WHY changes in nutritional knowledge have made it EASIER than ever to lose weight

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This blog will outline why NOW it is easier than ever to lose weight. Find out how the nutritional world is turning upside down with recent knowledge about carbs and protein.  Willpower is not needed and you can become your own nutritional expert, feel full satiated and know which foods YOU need.

Nutritional food thinking – quick overview

You know that chocolate and white bread are going to make you fat and ill, but that is okay because everything in moderation and a little bit of what you fancy will be okay.  If you have done a bit of exercise then you deserve it – whatever your ‘it’ is.

A diet based on moderation

The problem I have with that statement is that our diets are no longer moderate.  A little bit of what you fancy isn’t appropriate because your diet is skewed the wrong way in the first place.  You are not starting from an even playing field, some macronutrients are MORE abundant and prevalent in the food you choose.

Whilst other macronutrients have been demonised.

Macronutrients are carbs, fats, proteins.

So you may think the odd white bread sandwich is doing you no harm, but the proportion of white bread to your protein is woefully lacking, especially when your day starts with toast and/or cereal.  And then you have the odd chocolate bar, you are not throwing in the odd treat, you are eating nothing but treats. There is no moderation.

The funny thing is NOW, today is the easiest time to lose weight, but we have lost the ability to trust. You have been following the ‘established’ rules for so long that trusting your own body is an anathema and too difficult and yet listening to your body WILL work.

Turn back the clock on FATS

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, the idea prevailed that consuming fat made you….  fat. Health conscious people began to choose semi-skimmed or even skimmed milk and turned their back on butter and ‘full-fat’ cheeses.   My parents were trail blazers bringing in a tub of margarine!

An entire industry was developed based on the low-fat food myth, an industry that reached supermarket shelves, into our schools and of course the diet clubs.

Until fairly recently fat was the demon. Then the food discussion opened up and turned to ‘good fat’ versus ‘bad fat’s.  Avocado, olive oil, seed oils are deemed good and animal fat like cream, butter and cheese were still the baddies.

But now there is another shift: fat doesn’t make you fat sugar does! Carbs are the baddies!

In the meantime millions of people haven’t changed their food at all – they have been eating a ‘balanced diet’ with a moderation of fats, sugars, carbs, proteins, proteins and fruit and veg. If you consume too much, or if you don’t have a good balance, and you don’t exercise enough – yes, you will get fat!  You will be at risk of heart disease, diabetes, gallbladder issues, stroke, gout and sleeping problems.

As a western woman it is nigh on impossible to avoid the onslaught of food advice and depending on when your health professional was educated it is going to be different. The information is confusing and upsetting. How do you get it right?

However, the real story is it has never been easier to understand nutrition than right NOW.  The mist of confusion is lifting – the PTs and the gym bunnies are hearing it first and then it is filtering down the system to the diet clubs

An example of this is the GREEK YOGHURT.

Have you noticed the slimming clubs introducing protein based (highly manufactured and heavily processed, not a real food and nothing good left in it) Greek Yoghurt?

Why Greek yoghurt?

Because the REAL Greek Yoghurt, the proper stuff has a high protein content. The diet world is changing but only if they can package it up and synthesise it for you, so it is palatable to modern sugary tastes.

Nutritionists like me are advocating find the real deal, look for the REAL Greek yoghurt that has the probiotics and full fat in it naturally and the diet camps… well they are offering a synthetic version of this real food.  A food that will harm you not benefit you.

HOW MUCH fat? how many carbs?

I hear you scream in frustration, and the answer, of course, depends on you and your level of exercise and how hungry you feel. The ‘scientific world’ of calorie counting has been debunked as a myth.

The calorie counting theory, and it was a theory, was based on one simple principle:

10g of carbohydrates is fewer calories than 10g of fat. THEREFORE the assumption was fat makes you fat! A simplistic view.

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The other medical theory was that cholesterol was found at the site of plaque within the body and therefore it was BLAMED for the plaque.

Atherosclerosis is a defined as a disease in which plaque builds up inside the arteries.

The plaque itself is made from various things including – fatty deposits, calcium, cellular waste and blood clotting materials

Which of these deposits causes the plaque is questionable, contemporary research views that the plaques are inflammation caused by stress and eating white bread and chocolate sandwiches!

The ‘scientific world’ of calorie counting has been debunked as a myth

Find out more read Let’s be clear about cholesterol


Cholesterol simply happened to be the convenient, easiest ‘fall guy’.

NOW contemporary nutritionists know that fat – in the form of cholesterol is found at the site of adhesions within your body because cholesterol HEALS your body.  Fat and cholesterol are needed for repair it is needed for every cell of your body to hold it together.

If you have been on a low fat diet for a number of years then your body hasn’t been able to heal itself and you will be prone to illness.

Over to you….

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