eat after years of thinking the same way or eating in a pattern that creates comfort from the stresses of life.

Which energy block relates to you:

  1. Mental mindset block “I am not good enough”?
  2. A physical block where energy flow is stopped because of bad posture or lack of movement?
  3. Nutritional block – “I have always eaten this way, food is my comfort.”

“Do any or all of these blocks feel relatable? 

Simply being aware of your blocks is the first way to correct them.”


Let’s explore each more fully and work on how to simply release them.

Imposter Syndrome is your first block to your growth

The world of the female career girl or entrepreneur is exciting, fabulous, enriching and heady.  Or perhaps you feel that you are a world away from having a successful ‘career’ or feeling into being a true ‘entrepreneur’? This is not something you either aim for or are capable of or maybe you are simply selling yourself short

Are you are telling yourself that you have not reached your business goals or working within a company structure doesn’t give you the status you deserve? You know you could if the right set of circumstances were available.  Whether you are your stay at home mum who is just starting out on your own or perhaps you have been a career goddess for many years. There is always a feeling of ‘imposter syndrome’ I am not good enough, what if I get found out? Or further up the ladder the doubts “How did I get here?”

I started my first business when my son was 18 months old. I crashed out of corporate life and retrained as a fitness instructor and over the years transitioned on to become a Health Coach. I have never looked back and I love the freedom my businesses give me to explore life and reach new levels of my own growth.

Of course,  like you, I have had terrible, awful times in my life.  Moments where I felt I had no control or way out. I had an entire decade trying to figure out why my body was so wrong when I couldn’t successfully take to term a 2nd child.   Even though I suffered huge amounts of pain and insecurity, I knew I had the answer. I knew I was just a step away from my next incarnation of me, the next step in my growth was being created.  I have always invested in myself and actively looked for a solution. There is always a solution. It is our blocks that get in the way of seeing that solution. Sometimes, most of the time it is self-belief in ourselves

I have always believed that women have incredible resources, energy and business skills. We manage a house, work, dinner dates, schedules, budgets, and missing socks!

Women create communities and growth – from local business networking, mum and toddlers groups, dog training. Organising and being part of a community is where women thrive, and this ability to create and nurture others is your strength.

May I suggest that you are already  ‘an executive’ of your own domain. The option whether you make money from this role is personal to your circumstances whether you thrive is dependant on your how the energy flows in your body and where your thoughts go.

When you channel your energy in the right direction you are unstoppable. Your focus is all you need, the monkey chatter is just a block.  Your ego trying to keep you safe and small. Staying true to your destiny will prove to be enough.

These feelings and words that you hear yourself saying are simply blocks to your true self. Repeating the unconscious mantra “I’m not good enough” is holding you back.

2. Energy blocks in your body

If you are on board that your thoughts are your mood. What are your thoughts about your body? How do you feel about the following questions?

  • Do you appreciate it, do you allow it to feel well?
  • Do you allow healing into your body?
  • Do you trust your body?
  • Do you have negative beliefs concerning your body?
  • Do you consider your body as a friend or an enemy?


These thoughts have a direct relationship with your body.  Muscular tensions and bad postures are a direct result of negative thoughts, they are indicators of your resistance to your own well being.  Negativity turns into tight muscles which are the origin of energy stagnation and illness.

To release muscular tensions, you need to be attentive and aware of the fact that you are tense.  Becoming aware that your shoulders are constantly shrugged then you can decide to release the tension.  Simple awareness will go a long way and then practising daily relaxations, massage it through. Release all begins with your awareness, bringing your awareness to your body and your thoughts.

In your daily life, you become tense all the time, for many different reasons, your life may be full of small stresses throughout your day, you don’t even notice them.  But over time stress and tension create knots in your muscles, tightness in your shoulders, hips and legs.  This will affect the energy and on a physical level the blood and nutrient flow to those areas of your body.

Healthy solution:

  • Become aware of how and when you get tense.
  • What are the thoughts that create tension in your body?
  • Simply notice the reaction your body has to your daily thoughts.


3. Postural blocks

The core of your body is where your important muscles like your heart and diaphragm reside and how they function can be greatly affected by your posture.  Your energy levels and your body can become blocked after years of unconscious bad posture and breathing.

Slouching is a common posture that people adopt when using a desk and computers on a daily basis.  The effect of this posture on your body can be dramatic.  Slouching can drop your ribcage down into your abdomen, which in turn, affects the function of your diaphragm and your heart. 

When your rib cage drops, it pushes your organs forward and creates tremendous pressure and causes your belly to bulge.  Not only does this look uncomfortable but more importantly it also blocks blood flow and your energy flow into that constricted part of your body. Your body experiences stress and will be unable to function properly which creates feelings of physical discomfort.

Your diaphragm is the ceiling of your abdominal cavity, your heart and lungs are designed to draw in oxygen and remove waste. Your heart pumps the blood filled with oxygen to your cells. If your ribcage is being forced out of alignment through bad posture then your heart will be unable to function at an optimum and your body will suffer from a deficit of oxygen. Which will affect your energy levels, create pain and ageing and disease.

Bad posture means that your breathing will become more rapid and shallow which will affect your muscle function of your diaphragm and the heart. Your body becomes exhausted trying to compensate for the lack of flow.   Finding great posture and aligning your rib cage allows for all the organs to function optimally, aiding in proper digestion and elimination. 

Good posture can also mean

  • better digestion
  • improved circulation
  • corrected respiratory function
  • great mobility
  • less strain on your joints

Read more about posture alignment: Why great posture is important to your health



Nutritional health fads keeping you stuck

Bombarded with “how to’s” and “what if’s” are poisonous to your body and your mind and keeps you stuck in a holding pattern of desperation and bouncing from one nutritional fact to another.

Whilst in France recently, my husband’s French cousin explained that there are no nutritional ‘fads’ in France. There is no ‘fear of food’ marketing in France in the way we have it in the UK.  The level of obesity in France is nowhere near the levels of UK. In the obesity ranking, French men come in at 26th place; the elegant women do better, only reaching the 28th position in the Fat League of Europe as reported by The Independent recently.

The French are very clear about home cooking

“home cooking and vanity” explains Rosie Millard of The Independent

Radio 4 food critic Sheila Dillon explains that the UK has a “broken food culture”, with a huge over-reliance on processed nutrition.

“Our move off the land had been very extreme, much more so than in France, Italy or Germany,” Radio 4 food critic Sheila Dillon

If you are listening to too many conflicting voices then the food industry will tie you in knots.  Low carb, wheat-free, dairy free, diet clubs are all fads Unless there is a very real medical reason for you to be following them, then don’t.  Unless you are going to make it a mission to understand what nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that you are removing from your diet and what you have to put back into to compensate.  If you are going to take the time to understand the long-term implications of the trend, then avoid short-term, reactive knee-jerk approach.

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Take your time understanding your body, begin by adding in good nutrition, understand how good nutrition affects your body then you can consider taking out what you consider may be causing irritation

I’m a Health Coach who has all the normal accoutrements of a Health Advisor – an online nutritional programme, an exercise obsession (namely Pilates) and coaching clients with mindset blocks around their health.   The end object for me is to give my clients clarity and the physical ability to empower women to fulfil their true destiny, realise what they are capable of.  After working with me several clients have completely changed not only the way that they have viewed their body but have the confidence to change career and their life.

Perhaps now from reading this blog, you can appreciate that emotional and physical blocks can stop you from reaching your true purpose. My soul gift is to make sure your block is not your weight and more importantly not your health.  Take your body with you on your journey to fulfil your success. Don’t ignore your body’s signs for love, nutrients and kindness.

Turn your instinctive nature towards caring and nurturing yourself through nutrition, exercise and self-love

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What are your health goals, if you were unstuck and everything was achievable, where would you like to be?  Where would you love to be in 6 months time, what are you hoping will change in that time?  Book a time that suits to chat you and become very clear in your goals with a clear awareness of where you need and want to go.  Let’s chat – click here to book your time


Understand your body more, get to grips with a nutritional balance that will work for you.  Book in your free consultation time with me. You and I will discuss where you are currently and where you would love to be in 3 or 6 months time. I look forward to chatting with you



Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.



PS. Don’t forget the gorgeous book – your insight into great health and vitality Gorgeous! how to look and feel fantastic every day.  Click here to find out about your Gorgeous book


“Gorgeous! is the perfect read for anyone looking to revolutionise not only their relationship with food and movement but also their relationship with themselves. With Adele’s reassurance and expert guidance, any woman will feel inspired and empowered to begin their journey to prioritising themselves and their health – everybody is perfect and everybody is gorgeous!”

Find out what other clients have to say…

Karen ” As a teacher, I love your evidence based approach. Adele. I am so pleased with my gorgeous adventure before my work was comprising my health and that has changed”

I am pleased that I have stopped using the scales AND I know eat more and LOSE weight!

Karen Bush Teacher 11th September 2017

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