Your Greek Journey to Wholeness

Would you benefit from a Pilates Retreat?

A healthy and relaxing week combining powerful tools to help you relax, release stress.

Amazing Greek food

Your life is busy already instead let's work around you, bringing you what is truly needed

Need to step back?

Everyone needs to travel to an unforgettable place once in their lifetime

Lefkada, is known as the ‘Caribbean of Greece’, the retreat over-looks the Ionian sea, designed to bring inner calm and the ultimate environment in which to escape

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What other clients have discovered on retreats:


"I'm not very good at being still - I used to feel guilty, it was selfish"

Karen Bush - teacher


"Adele draws a similarly easy-going, relaxed, positive circle around her"

Maggie Kay, Retreat organiser, author


"Adele is a beautiful, supportive and intuitive coach"


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