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If you want a leaner, fitter and shapelier you – for good – then Get Gorgeous is for you.

Get Gorgeous helps you concentrate on healthy living. You focus on one healthy habit at a time.

Exercise classes, that fit your schedule and YOUR level of fitness. PLUS a great girlie community where we all wear the same shoes! A little bit of glue that makes you stick to the Get Gorgeous habits.
The Get Gorgeous Programme can help you tone up and reclaim your shape so you can feel body confident and full of energy. Now I know this is a bold promise – especially because you’re disillusioned with conflicting dietary information. It’s tough when you feel under par or your weight loss is your ‘forever problem’.

It’s demoralising to work hard at a plan only to ‘fail’. And let’s be honest, trying to find the right nutritional advice can be confusing and miserable. When life is as demanding as yours there’s nothing worse than eating ‘special’ foods, and craving the very treats you’re ‘not allowed’. Get Gorgeous is different… Whilst Get Gorgeous can help you lose weight this isn’t about ‘being good’ and watching what you eat for a few months. Instead, Get Gorgeous aims to transform your relationship with food, your health and your gorgeous body.

Through a powerful combination of food education, safe exercise, and accountability, over the course of weekly modules you will nurture a lifelong love for nutrient-rich foods and discover how to nourish your body (and mind) for sustainable health so you become a fitter, leaner and shapelier version of you.

So I invite you to draw a line in the sand right now… food advice may have been a struggle in the past, but you no longer need to look on these as failures.  Just because you haven’t managed to stay healthy in the past doesn’t mean you won’t this time. And when you realise that most diets are doomed to fail, you’ll realise that you were fighting a losing battle from the start. Let me explain… this insight can help to set you free.

The reason why most diets don’t work

Most diets don’t work because they focus your attention on food. It’s a little like telling a child NOT to do something… you simply intensify their desire to do that very thing! It’s the same with dieting.

When you’re counting calories, and the foods you love are restricted or forbidden, you crave them even more. It’s often more than your willpower can take! Add in the hungry pangs that follow calorie cutting and you’ll understand why past diets have been so hard to stick to – despite your desire to lose weight.
Tell me… how can anyone lead a busy life when you don’t have enough energy?

It’s no wonder dieting can intensify your cravings, make you think of nothing but food, and leave you feeling crappy and irritable. Now I know a longer-term diet isn’t sexy and yes the headline-grabbing diets that promise quick results are very attractive.

But did you know that rapid weight loss is usually water – not fat? So when the diet is over, is it any surprise that the weight creeps back on as you resort to old habits? The secret to sustainable health and weight loss isn’t a temporary change in your eating habits. If you’re serious about losing weight – and keeping it off – you need to make small, incremental, but permanent changes to your lifestyle. And that’s why your Get Gorgeous programme will work for you. There are different levels to help you reach your goals.

Why is Get Gorgeous different?

When you invest in Get Gorgeous, you won’t be starting yet another diet. (phew!)

You won’t need to rely on willpower. There’s no weighing, and measuring or calorie counting. You won’t need to eat ‘special’ food, and you won’t feel hungry!

That’s because Get Gorgeous isn’t a diet plan…

I don’t want to simply shrink your size; I want to change your life forever. I want to make it so so your weight becomes a ‘non-issue’ because the food you choose to eat keeps your weight stable.

A tall order? Maybe. But we’ll achieve this goal through a positive journey of self-discovery and personal growth. In other words, Get Gorgeous can help you “Feel better about yourself and in yourself”. (Note to self – oh I like that, the pun, feeling good inside and looking good outside, oh I will use that more!)

Nobody knows your body like you do. That’s why sustainable weight loss must evolve and come from you. It’s not a prescription and it’s not about following restrictive menu plans. Instead the secret to sustainable weight loss is about embracing safe exercise, food education and accountability.

When you understand more about food as a fuel, you’ll effortlessly tune into and discover what your body really craves. And I promise you it won’t be chocolate, biscuits or crisps! Instead, you’ll want nutrient-rich foods that leave you satiated and full of energy and vitality.

And don’t let the thought of exercise put you off! I know lots of women just don’t like joining groups or exercising at all! But these beliefs can change. After all, you haven’t experienced my simple strategies yet, have you?

Drawing on my 18 years as a fitness professional, I will get you started, keep you motivated, and help you to succeed. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself ‘addicted’ to the serotonin release. This happy hormone will keep you smiling and committed and it’s released in abundance when you get active.

Remember, this isn’t a fast fix so don’t expect changes overnight.

Get Gorgeous is all about changing habits and to do that we need to work SLOWLY – at your pace – and take small, incremental steps. And that’s why I will encourage you to commit to solid, realistic, consistent health habits that work for you PERSONALLY.

But don’t worry; this journey won’t be difficult. The truth is that most of us need very little course correcting to achieve amazing results. The tiniest shifts in the way you talk and eat will make a huge difference in how you think about food.

So let me hold your hand and guide you through healthy education eating and reveal how you can lose your unwanted weight in a slow, effective, and sustainable way.

Discover the Get Gorgeous healthy eating & exercise plan

Many women struggle with their weight because of their relationship with food.

From snacking on the run to comfort eating, the wrong foods can wreak havoc with your emotions, energy levels and self-confidence. Most diets focus on cutting calories and certain foods – they don’t teach you about foods so that you can make informed decisions about what’s good for your body.

That’s what makes Get Gorgeous different. I’ll teach you some great stuff about foods that will make you change your mind about what you want to eat. You see, it’s only when you change what foods you do and don’t CHOOSE to consume that you develop healthy habits and lose weight for life.

As a Get Gorgeous member, each week you’ll receive a learning module that’s built around the core principles of food education, exercise, warm and caring soul support and accountability. Let’s look at these in more detail:


1 Exercise

You can’t get healthy or reach your ideal weight through diet alone. If you want to lead a healthy, vibrant life then you’ve got to exercise regularly. I know exercise can feel like such a chore – especially when you have no time to go to the gym or go out for a run. I used to feel this way too – but not anymore.

Now I love exercise because it helps me tune into my body and makes me feel good. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself ‘addicted’ to the serotonin release. This ‘happy’ hormone will keep you smiling and committed and it’s released in abundance when you get active. I’ve been a ‘safe exercise’ Pilates professional for nearly 20 years.

I have run classes around London, Cheltenham and Devon and over the years I’ve ‘converted’ many cynical women! As part of the Get Gorgeous programme, you’ll receive great exercises each week for you to work on and explore in the privacy of your own home. Best of all, you can tweak and tailor your exercise program just for you.


2 Food choices

If you want to get healthy, you need to make good food choices. But this doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your diet. Instead, it’s about reflecting on your existing choices, adapting, and making incremental changes in the weeks ahead. During the programme, You will be introduced to some delicious, nutrient-rich new foods and help you eradicate some baddies (like trans fats) from your diet.

But instead of feeling difficult, you will make the transitions feel comfortable and easy – because you’ll work with your budget, lifestyle, and preferences. So don’t worry. You won’t need to eat different foods from your family and you won’t have to buy lots of expensive and unhealthy ‘diet’ products. Instead, you will learn how to love wholesome, proper food that will help your energy levels to soar.


3 Accountability

To you, to me, and to the Get Gorgeous community

There is a sure-fire way to make new habits stick – accountability. It’s far easier to stick to your commitments if someone is holding your hand – every day. That’s one of the reasons Get Gorgeous is not based around a weekly weigh-in. Instead, you’ll complete your daily accountability worksheets to keep track of your progress along with your exercise log. In addition, you can talk with me and share your experiences with other Get Gorgeous members in our private Facebook community.

More importantly, you will be accountable to a new version of YOU. Remember, the power for change comes from within. Of course I am here to help you as much as I can. But whilst I can educate you, convince you, and help you set objectives, I won’t have all the answers. You’ll soon discover that YOU know your body more than anyone and that’s why one of the key outcomes of the Get Gorgeous journey is to inspire revolutionary change from within YOU.

wish I’d done it 10 years ago

I just want to say a big yippee & thank you to Adele….I am not going through GG as she planned….I am still on module 4 up to & including….& the pounds are slipping away….5 gone now….I feel comfortable in my clothes, have sustained energy, cheat a bit & don’t feel too bad because my Continue Reading

Jemima Gladwell Get Gorgeous Member 1st June 2016


1 Targets

You need to know what you’re aiming for and that’s why we’ll work together to create achievable targets… and not just a weight loss one. If you want to lose weight then body fat loss is more significant. That’s why we’ll use calipers (included in your goody bag) to calculate your start point and then monitor fat loss as you progress through the program. You’ll also set behavioural targets. Remember, Get Gorgeous is all about transforming your mindset too! And whilst the figure on the scale can be a good motivator, that’s not the only measure of your healthy progress.

So I’ll also encourage you to take note of your health and wellbeing – soon you’ll feel different. Then there’s your performance and energy levels and how your clothes fit and how your skin changes. Sustainable weight loss through healthy choices has a profound effect on your body and mind and I want to raise your awareness of these big wins as you move through your Get Gorgeous programme.


2 Weekly Learning Modules

Each week you’ll get access to a brand new module. Consisting of an educational video, worksheets, and a copy of the educational workbook. Each module will introduce you to a new healthy habit and reveal some simple tips and strategies to help you embed this behaviour into your everyday life. So get excited because you’re about to gain a deeper understanding of the food that you eat. Here’s a flavour of what you’ll discover as you work through the Get Gorgeous ‘Fundamentals’ course:

  • Which foods encourage fat burning.
  • What foods can cut your cravings – even ‘cure’ your chocolate or sugar addiction for good.
  • What food groups to eat when and why to ensure you are never hungry and have plenty of energy.
  • How to know if you’re eating too little or too much of a particular food.
  • The reason water is your secret weight loss friend.
  • Why you should consider supplements and which ones are good for busy women like you.
  • The reason you should eat until you’re 80% full and why this habit will help accelerate your weight loss.
  • Why the sugar rollercoaster is keeping you unhealthy and fat and how to wean yourself off this ‘demon’.
  • How to eat to reduce your risk of killer ‘lifestyle diseases’ such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Which ‘superfoods’ to include in your diet and why are they so good for you.
  • How to change your relationship with food and develop new habits that will help you Get Gorgeous for life.
  • How you can still eat out and enjoy food with friends and family without looking ‘odd’.
  • How to eat REAL food without faffing and expensive special diet meals.
  • Easy planning tips to that keep your mind off food and help you to avoid those pesky temptation landslides.

Remember, this isn’t about me telling you what you should eat on a day-by-day basis. Instead you are going to avoid pressing your emotional food buttons, learn more about yourself, and use education to move out of trouble spots.


3 Exercise Videos

Remember, health and weight loss is NOT sustainable unless you take regular exercise. Now I’m not suggesting that you become a fanatic. Instead, I’ll show you how to make movement part and parcel of your everyday life. From counting steps on your pedometer (included in your goodie bag) to structured exercise.

My love of getting active will inspire you to use your body. Each week you’ll receive a new exercise video that builds into a complete workout for your whole body. From arms and legs, to cardio and flexibility, I’ll share some of my favourite, fun exercises to help boost your fitness and improve your muscle tone.


4 Soul Support

As a Get Gorgeous member you’re never alone. As soon as you join I’ll send you an invitation to join our private Facebook community where you can talk with like minded women and discuss your goals, your fears, and your successes as well as your experiences and advice. You’ll love it!


5 Accountability

You’re far more likely to get results if you have a system of accountability. This isn’t about someone pointing the finger, instead, this is about holding you to the higher version of yourself and reminding you of the reason you want to get healthy in the first place. As with any new habit, some days will be a breeze, but others will be more difficult. And that’s why I’m here… to help you stay on track with easy, non-intrusive daily and weekly monitoring and accountability – ooh it sounds strict (but it works)!

As a Get Gorgeous member, you won’t be held accountable to a brand or company. Instead, you’ll be accountable to a real person – ME! At 5ft 1inch I am terrifying (just ask my husband!) And I like nothing more than to hear a groan or two! Okay that sounds a little unnerving, even a bit sadistic, but it got your attention, right? Don’t forget my little voice will be with you FOREVER. This programme is going to last 12 weeks but my little voice of gentle reminders will be with you for life – what a lovely wicked thought.


6 Motivational Tools

You’ll also receive affirmation and meditational videos, worksheets, and a poster. In short, plenty of extras to help you stay focused, on track, and committed to a healthier, happier, more shapelier you. And I’ve not finished yet… I’ve also thrown in a few special bonuses:

  • You’ll receive a beautiful, guided relaxation to support Module 4
  • And wait until you get your hands on your Get Gorgeous ‘goody bag’. Chock-full of treats, this bag will be delivered to your home when you start. It contains everything you need to help you get started and feel comfortable with the steps you will be taking each week

One more thing… when you complete the course, you’ll receive a completion reward for continued motivation. Awesome! So mark this day in your diary because it represents the day when weight loss seizes to be your forever problem. Just imagine where you could be in three months, or a year, or three years… As humans we tend to overestimate what we can achieve in a year, but underestimate what we can achieve in three years. That’s the secret – slowly, but surely.

  • Just imagine how you feel being healthy and happy
  • Imagine never having to go on a diet again – because you are in great physical shape and are a weight and size that you love.
  • Imagine not having to rely on willpower to stop you indulging on chocolate or biscuits because you no longer want them.
  • Imagine how it will feel to have more energy, fitness, and vitality as a result of loving exercise.
  • And imagine how it will feel to be a role model for your children or grandchildren and show them how to eat well for life.

I promise that when you commit to the Get Gorgeous principles, they will have a profound effect on your life. To get started, click below.

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Eight Good Reasons to Invest In Get Gorgeous

  1. Feel empowered. Focus on all that you CAN do to feel less stressed more energised.
  2. Inspiration and motivation to change your life.
  3. No restrictions in your diet just education and a better understanding of the food you eat.
  4. Working with others in a private and confidential way and only share what you need or want.
  5. Learn at your own pace. The 12 modules will be delivered weekly, but you’ll be able to access the content afterwards, so you can take things slowly if you wish, and re-visit information as you want to.
  6. Change the way you deal with food and deal with your food patterns, the negative thoughts, sabotages and limiting beliefs maybe for good
  7. Go deeper than just food look at your lifestyle and relationship issue and get clear on what you really want to achieve.
  8. Help your whole family eat, move, and feel better.

Start your journey to health and happiness NOW.

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You can select the length of time you take to complete the course that suits you, there is no rush. You can take your time and make sure your healthy habits are embedded before you move onto the next one.

Who am I and why did I create Get Gorgeous?

To look at me now you wouldn’t think that I used to be overweight. I have been a healthy size 8 for 17 years, I’m in proportion, and I have plenty of energy to keep up with my kids and run my thriving Pilates business. But it wasn’t always this way… I didn’t start out in the fitness industry. I was a busy career girl in an office. I was skinny because I didn’t have time to eat and I was starving all the time and tired. Then I had my first child, Ben. I couldn’t keep up the full-time work schedule whilst juggling day care and look after Ben. My weight exploded. As a busy woman responsible for my son and my family, looking after myself fell to the bottom of the list. It was hard and food offered an instant burst of happiness. It was a treat… an energy boost to help me carry on with everything. But when the ‘sugar bomb’ hit I’d feel crappy and moody. I’d even find myself shouting at my husband without really meaning to.

Despite eating a lot, I was still exhausted. I was long-term tired. I even remember wishing for a wee spell in a comfy hospital bed for a few nights just so I could catch up. What a dreadful thought – but it shows you how low I got. As my weight increased my confidence fell. Eventually, I tried Weight Watchers and I did lose weight, but all the time it niggled that I all I was paying money for someone to weigh me and hold me accountable! Instinctively, I felt there must be more to help women love their shape – and now I am healthy and very happy. I found my answer in education and exercise.

I read as much as I could about nutrition, I changed my career, discovered Pilates, and began to understand my body and its needs. This food education changed my mindset and relationship with food – for good. For example, I now understand sugar and its demon effect on my weight & levels of tiredness for me. I now find that I am no longer addicted to chocolate.  You may find this hard to believe, but I could easily munch my way through two or three bars a day.

But not any more – I simply don’t want it. And this isn’t a trick. Instead, I’ve learned how to eat for my body so that I feel full, satiated, and full of energy. I created Get Gorgeous because I know the pain that comes when weight loss is your forever problem. In my Pilates classes I’ve met countless women who want to regain their body confidence, fit into their favourite jeans, keep up with their kids, or cut their chances of getting the lifestyle disease that killed their parents.

We all have our motivations for wanting a slimmer, shapelier you – and I’d love to know yours. Having taught exercise for over 18 years, I’ve gained an invaluable insight into how ladies are motivated to work and slim. We need a comfortable, secure environment to relax in. Somewhere we can calm our thoughts and physical tension to help us get the clarity we need to move forward. What’s more, women need to understand the why of something before they can fully embrace a new habit. I honestly believe that once the female mind is focused and directed we are indomitable.

And I wanted to apply that principle to sustainable weight loss. These are the principles upon which Get Gorgeous is built on:

  • Step by step weight loss where new habits are explained to help you understand the WHY.
  • New habits that work with your busy schedule so you have the freedom and flexibility to be you – not what the latest fad plan instructs

It’s all about getting you sorted first and empowering you to feel better about yourself and in yourself. Then you can go back to your female ‘caring’ role and be a master worker, a jujitsu ’carer’ plus your other daytime workload.

You will feel better and then, like the aircraft crash scenario (note to self: probably not appropriate Adele, little bit scary) put on your own oxygen mask before the kids! I’m confident that once you commit to the Get Gorgeous principles and blueprint, you will change your relationship with food and achieve your weight loss goal. And whilst I’m not a qualified nutritionist, I do have a lot of knowledge and experience.

For example, I’ve followed, read, and been taught by Patrick Holford from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. I’ve qualified with Precision Nutrition, Dr Berardi from Canada. Plus I read a lot. But I repeat I am not a nutritionist, I don’t want to offer specific guidance on health issues, but I do know how to be healthy and active and that is the first step. Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

I will continue on my road of discovery and I’d love for you to join me so you can benefit from my knowledge, insight, and experience.

This is the perfect package for people just like me

This is the perfect package for people just like me. It’s easy to follow, accepting of who I am, who I want to be and mistakes that I may make along the way. I really liked the flow and by the end I felt like an expert – you had given me the tools and Continue Reading

Vicky Tearle Primary School Teacher 1st June 2016

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