Who believes before & after photos?

You’d be crazy to believe before and after photos!

Sue a friend of mine, said in class last night – “I never believe in before and after photos”. I was handing out my latest Gorgeous leaflets and I am particularly proud of the before and after photo of one of my gorgeous members. She is 60.

Sue laughed and said:

“who believes before and after photos?  they are a gimmick”.  I was hurt.

The client picture attached has been my proudest achievement working with my gorgeous girls.  This client, Fiona, as I said is 60. She succeeded in 12 weeks what I achieved in 20 years! Okay, she had my experience and nurturing to help her but her biggest advantage was her mindset. She was determined.   She was going to visit her son in Japan and she had a very real and focused goal in mind. I just gave her the tools and the support but she did the hard work.


I thought about Sue’s comment overnight (like you do) and I realised Sue was right, who in their right mind actually believes those photos?  You are so used to seeing airbrushed super models and feeling that they are WAY OUT of my league why would you believe anything you see?

Sue suggested that I add a comment from the gorgeous member to make this picture seem more real. So I have, this is Fiona’s comments

“Before working with Adele @ Get Gorgeous I never really managed to keep my weight at a point that I am happy with it just crept back, I knew I had to re-educate my eating habits for good and needed guidance on how to do it.  I felt that Adele’s course was well researched and thought through. It appealed to me as it is based on common sense and I can understand the rationale behind each module. If I fully understand why I am doing something I am far more likely to stick to it!”

Directly after the conversation with Sue, I had another, with Trudy.  She was reporting back to me that after the winter break she had gone out for a big hike on Dartmoor with her son who is an athletic 21-year-old. Come on, all 21-year-olds are athletic whether they believe it or not.

Trudy reported back that the day after her first big hike of the season she didn’t notice any bodily complaints AT ALL!  I was beaming from ear to ear.  Trudy added:

“it takes work, you have to set aside the time but it works”

Trudy has been working with me for a while. But when she first met me her job in the catering industry meant that her back posture was appalling.  She could hardly get up and down from the floor and had to think about how she would position herself when she moved.  The way I am talking about Trudy you would think she was 70, she isn’t, she is 45.

Steadily she has increased her exercise and built up to working towards more intense cardio exercise.  Trudy reflected that:

“it is amazing how little you move as you get older”

That is all changed for her, she is now climbing mountains!  Not that there are that many mountains on Dartmoor there are more like Tors, which are little hills!


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So you might not believe my before and after photos but I am going to shout it from the hills “exercise and nutrition makes you LAST LONGER.

“exercise and nutrition make you LAST LONGER.”

Great nutritional and appropriate exercise advice is THE answer, the chalice, the elixir of life, the secret to a long, happy and fulfilling life.  With great health, you can really live your reality whether that is playing with kids or doing a cartwheel when you feel like it.  That is what I love about fitness and health – feeling free. Feeling independent and feeling strong in body and in my mind.

The statistics released this week in the Daily Mail and reported on Loose Women concluded that

more than 100 million patients are needlessly taking sedatives and anti-depressants.

Professor Jim McManus, director of public health for Hertfordshire County Council, said family doctors must take responsibility.

‘GPs’ prescribing behaviour has to change, including not over-treating people or giving them treatments that will actually do them harm,’ he said.

Is it the responsibility of your GP?

Can you really ask your busy wonderful GP to help you feel better?  I was impressed with Coleen Noleen talking about her anxiety over her sister’s cancer returning. She was offered sedatives but explained that she was supposed to feel sad, upset and distraught. Her body and mind needed to care for herself in this moment of need and not hide from it.  She came across in a brave and grounded way.

Mental health issues are always the front of our minds.  Recently I read that societal norms are more likely to accept our physical ailments or diseases far better than it is able to recognise and support our mental distress.  It isn’t socially acceptable to be stressed, unable to cope, anxious or any other mental impairment.

OMG, how crazy is that we all have stress and coping issues, it makes it even harder to cope with if you can’t discuss it.

My belief is that you can handle stress better when you feel physically strong.  You are better equipped when you are eating the right foods for you. Not a strict diet.

Trust the gorgeous process.

Short term solutions to these emotional triggers work but they work better when you have your long term habits embedded.

If you like the idea of working with me you can find out more without having to commit  by opting in to receive some more information about Get Gorgeous Fundamentals here:


The wonderful thing is that getting healthy is easy.  OH YES, IT IS –  when you apply small habitual steps and with encouragement from me and the other gorgeous girls in our community you stick to your gorgeous habits because they are habits and not a strict set of instructions, rules or something nutty you wouldn’t do naturally.

My mental health has always been focused on my exercise and what I eat so that I can exercise and feel good and have bags of energy to drive everyone else crazy 🙂


Speak soon much love

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