2 reasons you need to get more sleep for weight loss

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This blog will outline why your sleep routine so important to weight loss and what you can do to improve not only your sleep pattern during menopause but also your health and reduce weight.  You probably are already aware that you need more sleep and how you can achieve it. I promise I will tackle even the hardest reason you can’t sleep ….. keep reading.

In 1910 the average human was getting 9 hours sleep while now most of us are lucky if we get 7.5 hours and that is on a good night! add in a few hormones, the menopause, a glass or several of pinot grigio and a snoring husband and you have even less! Ping me back and let me know how much sleep you get, on average, at the moment.


Why is your sleep routine so important to weight loss?

When you do not get enough sleep – it’s around 8 hours – your body struggles to restore your health, your immune system and knocks your hormones out of whack, which is just what you need when you are hitting the menopause!

The two hormones that affect your weight are leptin ‘I’m full’ and ghrelin ‘I’m starving’.

Leptin is a hormone released from fat cells and it suppresses your hunger signals and sends ‘I’m full’ messages to your brain. Sadly when you lack sleep your body makes more ghrelin and less leptin, leaving you hungry and increasing your appetite.

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Do you believe me?

Well let me ask you one little question:
What ‘macro’ type do you crave when you are tired?


So now I have made the point about needing more sleep here are some fantastic habits you can develop to aid a better night’s sleep every night.


9 Ways to get best ever sleep every night

1. Step away from any screens at least an hour before bed.

2. In addition to its relaxing properties, Magnesium oil also has pain-relieving benefits, so I rub some on the bottom of my feet and into my shoulders and lower back each night for extra relaxation. Magnesium oil also helps relieve my restless legs- BONUS!

3. Have that spa feeling every night by following a great skin routine.

4. Make sure your bedroom is completely dark – no blue light. Blue light stimulates your ‘awake’ response it comes from our prehistoric ancestors and the blue of the sky and water

5. A colder room will aide sleep better than an overheated one – consider a fan or open your window an hour before bed.

6. No electrical equipment in the bedroom – including TVs, computers, iphones.

7. Wake up as soon as your alarm goes off.

8. Hot bath an hour before bed (with magnesium flakes) will heat your outside temperature and cool your internal temperature.

9. Create a spare room (could be outside) for snoring partner!

I’d be interested to know how much sleep you are getting and what helps you sleep better drop me an email and let me know.


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